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Top 7 BEST Things to do in Oulu (Finland)

The city of Oulu is located in Central Finland. Oulu is not just a wonderful tourist place but, also famous as the ‘living labs’ in Europe due to its frequent tech innovations. It is Finland‘s fifth most populated city having 203,750 inhabitants. There are dozens of flights available from Finland as well as abroad to Oulu airport.

To reach by train, you can book a train from Helsinki or Rovaniemi as Oulu railway station comes in between. If you want to travel by road, numerous buses are available from Helsinki to reach Oulu.

Oulu is a nature’s paradise. A single trip is never enough to explore the gorgeous Oulu landmarks. From having the beautiful lush green parks all around to the gorgeous archipelago of the Bothnian Bay, the envious dunes of Hailuoto, the breathtaking frozen sea views and the eye ogling ski tracks, Oulu has a perfect blend of nature and outdoor activities.

It is also famous for its cultural programs like annual music festivals, and art events. Therefore, if you are willing to visit this beautiful Finnish city, here is the Oulu travel guide with the list of best places to visit in Oulu and the things to do in Oulu.


Top 7 BEST Things to do in Oulu (Finland)

Market Square at the Old Town pier in Helsinki Finland


This is an open-air market place in Helsinki close to Oulu. It is also known by the name of ‘Market square’ and has got some appealing sea views. The market hall is the significant popular tourist attraction of Market Square. It is to honor the policeman who served the Market Square area and the seafront in the year of1901.

This place is a nearby tourist attraction in Oulu, especially for purchasing fresh fish, cheese, bread, and meats that are only found in Lapland.

Here the old granaries are converted into handicraft shops, unique restaurants, and cafes, which were earlier used for storage. You can visit this beautiful place from Monday to Thursday (8 am to 5 pm) whereas on Friday and Saturday it is open from 8 am to 6 pm and from 8 am to 3 pm respectively.

Hupisaaret City Park, Oulu Finland

Hupisaaret Islands

It is an amazing city park located at the Myllytulli district in the central part of Oulu. The main highlight of the city park is its white wooden bridge, which was constructed at the same time the Park was created in the year of 1860s.

It consists of a group of islands among which Plaatansaari, Pakolansaari, Kiikkusaari, Lasarentinsaari, and Paratisiisaari are the largest ones. The scenic view of this Park is panoramic with the enchanting views of small brooks and waterways segregating the Park area into a different group of islands.

Each island of the Park has its attractions. For-example- Palokansaari Island famous for its Northern Ostrobothnia museum, Kikiisaari island famous for the University of Oulu Botanical gardens and so on. It is a beautiful family destination with excellent opportunities for island hopping.

Tietomaa Oulu


Tietomaa is Finland’s first science center, and one of the best things to see in Oulu. Tietomaa features in Oulu sightseeing locations because it provides you the opportunity to see more than 150 exhibits and demonstrations to learn science along with entertainment. It also organizes alluring science exhibitions for all age groups.

Another reason that makes Tietomaa popular is its big-screen cinema to show the spectacular sci-fi 3D films like- the depths of oceans, the darkest jungles, the infinite reaches of space, etc.

The 45-meter Tietomaa observation tower with the glass elevator is another biggest highlight, which also serves as the water tower of the factory. You can visit up to 35 meters with the glass-walled elevator to get an awe-inspiring view of the city.

 Nallikari Beach Oulu

Nallikari Beach

It is the ultimate relaxation spot in summers and offers a range of beach activities in Oulu. The summertime at the beach is perfect for sunbathing, having romantic sunset views, and swimming whereas, during winters, the beach completely turns into a frozen water body.

The beautiful beach stretches across a length of half kilometers with plenty of accommodation facilities in the form of spa hotels, cottages, camping sites, and a series of restaurants and eateries.

In winter, you can enjoy skiing, snowshoeing, fat bikes here while in summers, you can enjoy water adventures like- mini-golf, sub-boarding, kayaking, and canoeing. The lovely beach is also ideal for sports like volleyball, football, and beach soccers.

Iso-syote ski slope Oulu Finland


Syote is a tourist hotspot in Oulu best known for its two downhill skiing slopes known as- Iso-Syote and Pikku Syote. While the former is famous for skiing, the latter is renowned for its snowboarding parks. The Syote National Park is also admired for hiking and mountain biking in the summers.

The Park features pristine forests and beautiful adventure-filled trekking pathways. It also provides amazing opportunities to enjoy the nights with campfires.

Both Iso-Syote and Pikku Syote comes with tourist accommodations in the form of luxury resorts. The Park also houses mogul and wave slopes with nature safaris to make things more interesting.

Turkansaaren ulkomuseo Oulu Finland

Turkansaaren ulkomuseo

It is an outdoor museum that lets you learn and experience the old life in Oulu. The museum sprawls across the three islands of Oulujoki River featuring 40 traditional wooden buildings with old farmhouses portraying the exact picture of Oulu’s rural culture.

The beautifully maintained old countryside settings with the vintage structures and the old wooden church from the period of 1964 will transport you back to the old days in Oulu.

Some of its most beautiful structures include – Yli-Tornio old personage, Sanginjoki’s Sorvo hut, and Maikkula’s Yli-Juruus house.

The museum is also famous for giving you a detailed insight into the summertime rural work demonstrations and for hosting events like- Tar week, Midsummer celebration, Jaakko Days, autumn market, etc. Visiting this museum is one of the best things to do in Oulu.

Rokua National Park

Rokua Geopark

Get close to nature by visiting this Geopark in Oulu is one of the relaxing things to do in Oulu. Rokua is a beautiful landscape in Oulu that is covered with boundless forests, shimmery lakes, envious shorelines, and rivers. It is also a part of the Global Geopark Network. It is located nearly 200 km to the south of Arctic Circle. It is a UNESCO recognized outdoor destination in Oulu. The Park covers a total area of 1,300 sq.meters.

It features the Ice-Age theme housing the millennia-old bedrock with significant historical background. The main areas of the Park are- Rokua Eskers and Dune Area, Lake Oulujarvi, and the Oulujoki river valley. The Park is best known in Oulu and Finland for its production of ‘Geofood,’ which is formed from the impact in environmental changes due to the formation of the Rokua Geopark.

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