Best Day Trips from Mallorca: Where to Go in the Island of Mallorca (Spain)

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Travelling is considered healthy as this can broaden the mind and also pulls you out of your comfort zone. It can build up your confidence, and you find that this exposure can be beneficial in the long run. One ideal place to plan a trip is Spain. This place is definitely beautiful and fascinating and can only enrich your experience of travel.

The beaches here in Spain are long stretches of sand, and you have a choice between the crowded ones and the secluded beaches. Trips to Mallorca work out to be essential when you visit Spain.

Mallorca is a favored place not only for investors or second home buyers but also for those going for a holiday. It is one place which is most sought after and rightfully so. The community here is lively and comfortable to be with as they are of multinational.

The climate here can work out suitable for almost anyone as you find sunshine here for nearly 300 days. The winters are mild, and the summers are not too hot. Day trips in Mallorca work out suitable for most of those visiting Spain.

Top Day Trips from Mallorca That Are Not More Than 2 Hours Away!

top day trips from mallorca spain majorica pearl factory

Majorica Pearl Factory and Caves of Drach

A combination of the two most attractive tourist destinations can be easy with day trips from Mallorca. The added benefit of this trip is there are no hassles to tackle where the transport is concerned. The pearl factory offers you an insight into the crafting of the pearls of this island, Mallorca. Those interested in rock formation can look forward to the Drach Caves.

You have a complete view of the lake underground which can be fascinating. You get the flexibility to the maximum for planning a day trip to Mallorca with the upgrade in the whole day tour and different pick-up locations.

What to Expect:

Depart from the hotel in Mallorca in a minivan which is air-conditioned. En-route to the Pearl Factory, drink in the beauty of the farmlands and villages, or probably the Perlas De Mallorca factory.

You get an insight on how the artisans craft out the pearls which are mirrors of their counterparts. Learn how the rocks were formed and you have the option of enjoying a boat trip or a classical concert. The day trips from Mallorca offer you an opportunity of visiting the port town and enjoying the beaches and restaurants.

[irp] top day trips from mallorca spain cala figuera de formentor

Visit North of Mallorca

Trips from Mallorca include a tour of the North of Mallorca to make this day trip to Mallorca a fruitful experience. It is where you need to plan on a full-day tour so that you benefit to the maximum. Shopping for fresh products at a local market or probably, swimming on the beach of Formentor or even just strolling along ensures you enjoy to the maximum.

What to Expect:

Booking for this day trip to Mallorca you get a total feel of the different markets on different days. That is, it depends on the specific day you plan your trip for. Like on Wednesdays, you are given a tour of the Sineu Market, Sundays it is the Alcudia market or Pollensa market, and on Tuesdays, it is the Alcudia Market.

You then drive to the Colomer viewpoint on one of the most beautiful roads which were built in 1929. This road passes through the world heritage mountain range of UNESCO of Tramuntana, and you have the opportunity of enjoying the very breathtaking views of the Pollensa Port.

The first stop of the Colomer viewpoint is where you can make use of your photography skills. You can enjoy the Formentor beach where you can relax or stroll or probably even swim.

The next step is experiencing a boat ride from the beach to the Port of Pollensa. Enjoying the views of the coastline and the Mountains of Tramuntana offers a fruitful experience.

This day trip from Mallorca offers you enough of spare time in the Puerto Pollensa which can be used for your lunch, strolling or relaxing.

top day trips from mallorca spain santuari de cura

Santuari de Cura

A stunning place which is located on a hilltop, the Santuari de Cura is a must day trip from Mallorca. The spectacular view from here makes a meal more enjoyable and scrumptious. Apt for all those who are into trekking? The views over the capital make this trip a worthwhile effort.

What to Expect:

Santuari de Cura can be relaxing if you intend spending a couple of nights here. The quiet offered works well for all those looking to relax. As the road is well maintained, you can drive to the top in a matter of 10 minutes or so. With the silence and peace here you tend to enjoy the meal even better.

[irp] top day trips from mallorca spain cala pi bay

Check Out the Hidden Beach Day Tour from Palma

A hidden beach for all the seclusion required is apt for the day trips from Mallorca. The price of this trip includes an authentic lunch which is a bonus for all the travelers. Those interested in history get an insight of this with the help of the guide chosen.

