Top 10 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona (Spain)


If you're visiting Spain, you must not miss all the Gaudí buildings in Barcelona! They are quirky but beautiful and is world famously designed by the famous Spanish architect, Antoni Gaudi.

Ever wondered what are the famous Gaudi buildings in Barcelona you can explore? Read this post further and be mesmerized by the works of a master!

If you are planning to visit Barcelona in Spain, you may come across the name “Antoni Gaudi,” a famous architect from the 20th century who has entirely redefined the Catalan Modernism movement to turn Barcelona into an architectural marvel. If architecture is your love and trip to Barcelona is on your hit list, it is very well known that Gaudi works will be top on your bucket list.

The ideas Gaudi shaped the way we think of architecture for the entire generation. On Catalan modernism, his influence was significant and created a different style that may have tried to imitate. Almost everyone knows at least something about Gaudi. At least four ten of the most visited attractions are Gaudi buildings in Barcelona.

If you wish to have the right blend of culture and fun in a cosmopolitan ambiance, Barcelona is the best destination. Even though you don’t know anything about Gaudi buildings, you will undoubtedly be able to identify unusual Gaudi architecture when walking the streets of this city. If you want to experience the fantastic Barcelona architecture, be sure to take a look at these famous buildings in Barcelona.


Top 10 Gaudi Buildings in Barcelona (Spain)

famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture palau guell

Palau Güell

One of the most stunning landscaped greens in Barcelona, the Palau Güell was never supposed to be a park at all. The masterplan was initially designed by Gaudi and his patron when Eusebi Güell was planned to be built as a modern housing estate which is modeled well on the British gardens.

After developing the marketplace, guard’s house and public arena, they established a model home for the public but have never got any significant interest. The plans were eventually dropped, and Gaudi moved into a home where he lived until he died in 1926.

Palau Güell was planned as the center of the residential complex and is one of the fascinating Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. Despite being inspired by Greek temples, the market hall gives honor to the Roman road which once ran alongside. Out of the planned 60 villas, only two were built. Gaudi himself lived here from 1906 to 1925 when he couldn’t attract buyers making this one of the remarkable Gaudi buildings in Barcelona.

Now, it houses the collection of designs, and you need to buy a separate ticket to visit the Gaudi museum. This serpentine beach is facing the city and is covered in mosaics and hailed by Salvador Dali who was a Surrealist movement prosecutor.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture artigas gardens

Artigas Gardens

The Artigas Gardens are a park at La Pobla de Lillet. It was built from 1905 to 1906 and was designed by none other than Antoni Gaudi. Like with several other Antoni Gaudi works, the gardens are filled with Catholic symbols and arches.

The gardens were almost abandoned by the end of 1971. They were restored in 1992 under Reial Catedra Gaudi’s supervision. The existing sculptures are made by Ramon Millet I Domenech.

Gaudi moved to Lilet and built the chalet of Catllaras in 1905, a mountain refuge for coal mine engineers who supplied Asland cement plant in the closest municipality of Castellar de n’Hug. Eusebi Guell was the owner of the cement plant, who was a wealthy industrialist and principal patron for Gaudi.

At Park Guell, Gaudi had done the same project on a small scale. He sent some workers to Lilet, and the resulting structural and stylistic similarities were obvious between two locations.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture la sagrada familia

Sagrada Familia

Sagrada Familia is one of the famous Gaudi buildings in Barcelona that is world-known and is perhaps his most popular works. It is a Roman Catholic basilica that has been built since 1882. Gaudi knew that he wouldn’t be around to see the completion of this project, but he left plans to guide masons and architects in the future. This significant oeuvre will have three high-rise facades, a vast range of architectural details of Christian faith, and some 18 spires.

The Sagrada Familia is the most ambitious project by Antoni Gaudi, and it is still unfinished around a century after his death. Only two of the trinity of towers under Sagrada Familia in Barcelona are complete and open for public – Passion façade and the Nativity façade.

Nativity tower still houses the influence of Gaudi works. However, the Passion tower has the more earnest charm of the Gothic era and is less ornate. Each tower is symbolic in a religious manner. The joyful Nativity overwhelms the sunrise from the Passion tower’s skeletal form.

The passion tower at La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is taller of two towers. Sadly, the Nativity tower opens too late to have a serene view of the sunrise, but it has a more diverse perspective. At the top, both towers have lifts. Only Passion tower has an elevator back down.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture casa mila

Casa Milà

Casa Mila or La Pedrera is yet another building known among the most beautiful works of Gaudi. It is somewhat austere construction located on Passeig de Gracia.

It is nicknamed as the Open Quarry which is referenced from the combination of metal and stone, giving the rough appearance to it which was quite controversial when it was being opened. It was the last private residence designed by Antoni Gaudi and was finished in the year 1906.

The Stone Quarry (La Pedrera) is another architectural masterpiece by Gaudi in Barcelona. Built from 1906 to 1912: the building is well regarded for its incredible façade and shape, making it the ultimate ruler of UNESCO World Heritage Site status as a cultural attraction, and it’s Catalan Modernisme symbol.

Casa Mila is well regarded and famed for its magnificent undulating limestone façade, with intricately wrought-iron balconies and large windows. It earned the nickname of La Pedrera for its unique quarry-like features. Because of the conceptual design of the complex, Gaudi has created furniture for Casa Mila.

As ordinary furniture wouldn’t fit, or suit, the waves, and curves of the rooms and walls were designed with all furniture in a modern style to match the complex. Over the years, several pieces of furniture were removed. Only a few furniture items have remained in exhibits and private collections.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture casa calvet

Casa Calvet

Out of all the famous buildings in Barcelona, Casa Calvet is the most amazing for its conventional look. It quite looks unique as a Gaudi building. It is sandwiched between the pre-historic complexes in the Eixample neighborhood.

