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Top 20 AWESOME Facts About Finland

The picturesque territory of Finland has every reason to be praised for. The smooth blend of social, cultural, natural geographical bestow makes it unique among the uniqueness of Nordic nations. Finland is laden with archipelagoes, islands, lakes, beaches and forests. Finland is situated in Northern Europe. Baltic Sea, Gulf of Bothnia and the Gulf of Finland surround beautiful Finland.

The facts about Finland is summed up in this article. These interesting knowledge braced facts are based on day to day life, habits, culture, natural beauty, geography, and unique natural events of Finland. The mere imaginary of Finland takes us to the fantasyland of la Layland.

The landscapes are beyond praise, countryside life is must experienced for one. Let’s look into 19 contrasting whimsical facts about Finland:

Top 20 AWESOME Facts About Finland

Finns The Happiest

According to a UN report, Finland has the happiest people in the world. It has taken a leap from fifth to first in 2018 and maintained the rankings in 2019.

So many factors contribute to this achievement like the corruption-free status of the Nation, free University Education, and healthcare, good employment, high standard of living to name a few. The geography of Finland is also a determining factor, like all Nordic countries.

The people here are courteous, noble, and polite. Of course, home to santa has to be happiest.

 small sauna finnish

Image by Finmiki from Pixabay

Unique Culture Of Sauna

Finnish has invented and adapted the Sauna as an integral part of their lives. Sauna is found everywhere at shores, private apartments Government buildings, offices, restaurants. They give utmost importance to relaxation. Believe it, Saturday is the Traditional Sauna Day.

Saunas are so imbibed in them that they prefer to give births there only, the reason being hygiene. There are approximately 2.2 million saunas in a sparsely populated Finland.

Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Finland

The House Of Santa

The amusement park named Santa Village is in Rovaniemi in Lapland is a delight for sightseeing. The magical Arctic Circle and the white line is also a point of attraction. 

A private chat with Santa is the most loved activity for children while on a visit to Santa village. Finns believe the northern region of Lapland as Saint Nicholas home.

There is a story with the belief that three months of sunshine in winters in Lapland makes Santa energetic enough to roam the whole world at Christmas. Santa hut is loved by everyone. Tourists hog to see nature’s bounty here.

Finns The Free Birds

The Finland passport is one the third most powerful in the world. Finnish can travel in almost every place without a visa. Honest and blessed people deserve this reward.

Quaint Sports Of Finnish People

The fun facts about Finland can be seen in the weird games of them.

Finland has the weird official game of mobile phone throwing. A sport where participants throw their mobiles and winners are declared based on the distance covered and techniques used by them. No wonder Nokia is of Finland.

Wife carrying world championship where winners run with wives on shoulders. The winner gets to have beer equals wives’ weight.

Swamp football, air guitar, and mosquito hunting are also, some of the unusual games played that are never heard of.

Although in Olympic history, Finland is the most successful Nation earning the highest number of gold medals per capita. Strange is it, the weird and winner are together. Such is the land of Finland.

Caffeine Junkies Finnish

People of Finland have been intense coffee lovers. Blame it on their weather conditions or extreme love for the beverage, an average Finn consumes 12 kgs of coffee annually.

Kakkukahvi is a popular combination of coffee. A sweet bun topped with vanilla served with coffee.

Best Education System

In Finland, kids start school by the time they are seven. They do not have exams until the age of sixteen. They have free University education. The literacy rate is 99 percent.

Definitely, a mere sheet of paper does not define a future in Finland. Finland has the best of the Education system ranking third in the world.

No To Fragrance

An interesting fact about Finland is that is a no fragrance nation. It means people do not prefer to use perfumes or fragrances. They are sensitive to fragrances. Why love fragrance when having access to the world’s cleanest air to breathe, the carbon-free Nation.

Warm Welcome To Yet To Be Born Citizens

Finland’s administration believes that every child in this world is born with the message that God is not yet discouraged of humans. The Government is providing expecting mothers with clothes, sheets, mattresses, nappies, and toys for babies yet to be born.

The Finnish have a very low or no child mortality rate. Such is the warmth that kids get to spend more time with fathers than any other nation.

