Top 5 GOOD Supermarkets in Hungary


Supermarkets in Hungary and its capital city are lifesavers daily. These grocery stores in Budapest have everything you’re looking for in a Hungarian supermarket.

Many supermarkets in Hungary, especially grocery stores in Budapest, are going way beyond your usual description of a supermarket. These stores are featuring Hungarian products more and more while still keeping in mind the essentiality of a grocery store. In every corner of the capital city, there is an unassuming Hungarian supermarket waiting to be discovered by you.


Top 5 GOOD Supermarkets in Hungary


CBA Prima is one of the major supermarkets in Hungary and has strong popularity in Budapest. There are 140 Prima stores all over Hungary, many of which are situated in Budapest. Their daily operating hours are 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

Numerous Prima stores have on-site bakeries, butcher counters, and deli counters. If you would like to shop at the convenience of your home, you can do so by going online shopping. There are exclusive deals and discounts which are only available on their website.

The price of goods in Prima is at a reasonable range, and its product list is as complete as it can get. Each branch boasts of fresh local and export products that can be found in their aisles daily.

Aside from having dedicated sections for fresh and packed items, you can also buy hot meals in Prima. The bread section is a must-visit, too, with a wide array of baked items to choose from.

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Coop is one of the largest retail chains in Hungary, which is commonly situated in villages and small towns. They are smaller in size compared to international brands, and prices are relatively higher for some items. Their stalls are well-kept when it comes to cleanliness and supply.

Coop Club is the store’s loyalty program. With this membership, you get access to weekly specials, bonus coupons, and exclusive discounts. The club even has a Family Points Collection feature.

To date, there are 2,800 Coop stores all over Hungary, some of which are open 24 hours a day. One of the notable initiatives that are being done by the store is the education of consumers regarding proper used oil disposal.

Many 500 Coop stores have Coop Oil Points wherein they collect your used oil in exchange for gift vouchers. It is an excellent way to help protect the environment and save on purchases at Coop.

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 SPAR hungary
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Spar is a Hungarian supermarket chain that has 555 branches in the country, many of which are in Budapest. It is an independent partner of a Dutch company with the same name that is founded in the Netherlands.

Spar has just about everything you might need to comfortably live or explore the city, from household necessities to office supplies.

While they do have all the essentials, locals say that your weekly grocery shopping might be more expensive in Spar compared to the other supermarkets in Hungary. They do, however, offer a discounted product line in the name of S-Budget.

One of the must-buys in Spar comes from any of their bread selections. You can purchase these baked goods in their physical stores, which are open daily except Sundays from 7:30 AM to 10:00 PM. Alternatively, the supermarket has an online store where you can buy and have your choices delivered at your doorstep.

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 LIDL hungary

Lidl is one of the well-loved discount grocery stores in Budapest. It has 38 shops in the capital alone, with many other shops scattered all across Hungary. Originating from Germany, this brand offers great deals on staple products.

Lidl, compared to the other preferred supermarkets, is less diverse in product selections. Lidl supermarkets usually do not have a dedicated section for fresh meats and poultry. What they do have is frozen produce, both raw and ready-to-eat. They also have a good array of fruits and vegetables in season.

What locals like about Lidl are the various brands that are hard to find elsewhere. These comprise chocolates, baked goods, and fine cheeses.

It even has its own brand called Hazánk Kincsei (translating to Hungarian Treasures), where they source out traditional flavors from different local suppliers and making them readily available to the market. Some of its products are apple juice from Nyíregyháza and hot paprika from Kecskemét.

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Supermarkets in Hungary: ALDI Hungary
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Aldi is another discount grocery store in Budapest popular for its cheap prices. It has a total of 40 stores in the city, most of which are open Mondays to Saturdays from 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM. On Sundays, they have shorter store hours, operating only from 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Aldi carries many brands that are not available in other supermarkets in Hungary. It also has a range of organic products such as fruits and pasta, which are priced affordably.

Aldi is proud to share its various ways on instilling Corporate Social Responsibility, one of which is its collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund (WWF.) Together, they aim to provide education to consumers and partners regarding mindful water usage. On a larger scale, Aldi is actively working with WWF to facilitate rehabilitation of the Old Drava Region.

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