New Year’s Eve in Europe: Best Destinations to Celebrate & Party! (2019)

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Looking for a destination where to celebrate New Years Eve in Europe? We have compiled the BEST destinations where to celebrate NYE parties in Europe. Check this post out!

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve in Europe, different people have different ways. When some tune in to their favorite award shows and New Year programs at home, some people don’t compromise on their enjoyment and roam around the world to enjoy the feel of this special day.

When there is so much to explore in this mighty world, why don’t you enjoy this NYE in Europe to give a great start to your life? Europe is indeed the spirit of human evolution.

It has thousands of places which are worth visiting. But we have picked up some of the best places to spend New Year’s Eve in Europe. So, pack your bags to celebrate NYE in Europe.

New Year’s Eve in Europe: Best Destinations to Celebrate & Party! (2019)

top countries to celebrate nye in europe berlin germany
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Berlin, Germany

Berlin looks excellent across Europe when the year starts, even though the capital of Germany seems sparkling all the year-round. New Year’s Eve has something for every tourist who flies here for the New Year.

The best part of Germany is the “Party Mile” for New Year’s Eve. It is located en-route Victory Column from Brandenburg Gate. The typical “Pancake” is something not to be missed and can be accessed at a radius of 4 km.

It has the ideal combination of restaurants, bars, party tents, cultural events, fireworks and laser lights in this exotic destination. Get there before midnight to witness fireworks, and parties are always on their height till early morning. At the hotels like Hotel Pole Man Berlin, Park Inn, and Mandela House, you can get what you pay for.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe paris france
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Paris, France

Paris has an exciting range of fun parties and entertainment for the New Year. Choose Paris in France without thinking about anything else if you want to visit the best places in Europe for New Year’s Eve. Paris looks impressive at Champs-Elysees which is flocked by thousands of tourists every year.

Celebrate the New Year’s Eve at its best. Enjoy the champagne and show at Crazy Horse and sightseeing and dinner at Bistro Parisien. Take your family at Seine River for a dinner cruise to give a treat to your family this New Year or welcome New Year with Bluebells girls at Lido de Paris or with dancers at Crazy Horse.

No matter where you decide to go, it is sure your experience would be different in Paris. You can easily stay at regular hotels. Or you may go with some special places like Eiffel villa Garibaldi for the best New Year’s Eve in Europe.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe london uk
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London, UK

London in the UK certainly looks special all year round. The entire city is studded with lights and remains dazzling throughout the year.

Take a break off your work and pack your bags to visit London and celebrate New Year in Europe. It is sure you will get back with new and memorable experiences.

Visit the Hyde Park to see London Wonderland or book your table at the soiree to get indulged in delicious treat along with DJs playing to cheer you up.

Also, explore the parade having a procession of the queen’s horses. The London skies look blazed colorfully with great displays of pyrotechnics on the New Year’s Eve on the South Bank in London.

Book your tickets now to enjoy NYE fireworks and get there at midnight to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe. Some of the best hotels for stay include The Royal Horse Guards, Park Plaza, and The Savoy.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe prague czech republic
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Prague, Czech Republic

You may not want to party in Prague in the Czech Republic for New Year breaks in Europe, but you will be amazed when you get to know what you will miss if you skip this place.

This little kingdom has a dramatic setting awaiting you to celebrate the best European city breaks for New Year. For both the locals and foreign tourists, NYE is a great party night. River cruises, clubs, bars, and Old Town Square are some of the best places to party where you can start your new year.

The best New Year parties in Europe are not limited to cultural events and fireworks. Prague has some exciting activities for night owls and party animals.

Have some great food, enjoy romantic dinner at Jazz Cruise, or dance along or head to places like Petrin hill, Lesser Town, or Prague castle which are the best places to spend New Year’s Eve in Europe.

Do something exciting and set off fireworks with the Czechs at the main square. You can enjoy great services at the beautiful Hotel Cloister Inn and Aria Hotel in Prague.

top countries to celebrate nye in europe edinburgh scotland
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Edinburgh, Scotland

Spending New Year’s Eve breaks in Europe is like a bonus if you are enjoying the magnificent Hogmanay Party in Princes streets of Edinburgh, which are flocked by tourists for some good reasons.