The Honest Finns

In an interesting survey conducted by Reader’s digest where 12 wallets were thrown on streets, and 11 were recovered. This is a highly regarded virtue of Finish people. No wonder these honest people in nature’s lap are gems.

Forest in Kuhmo Finland

“Everyman’s Right” Is What Finns Believe In

In a nation of forests, there is a whimsical concept called everyone’s right. In this, everyone is allowed to move freely and enjoy the berries, mushrooms, and nature in the forest.

Also, due to zero crime rates, one is allowed to camp in tents at night anywhere. One should be cautious enough not to harm the land or its owner.

Modesty Is Must

One of the interesting fun facts about Finland is that it had banned the cartoon Donald Duck. The reason he doesn’t wear pants. So beware the happy people love modest too.

Do Not Sleep Much Is What Finns Like

There is a tradition where a family member sleeping till late is thrown in lakes. How about this. Yup, the early bird catches the worm.

Nuuksio lake view in autumn Espoo Finland Finland

Record Number Of Lakes In Finland

An interesting fact about Finland is that it is also called as “land of thousand lakes”.

Finland owns a record number of lakes in it, the count is 137877. No wonder freshwater is abundant here.

Presidential Palace and Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki Finland schema

Helsinki, The Capital Of Finland

It is the largest city and capital of Finland. It is also the industrial city of the nation. It is situated on the seaside with beautiful islands and great green parks. The beautiful islands of Suomenlinna and Philaajasaari are visited by a ferry ride.

The archipelago of Helsinki have around 330 islands, a perfect setup for camp view. A perfect place for skiing and skating lovers. Some times this city is also called a “white city of the north” because many constructions comprise light colored granite.

Often also referred to as “daughter of Baltin.”

It is also famous for glassware, the most loved brand is Iittala. Northern lights are seen in Helsinki.

Northern lights Featured

Fantastic Weather Having Northern Lights, Polar Night, Midnight Sun:

Weather conditions are so, in contrast, every reason for tourists to love Finland. The cold and coldest winters and the summers of 13o  to 17o  are just great. A summer shower is an additional feast for Finns and tourists.

The spectacular event of Northern lights, polar night, and Midnight sun are all seen here in Finland. Northern lights can well be seen during winters. The magical event is seen in the northern region of Layland in Finland. The northern nights last loosely for 200 nights a year.

The northern lights are best to be seen from September to March. The northern lights are scientific phenomena of the collision of charged electrical particles due to the magnetic field of the earth producing fluorescent light tubes. A visual treat from nature.

The ambiguous phenomenon of polar nights and the midnight sun is so related. The polar nights occur when the night lasts for more than 24 hours to two months.

The opposite is midnight sun when the sun stays on the horizon for more than 24 hours. A place where the sun doesn’t set.

What else is the magic? Surely these magical events are the answer.

Don’t Speed Up Roads Need To Be Safe

In Finland, traffic rules are quite stringent. The vehicles breaking the traffic rules are fined heavily. The fines are according to the salary of the offender. The driving license is attached to a bank account, one cannot be exempted from fine.

The headlights of the vehicle need to be on all the time.

Snow Hotels And Glass Igloos

Every year a snow hotel is built in Lapland. It is built of snow and ice only. Snow hotels, snow castle, snow restaurants, snow chapel, and snow sauna are the attractions of the site. Which makes this place one of the most unique places to stay in Finland. 

It is here the guests get to see the aura of Northern lights. Glass igloos Rovaniemi are worth watching. The Torne River and spectacular scenes are the moments to be frozen. The Aurora Borealis, the most magical light show of Northern lights, are watched from glass igloos.

Sparse Populated Nation Of Finland

It would be interesting to know while checking facts about Finland, the handpicked population of 5.5 million in contrast to the vast area of 338,424 km2. This gives an average of only 2 people per square kilometers. It must be mentioned that 70 percent of the area is forested. Helsinki, the capital city of Finland, is the most populated and city loved for inhabiting.

The ethnic Nation of Finland has everything to its Plethora of praise. The Nation is 102 years old now since the time it got separated from Sweden. Officially, the Republic of Finland is no doubt a “Funland” in all aspects.

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