Top 10 UNIQUE Hotels in Finland


Interested to visit some of the most unique hotels in Finland? We have listed the top 10 best hotels to stay in for the experience!

Finland seems to be a nation of rustic charm and simple countryside living. Still, it does not mean you cannot find lavish hotels with gourmet restaurants and lavish spas, even in most inaccessible locations.

Finland has no lack of hotels, which capture travelers’ attention from around the World. However, there are some, which offer unique design and experience to stand out among the rest. Finland is well known for its exotic sauna, the origin of Santa Claus, and beautiful design pieces. These hotels in Finland can definitely make your holiday even more exciting and memorable.

Top 10 UNIQUE Hotels in Finland

Unique Hotels in Finland Lainio Snow Villagevia Wikimedia Commons | Estormiz


This seasonal snow resort is strategically located in the heart of the woods. It is 20 km from Ylläs ski resort and up to 16 km from Ylläsjärvi, a small town. It features unique ice sculptures and art, suites, and frozen rooms, which have sleeping bags for visitors. It has beautiful cabins for 2 to 6 people having kitchens, TVs, and private hot tubs.

Guided tours and free breakfast are also available in this resort. Some other amenities include a traditional Lappish restaurant, ice-eatery, and a slide and chapel, candlelit ice bar, and in-ground hot tub. It also has cool art lined corridors made of ice and snow.

Spend an adventurous and comfortable night here, enjoy the hearty dinner in the exotic ice restaurant, or simply marvel the corridors packed with ice sculptures and snow suites. Snow Village has unique settings for wedding couples to have a memorable stay.

The SnowVillage will be created again in association with HBO Nordic for the 2018-19 seasons, inspired by the characters and scenes of the well-known TV series, Game of Thrones.

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Snow restaurant at the Ice hotel finland

Snow Hotel

Located near Rovaniemi on Lake Lehtojärvi, the Arctic Snow Hotel is the complete World made of snow. Along with bedrooms, even the bar and restaurant, the chapel and other areas are made of snow. The scenes are carved beautifully into the ice by several artists, while the light will give something more special. It is not that affordable to stay here for a night. However, it is a truly unique experience.

Located on Finland’s Arctic Circle, the Snow Hotel is one of the largest hotels in the Nordic Region, offering both suites and rooms designed with unique ice artwork and painted with colors. This spectacular building evolves with various carvings year by year. You can sleep on a bed made of ice while fitting in your sleeping bag for a night before you visit the Glass Igloo Village.

Covered by the beautiful pine trees, the glass igloo here offers serene escape where you can reconnect with nature and even explore the Northern Lights. In the glass roof, you can have a serene view of the skyline, and the motorized beds let you change your viewing position and enhance your comfort.

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Hotel Indigo

Located in the center of the design quarter of Helsinki, the eco-friendly Hotel Indigo is located in Helsinki. Established in 2015, Hotel Indigo houses 120 individual rooms, 35-slot parking space, two restaurants, and a unique Mind, Body, and Soul studio behind the exciting zinc metal sheet façade.

Hotel Indigo Helsinki also has charging points for electric vehicles along with its unique interior. It also has a yoga trapeze and Jungle Sports Liana fitness studio. It has received LEED Gold Level environmental certification, making it the first of its kind in Finland. It was also awarded as the Leading Boutique hotel in Finland.

The first branch of the leading boutique chain in Helsinki, Hotel Indigo, launched the Design District in it in 2016. The unique murals here have been designed and painted by regional artists, which splash colors in 120 rooms. The suites here have spa jets in tubs. Guests can also access free bikes and an on-site gym. You can enjoy the hearty Nordic dishes in its in-house restaurant, Bröd.

The hotel features luxurious rooms with Scandinavian style interiors, some designed with Linda Linko murals. The restaurant at the hotel has a great dining experience for the visitors where they can enjoy hearty meals.

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Unique Hotels in Finland Hotel Kamp via Wikimedia Commons | Mikkoau

Hotel Kämp

The first luxury historic hotel in Helsinki, Finland, Hotel Kämp, is worth visiting if you are getting here. It is listed as one of the Leading Hotels in the World and the most luxurious hotel in Finland. Hotel Kämp has been the first choice for the most leading personalities in Finnish science, culture, and economy and leading visitors from different parts of the World since 1887.

In recent years, it has received several awards and has also been known as one of the best hotels in the World. Anything can be possible here. The staff here is proud to be able to fulfill all your wishes related to accommodation.

Originally built by Carl Kämp, the hotel was designed by the leading architect Theodor Hoijer. In 1965, the complex was demolished, and the façade was built again. The headquarters of Kansallis-Osake-Pankki were located in the complex for around 3 decades until the year 1995.

Started in 1996, a leading restoration project was culminated in reopening the hotel in 1999. It was reopened as a Luxury Collection property of a US-based hotel chain, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide. The same block also has a Kämp Galleria shopping center and supermarkets

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Unique Hotels in Finland Igloo village Kakslauttanen via Wikimedia Commons |Tarja Mitrovic

Igloo Village Kakslauttanen

Covered in the wilderness of Finland, Hotel Kakslauttanen Igloo Village is named after a glass Igloo to explore the northern lights when you lie in your bed. It is an arctic resort where you can always sleep in the real igloo.

Originally, the igloo is made of snow. However, the new kind of igloo here is Fins, which are made of thermal glass. You can see all the stars looking up the night sky as well as the Northern Lights when lying in your warm and soft bed. It also has the largest smoke sauna in the World.

