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Top 10 Best Beaches in Finland

If you want to spend a beautiful and relaxing and summer this year, there is no better way than taking a sunbath and enjoying beach activities. If you are heading Finland, you won’t regret it because it has a lot of cool and sandy beaches, and some are even closely located in major cities. So, you can experience both lake or seawater and serene landscapes in most cases.

The best thing is that most beaches in Finland have a good toilet and proper changing facilities. Some of these beaches are located in proximity to the world-class establishments offering accommodation and other services. You can find a lot of options to enjoy different water and summer sports in Finland beaches.

Check out the top 10 best sandy beaches in Finland we have handpicked for your itinerary. So, get set, carry your towel, umbrella, and other beach essentials to take a nice sunbath.

Top 10 Best Beaches in Finland

Yyteri Beach Pori

Spanning over 4 miles on the Baltic shore, Yyteri Beach in Pori is the longest beach in Finland. It is a clean, white sand beach well regarded for its lovely sand dunes. The beach hosts a lot of gatherings and events during the summer as well as attractions like golf courses and spa. It is one of the best leisure destinations in summer.

Bellevue Beach Hanko

Bellevue is one of the best beaches in Finland, which are not as crowded as other beach destinations. Though it is limited in amenities like few beach huts and bathrooms, it has shallow waters and fine sand. The beach is well covered by pine trees, and it feels secluded. It is known to be an ideal spot for just swimming and sunbathing.

Nallikari Beach Oulu

Nallikari Beach Oulu

Nalikari Beach in Oulu is one of the most popular summer destinations and Finland beaches. It offers a lot of amenities like restaurants, snack kiosks, hotels, water sports rentals, and small cottages for rent. You can also walk out and take in the serene views with a pier.

You may like to have fun in the winter, though most visit in summer. You can also visit here in winter when the sea freezes to have a great walk on the water. Ask the locals if it is safe. Most people even enjoy ice skating just on the sea.

Ispoinen Beach and Sauna Turku

Turku has a lot of famous Finland beaches in and around. Some beaches are also family-friendly with parks for kids and public saunas. Ispoinen Beach is one of the best locations for sunbathers and swimmers. It is located only 5km from the heart of the city, and one can quickly get there by bus 13 from the market square towards Uittamo.

It takes around 30 minutes to get there from market sq. To stop 601 and it is just 5 minutes walk towards the main beach. You can enjoy services like free changing rooms, safeguarding, saunas, and playgrounds for kids, and kiosks.

At Ispoinen Beach, you can pamper yourself and relax at a unisex sauna, costing 4.5 Euros per turn. The water is still cold for swimming, even in summer.

So, it is best to relax in the sauna and then dip in the seawater. The water is around 2.5m deep around the sauna’s deck. You can also climb down through stairs. The “ice swimming” is a must-do activity in winter.

Hietaniemi Beach (Hietsu) in Helsinki

Locally known as “Hietsu,” Hieteniemi Beach is one of the most popular Finland beaches. There is no lack of beach and sand amenities, even though you don’t want to carry beach gear to add up the weight of your suitcase. Like other beaches, Hieteniemi Beach is also great for enjoying beach volleyball.

You can even take part in the annual beach volleyball tournament. Keep in mind that this beach is not made naturally. It was a remote land in the 20th century, which was being used as a landfill. Later on, it was used for sand storage.

The sand was brought in from the bottom of the sea by barges for several years. However, the sand was never used but simply left to spread. The locals started using it as a sand beach in 1929. The beach is closely located to the heart of the city. It is a well-known summer retreat today for both locals and foreigners.

Since 1995, the beach hosts the Hietsu Beach Volley tournament. So, it is a popular spot for tourists to enjoy beach volleyball here.

Rauhaniemi Beach Tampere

Rauhaniemi Beach in Tampere, and it pampers both visitors and locals well. Rauhaniemi (which refers to the “Cape of Peace”) has deep and shallow sides, with a café, two saunas, and a diving tower. The buildings and the beach were built in the year 1929, and they are still in original shape and almost providing a different feel to the beach.

The beach is located just in the radius of a few kilometers from the heart of Tampere. So, you can easily get there through Number 2 bus taken from Central Square or by driving. It also has some ice-swimming facilities, and saunas welcome the visitors all year round.

Aurlahti Beach Lohja

The shore of Aurlahti Beach in Lohja is a gently deep sandy beach with shading trees and grass, a beautiful summer café, and kids’ playground. Many of the boat docks for boaters have gone through the summer cottages to have a wonderful weekend. Young people gather here to enjoy some beer later in the evening.

The Porla area is located in the proximity where you can spot water birds swimming in the ponds and Lake Lohja (Lohjanjärvi). You can also walk along the beach and visit the nearest Leissari Nature Trail. The beach also has fitness devices available and a beach volleyball field.

Lammassaari Island Imatra

In Lammassari (Sheep Island), around two dwelling sites were located in the Stone Age. You can now walk down the same routes on a nature trail. It is around 2.5 to 3.7 km long nature trail, as per the way you prefer. If you are lucky, you could spot a geocache as well.

There is a hut and some campfire sites on Lammassari Island. You can get the firewood for free at the hut but carry your sausages and matchsticks along. It also has a small beach. Also, carry a swimsuit or trunks.

You may also visit Lammassari in winter, which looks even more beautiful. The island is very family-friendly. If you want to hike a bit longer with serene surroundings, be sure to walk along Malonsaari Island, located only 3 km from Lammassari.

From Imatran Kylpylä’s parking lot, you can also find some marked paths. You can relax at the nearby spa to both Lammassari and Malonsaari on the southern and northern sides, respectively.

Vepsa Island Turku

Once was a hideout for smugglers, the Vepsa Island in Turku is now a well-known retreat for a great day trip and recreation for both inhabitants and visitors in the city. Located in the heart of Airisto, the island of Vepsa makes an excellent destination for a day trip.

It is also easy to get there. A lot of waterbuses take off from the city of Turku every day. It is worth hiking a high cliff, which is about 27m above sea level. You can enjoy breathtaking scenery towards Nauvo, Satava, and Rymättylä.

There is a kiosk, a safe sandy beach, rentable saunas, a café restaurant, rentable canoes and boats and even more available in Vepsa Island. You can also find holiday cottages here for accommodation if you don’t want to leave this paradise so easily.

The summer kiosk and a café-style restaurant are open every day, at least until water bus runs. You can have a delicious lunch at the restaurant, and there is also a la carte list for both children and adults.

Vepsa Island is well located in the heart of Airisto, and it is an excellent retreat for the summer holidays. A lot of waterbuses are available to take you to and from Turku. The island welcomes visitors every day. It also has holiday cottages on the island to serve up to 75 people.

There is also a guest marina or tent to stay. For both corporate and individual tourists, there are so many activities to enjoy. The island also hosts theater shows in summer. You will never get bored on the island as you can also enjoy rowing, kayaking, and hiking. After getting tired, you can even relax on the beach or pamper yourself at the nearby sauna.

Beaches in Finland Aurinkolahti Beach Helsinki

Aurinkolahti Beach Helsinki

In the thriving environs of East Helsinki lies the exotic Aurinkolahti Beach, which has a beautiful and long golden sand stretch with serene views of the ocean. This summer beach is filled with restrooms, showers, and various common facilities. If you are not used to cold water, you can stroll along the shore and visit some nearby restaurants and shops. You can even visit some of the nearest islets and rent a boat during summer.

The Takeaway

Now that you know some of the best Finland beaches, why not you plan a holiday with your friends or family to have fun under the sun?

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