Besides discovering the rural beach, you have an opportunity to hike up the historic trails. Unwinding with a dip into the sea or probably lounging on the beach works aptly.

What to expect:

You need to board the local bus once you have met your local guide. This bus takes you to the point from where you can hike. Comfortable and appropriate footwear is a ‘must’ as you walk down the local terrain. Stroll down the ground and get all the information on the history of this fascinating place.

The local guide teaches you the rural traditions and the Arabic influences. Lunch at the local beach is followed by a swim or sunbathing. The tour concludes at Palma where the bus leaves you.

top day trips from mallorca spain palace of almudaina

Shore Excursion Sightseeing from Palma de Mallorca

Head ashore once your cruise ship docks at Palma de Mallorca. The city landmarks are easily visible from the double-decker bus taken for this day trip from Mallorca. You have an option of hopping off on any of the 16 stops this bus makes.

As the ticket is valid for 24 hours, you have all the time in the world to explore Mallorca to the maximum. The audio commentary offers you an in-depth knowledge of the history of the various places. With an upgrade, you have the choice of a boat tour.

What to expect:

With this 24 hour ticket in hand for day trips from Mallorca, you need to heat to Stop 12 for the double-decker bus. It is located close to the port and thus, works out convenient.

This tour cruises along famous landmarks like the Palace of Almudaina, Cathedral, Plaza Mayor and you have the freedom to get off whichever place interests you.

As this pass is valid for 24 hours, you can hop on or hop off as many times as you feel like. You have the freedom of rejoining the tour at any of the 16 stops. This trip takes around 80 minutes to complete, and you have the buses departing every 20 minutes from any stop.

[irp] top day trips from mallorca spain bellver castle

Explore Mallorca’s Surroundings Through a Boat Tour

This upgrade includes admission to the Bellver Castle beside the hop on hop off tour. You can take this bus tour for almost one and a half hour with a 45 minutes tour of the castle. This structure is Gothic style and is at the city center of Palma.

Make sure you have all the time to enjoy the tour to the maximum but ensuring that you reach the port well on time.

Day trips in Mallorca or even day trips from Mallorca are convenient as you have the options of buses and trains. Buses have limited service during winters. You need to pay the driver only when you enter the bus, and no return tickets can be bought.

You also have ticket machines at the train stations with the instructions given in English. You have the choice of paying for these either by card or even cash. The barcode on the paper ticket needs to be scanned for opening the specific gate.

The center plain has some traditional villages. You can reach here by either bus or the train or probably a combination of both. You need only an hour or so to explore these villages.

Getting to this beautiful place, Mallorca is convenient for either a ferry or even a plane. There is a flight into the Palma de Mallorca airport from almost all the places in Europe.

Taking a ferry, it takes around 3 hours to reach Mallorca from Valencia or Barcelona.

As day trips to Mallorca are catered to, plan a trip accordingly. There is no way you can miss out on the deep blue water and equally blue skies. It is a complete must for all those who are in love with nature and do not miss an opportunity to drown in it.

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Are you planning to visit Mallorca soon? Do you know that there are a lot of day trips from Mallorca you can do? In this post you'll learn about the top Mallorca day trips, things to do in Mallorca, how to spend your time in Mallorca, learn about Mallorca secrets and its surrounding areas. Save this Mallorca travel guide to your travel board so you'll find it easy later! #Mallorca #Mallorca #europe #Daytrips #Travel
Are you planning to visit Mallorca soon? Do you know that there are a lot of day trips from Mallorca you can do? In this post you'll learn about the top Mallorca day trips, things to do in Mallorca, how to spend your time in Mallorca, learn about Mallorca secrets and its surrounding areas. Save this Mallorca travel guide to your travel board so you'll find it easy later! #Mallorca #Mallorca #europe #Daytrips #Travel
Are you planning to visit Mallorca soon? Do you know that there are a lot of day trips from Mallorca you can do? In this post you'll learn about the top Mallorca day trips, things to do in Mallorca, how to spend your time in Mallorca, learn about Mallorca secrets and its surrounding areas. Save this Mallorca travel guide to your travel board so you'll find it easy later! #Mallorca #Mallorca #europe #Daytrips #Travel


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