It is like a once-in-a-lifetime option to witness the Northern Lights. You can definitely experience the Northern Lights from glass igloo tugged on the snow in this hotel. This lavish resort is located in the northern region of Lapland, around 150 miles away from the Arctic Circle.

Visitors can also take sled rides carried by huskies, ride snowmobiles, spot reindeer, and go ice fishing. The resort also offers to pan for gold and horse riding in summer. The hotel has also served the swimsuit models from Sports Illustrated and other famous guests.

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Lake Inari Mobile Cabins

Are you dying to witness the Northern Lights but also want an affordable alternative to lavish glass igloos? Enjoy the special overnight stay at Lake Inari Mobile Cabins in Finnish Lapland. It is the best opportunity for you to explore the serene natural landscapes of Arctic and Northern Lights.

It also features a sauna and a mobile hot tub. It is basically an aurora cabin with windows on the sides, front, and roof for two people. It also has a small toilet, kettle, heating, and electricity when the cabin is parked at its main base camp, where you can avail toilets, showers, lounge, Wi-Fi, and kitchen.

The base camp is just 1km from Inari village where you can enjoy dinner and activities, have a shower, and cook. The cabins are towed by the guide at 8 pm to overnight. You stay inside the cabin while moving. You may also go out when cabins are there.

You can find lights, heating, toilet, double bed, and Wi-Fi in every cabin. After an overnight stay, the guide starts towing cabins back to the base for sink and shower facilities and breakfast. In the case of weather is extremely chilling, you can stay in cabins at the base camp.

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Unique Hotels in Finland Hotel Iso Syöte via Wikimedia Commons| Estormiz

Hotel Iso Syöte

Hotel Iso Syöte is a friendly small hotel sitting atop Iso Syöte Fell capped with snow to offer stunning views across the wilderness of Fell Lapland. It offers wonderful accommodation in cabins, rooms, and suites. It is a wonderful attraction where you can witness Finnish Lapland. The bar, restaurant, and lounge are available on-site, along with saunas, heated pool, and Jacuzzi on the Arctic Spa.

It has a lot of space to relax after a day when visiting here. The nearby cottages and hotel were designed with ample attention to detail to make the most of the lofty position of the hotel, and it has serene views in all directions.

The sky slopes on the downhill are located only a short walk from the hotel, and you can easily access all tourist attractions here. The restaurant here offers serene views to get the most of its exotic setting. It has the widest range of international and local dishes to offer.

It has 20 standard suites offering two separate beds in each, which can be pushed together. Each spacious room has a shower en-suite. The rooms have digital TV, kettle, telephone, and hairdryer.

Each room has space for two people with one additional bed. According to availability, you can also opt for interconnecting rooms.

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Arctic Light Hotel

The Arctic Light Hotel in Rovaniemi truly holds the soul of Finnish Lapland. In its initial years, it had been serving as the City Hall. This boutique hotel was opened in 2015, and its different setting will definitely capture your imagination and steal your heart.

During World War II, almost the whole town was destroyed, and nothing was left. But the City Hall was still being rebuilt as one of the major projects by the nearby architects. They have preserved most of its old details, and it is full of history and character.

The hotel has 57 rooms, including six Aurora Lofts and four themed suites with their own Arctic charm. Each room has been designed separately with touches of Lappish light, culture, and nature. It also has Polar Rooms for families, which are great for group holidays.

At the same time, the Christmas Cabins and Aurora Lofts are great adventures on their own. At the Arctic Boulevard, the kitchen is themed on the forest and the ocean. It offers the seasonal and balanced menu, which includes herbs, wild berries and vegetables, and seafood, which comes from northern forests, the Arctic Ocean, and the lakes of Lapland.

Enjoy the chilled evening at the winter garden of the Lasiterassi lounge. It is truly the feel of great comfort and is well known for a personalized stay on Arctic Circle.

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Arctic Snow Hotel

Being one of the largest hotels in the Nordic region, the Arctic Snow Hotel can comfortably sleep 70 guests. This spectacular and iconic complex is carved well every year to be different in looks. The furniture surfaces and walls of its rooms are crafted with illuminated artwork and ice art.

The room temperature remains 0 to -5 Deg C. So, visitors are offered with sleeping bags combined with reindeer furs for extreme conditions to keep them in comfort and warmth. The stars, moonlight, and Northern Lights illuminate the calm, Lappish nature on the shores of the lake. You can have a pleasant sleep as Aurora Alarm covers the skies.

In December 2008, the first Snow Hotel was opened, and the new hotel has since been built year by year. You can find Ice chapel, Ice bar, Ice restaurant, and 30 hotel rooms in the Arctic Snow Hotel. You can pay the entry fee at the reception to visit the hotel area, but overnight guests (both in Snow Hotel and glass igloos) can visit all the areas in this hotel.

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Hotel Yöpuu

Hotel Yöpuu serves yet another unique hotel in Finland that you cannot find anywhere else in the World. In this boutique hotel, each room has a different design. From the menu of Pöllöwaari, its in-house award-winning restaurant, to its customer support, each, and everything has been planned with in-depth attention to detail.

Hotel Yöpuu has many unique rooms designed in different styles, ranging from Haitian to Slavic. You may also spot the Soumi Filmi room, themed with epic film pictures, or Strawberry Field room, with the cute white and red color scheme.

You can enjoy dinner, breakfast, or a glass of wine at the outdoor wine terrace of the hotel during the summers. It is an incredible stone house located in the peaceful and calm settings. It really offers a great cultural experience to the guests with great service and well-decorated rooms.

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Unique Hotels in Finland Igloo village Kakslauttanen


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