The façade showcases the symmetry which seems different from most of the notable works by Gaudi. When you look at it closely, the design still has some of the modern features and marks of its owner.

It is one of the earliest Naturalist buildings by Gaudi. Casa Calvet is also well-regarded as one of the most conservative works done by him. It is commissioned by Pere Martir Calvet, a textile manufacturer, and his family. The building has a Modernist architectural style, even with the common Catalan baroque aspects which are prominent.

The Casa Calvet façade houses the beautiful wrought ironwork on balconies, along with three scary busts showcasing St. Peter the Martyr, Saint Genesius of Rome, and St. Genesius of Arles. Some other symbols in this façade are a cypress, an olive tree, and the coat of arms of Catalonia.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture church of colonia guell

Church of Colonia Güell

Located in santa Coloma de Cervello town, around 20km southwest, Colonia Guell was meant to be a village for workers, but only the crypt was finished in the year 1915 because of economic hardships. Commissioned by Count Eusebi de Guell, the well-known industrialist, the Colonia Guell is yet another major landmark among the ‘Works of Gaudi” – a collection of seven of the most popular attractions and buildings by Antoni Gaudi and UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Gaudi’s signature on the architectural style of the crypt is genuinely undeniable, and it is indeed a beautiful church. The construction techniques are oval-shaped and are known to have put the foundation of most popular Gaudi work, i.e., the well-known La Sagrada Familia.

The church or crypt is unlike any other that you have ever seen. It was initially built as a religious place that has transcended its role, and it is now a very secular testament of avant-garde style by Gaudi.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture park guell

Parc Güell

Park Guell is a public garden system that has a range of architectural elements and gardens on Carmel Hill of Barcelona. Carmel Hill belongs to the Collserola mountain range, and the Parc del Carmel is positioned on the north. It is built in a neighborhood La Salut, in Gracia district. Eusebi Guell assigned the urbanized design of the park to Gaudi, the face of Catalan modernism.

From 1900 to 1914, the park was initially built and opened to the public in 1926. It was declared the World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984 under Works of Antoni Gaudi. The terrace and colonnaded hall with individual shapes are the most popular places here. This park is ideal to take a peaceful stroll while looking at Gaudi’s work and enjoying nature.

Parc Güell indeed is one of the most stunning Gaudi buildings in Barcelona!

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture casa batllo

Casa Batlló

This exotic townhouse is positioned on the well-known Passeig de Gracia and was owned by the Batlló family in the year 1900. Disappointed with its looks, they commissioned Gaudi soon to redefine the interior and façade, while expanding the inner light to improve the brightness of rooms. After the redesign, the building got its amazing exterior, due to which it is locally known as ‘Casa dels Ossos’ or simply ‘House of Bones’ because of its skeletal look.

Well known as a crowning architectural masterpiece by Gaudi, Casa Batllo is a famous landmark one of the best Gaudi buildings in Barcelona. It is well regarded as one of the most prominent attractions of Barcelona. It is a historical landmark well known for Gaudi’s work in Barcelona. He had a vital influence on modernism. You can also explore the attraction with a free smart guide which will bring Gaudi’s legacy to life as well as the history of the Batllo family.

It is one of the best facades you will ever get to see in Barcelona. It is wholly made of ceramic disks and mosaic glass in wave appearance. The façade also has a giant gallery which presents Passeig de Gracia, along with oval-shaped windows, balconies with mask appearance, and stone columns as bones.

The roof is shaped as dragon’s back with broad scales, and the cross mounted on tower pointing south, north, east and west. Over the years, there have been a lot of interpretations, from carnival to mythical.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture casa vicens

Casa Vicens

It remained a private, inaccessible property for over a century. Casa Vicens was finally opened for public in November 2017 after huge restoration works. During construction from 1883 to 1885 in the Orientalist period of the architect, it was also his first official design project.

The commission has been requested by Manuel Vicens I Montaner, a stockbroker. Montaner was a tile maker in Casa Vicens, and he built several white and green tiles.

These are placed along with various oriental motifs known at the time of its construction. As one of the earliest projects by Gaudi, Casa Vicens is positioned in stark contrast to later designs like La Sagrada Familia and Casa Mila.

It has several aspects of later style, including organically twisted railings of cast iron and opened stonework. This exuberant townhouse has been honored as the first private residence by Gaudi and has a seminal design in Catalan architecture.

Gaudi has usually involved in the Catalan Modernist movement and got influences from different sources and Neo-Mudejar style is the most obvious influence. All the horseshoe arches, geometric patterns, and ornamental brickwork have been featured well in its design.

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famous buildings in barcelona gaudi buildings and architecture cascada fountain park de la ciutadella

Cascada Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella

The Park de la Ciutadella is possibly the greenest and idyllic oasis in Barcelona’s megacity. It is very inviting for you to rebound, to relax, and to experience long walks, and enjoy a picnic. You can also enjoy boating in the lake. Barcelona is rich in vivid colors of dynamism and modernism of cosmopolitan living. The Cascade Fountain at Park de la Ciutadella instills contemplation and is sober.

It promotes a great walking experience, introduces a visitor to the scenery of classical mythology. It also promotes relaxation as it is fused in pure silence disturbed by only the melody of springing water. Even better, you can get the picture-perfect views at the ample terrace space. It is advised to take pictures from the Kiosk of the Transsexual Sonia or Musicians Kiosk.

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