People who are behind more of an acid house rather than Auld Lang Syne can get into the best restaurants or clubs.

Add Edinburgh to your bucket list when visiting the best places in Europe for New Year’s Eve. Attend the Hogmanay event and head to the fireworks, Street party, and Auld Lang Syne. Don’t miss the NYE Palaver.

Edinburgh is the most exciting destination in Europe which has some of the best hotels like Apex Waterloo Place and Hotel Motel One Edinburgh-Royal.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe brussels belgium
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Brussels, Belgium

The center of Brussels in Belgium remains more than busy when enjoying the best new years in Europe. The Happy Brussels is the NYE extravaganza where some of the crazy groups welcome the new beginning in a fascinating way. Brussels has a lot of amazing and surreal places to visit.

Gather at the largest pedestrian area in Europe, the New Year Countdown to celebrate the best NYE in Europe with parties and clubs galore.

You can attend more than 15 clubs, 60 DJs, and some exciting venues to kick-start the year. Be ready for some endless rock and rolls, parties, and hip hops by booking party pass today.

Hotel des Galeri is a lavish and intimate hideaway for the tourists at this iconic capital.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe funchal madeira
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Funchal in Madeira, Portugal

Give a special treat to your loved ones this holiday season. It is one of the best New Year destinations in Europe. The Madeira Islands are loaded with festive flair at the end of the year. Join the groups to celebrate this day and welcome the new phase of the year.

You shouldn’t miss shopping at Funchal in Portugal for Christmas and New Year. Witness some great fireworks to mark the move to the fresh year which is displayed on the islands. There is nothing more spectacular than witnessing the fireworks for ten minutes from the islands.

New Year season starts from the first week of December and lasts till the Twelfth night. The entire place is spotted with vivid lights and programs. So, spend some moments here and skip some frantic activities.

New Year tourists can enjoy some of the great services at Hotel Albergaria Dias, Atrio, and Hotel Cliff Bay.

top countries to celebrate nye in europe rome italy
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Rome, Italy

Visit the Imperial Forum in Rome to explore various treasures of the capital city. Feel the charm of historical Eternal City in the surrounding area. Rome is undoubtedly one of the most romantic cities to celebrate the best New Year’s Eve in Europe. The Eternal City of Love celebrates San Silvestro or the New Year’s Eve at its best.

Gather at the Piazza Del Popolo with the crowds for the fireworks display and a free concert. The celebration attracts thousands of bright-eyed and craziest party lovers.

So, it remains crowded to commemorate the new phase of life in this historical city. Enjoy your romantic evening in Buon Anno, one of the best places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Europe.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe stockholm sweden
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Stockholm, Sweden

Christmas is celebrated in quite subdued style by the Swedes. It means they are all set to party hard and let loose on New Year’s Eve. The nation’s capital is best known for Revelry when parties go harder and celebrations galore on the streets.

Enjoy the seafood before getting indulged in the party at Skansen, the center of celebrations in Stockholm, since 1895.

A famous Swede reads “Ring Out, Wild Bells,” a poem at the end of midnight as the streamers fill the air. Fireworks and party trumpets are on all around the city. Hop into the clubs and enjoy the party after midnight because clubs and bars welcome the guests until 3 to 4 in the morning so you can have enough time during your New Year getaways in Europe.

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top countries to celebrate nye in europe reykjavik iceland
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Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik in Iceland receives sunlight only for four hours on New Year’s Eve. So, you have a big reason to celebrate the eve of its full flair. The community bonfires start to burn off all the troubles of the past year. The city doesn’t organize official fireworks. Instead, private citizens put on a lot of displays.

Fireworks usually start around half an hour before the start of midnight, and they light up every corner of the city as around 200,000 people get indulged in it. Get the best views of the town by heading to Landakotskirkja or Perlan church.

A lot of private and small parties make things more enjoyable, and clubs and bars remain open throughout the night. The locals in Iceland prefer to go out late at night. So, you may find them dancing along and chilling out until the morning.

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