Long Haul Flight Outfit: What to Wear on a Long Haul Flight


Are you wondering what to wear on a long haul flight? I’ve written some of the top long haul flight tips and what are the most comfortable outfits to wear during your trip ahead!

Do you want to know what to wear on a long haul flight? I have a lot of tips for you!

I’ve been traveling between Asia and Europe on an average of 24 hours per flight for many years now since I was sixteen, and from this, I’ve learned the basic clothing needs I have to wear to survive any long flights.

There’s no secret in all of this, just basic logic and as well wear and bring what is the most comfortable for you. For me, I prefer going as light as possible and bringing only things I know I will need in a long flight.

Usually, I have one carry on backpack with all of my work-related things like a laptop, cameras, travel documents, and organized travel wallet with all of my cards and money, and valuables.

On flights longer than ten hours, I often bring extra necessities such as toiletries to freshen up, a travel pillow, and a small medicine kit for ails I might encounter during the flight.

I do travel full-time, and I do check in my hard case luggage so I can comfortably survive the long haul flights, and as a digital nomad, I do prefer bringing work-related stuff with me in the plane so I can work in order to utilize the hours I have before me.

That said, I’ve been getting a lot of queries regarding what to wear on a long haul flight as an ordinary traveler, and I’ve heard you; thus, I’ve written these tips just for you.

Not only these suggestions make the best travel outfits for long flights, but they also make good daily wear during your travels. Most of my suggestions are pretty simple, just the way I like to keep it when I’m abroad and far away from home.

Here are more useful travel tips for you:

Long Haul Flight Outfit: What to Wear on a Long Haul Flight

Comfy loose cotton t-shirt


I’m a t-shirt gal, and my daily travel wear often consists of a shirt, jeans or shorts, and comfortable shoes – for me, this is the perfect daily outfit that never gets old.

That said, for me, one of the best outfits for a long haul flight is a quick throw on that will guarantee comfort thus my long flight uniform always consist of a loose cotton t-shirt that is always easy to wear and something I always have in my luggage no matter where I go. Plus, it goes with anything I have in my wardrobe, aka a suitcase.

Alternatively, you can wear whatever you feel comfortable in. It could be a tank top, activewear shirts, blouse, or seriously anything you want as long as you know you won’t feel discomfort.



Comfortable stretchy pants

There are about four pants I alternatively wear on long haul flights, but the one I always wear is my black stretchy skinny jeans, which have always proven to be the most comfortable. Nevertheless, below are the four options I always go to.

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Loose baggy trouser


Whenever I am traveling to Asia, I tend always to bring my black below-the-knee length and high-waist box trousers that look a bit baggy but can also pass on as casual wear when paired with a dressier top.

I like wearing this as a long haul flight outfit because not only it looks presentable but also really comfortable and it keeps the airflow quite Nice.


Stretchy jeans


As mentioned above, this is my favorite pants if I’m in doubt about what comfortable travel clothes to wear on a long flight.

It is easy, and you can pair it with many different tops.


Long flowy pants


I also enjoy wearing my black long flowy pants on long flights and found it really comfortable, especially if the leg is longer than ten hours. It feels like I’m wearing a pajama and can move freely and breezy.


Light jacket with a lot of pockets

I can’t stress enough how important pockets are when you’re traveling. You can keep your passport, wallet, and cellphone within easy reach when you need it without you fumbling about your backpack for any of it.

Also, it gets quite chilly in airports and airplanes, so a light jacket is actually an essential piece of clothing to bring with you.



I have two different hoodies, which I often wear when I’m on a long haul flight, and both have two main pockets and are made with a breathable thermal fabric material making it one of the comfortable clothes for flying.

I also use these hoodies when I go hiking or camping as they are perfect on chilly nights on the mountain.

You can read our review about the best lightweight jacket for women – read it here.


Demin jacket


One of my best travel clothes for long flights is my ever so trusty light denim jacket, which is always my first outfit of choice.

It is thick enough when it gets cold, and it is also a perfect jacket for countries with colder climates. On top of all that, it has a good amount of pockets which are always added good bonus points!


Warm cardigan

I normally wear a cardigan and still bring my denim jacket along with me, but whenever I’m traveling to warmer climates, I often would bring this on the plane and be perfectly warm during my journey.

The only downside with bringing a cardigan to keep you warm is the fact that it does not have a lot of pockets. However, it still makes the best travel outfits for long flights.


Other necessities to take

Scarf or Sarong


I always bring my trusty cashmere or Thai silk scarf with me whenever I travel, may it be a long or short flight. It is just a handy piece of clothing that you can use either as what it is intended to or as a blanket if you need extra warmth when inside the airplane.

Some people bring their sarong instead, so it doubles up as an extra travel outfit and beach cover-up. I’ve done this before, but the sarong I own is too big for my backpack, and I prefer traveling light, especially on long flights.


Compression socks


Previously, I used to travel with just normal socks but as of recently as I get older, I’ve been feeling a lot of numbness and swelling around my calves whenever I’m on a long flight so from then on I always make sure to wear compression socks when onboard to avoid blood clot and increase blood circulation.

I found it helpful, and it is also comfortable. One of the things I hate about long flights is how it makes my feet swollen, making my shoes wider than it should.


Comfortable shoes

I’m a big fan of sneakers and skating shoe fan, and I find them really comfortable to wear even for long periods of time. You can read our shoe review in this post but on hindsight, here are a few of my top choices:



I’ve gone through a bit of converse in my life since I was a little girl, and at the moment, I have a classic black low cut Converse All-Star.

It has been my primary walking shoes for a good three years now, and it is still going strong! I always wear this when I know I’ll be having a long transit journey, and it never fails to give me comfort.


Nike run or Asics memory gel foam runners


Just so you know, I travel full-time with four pairs of shoes and each one have their purpose. I’ve had a black Nike run before, which I also used on long flights. It is comfortable, but I wore it down after a bad rainy day in Helsinki.

I’ve then recently replaced it and bought my black Asics runners with the purpose of using it as trainers and as well for low-key hiking trips.

During my last long flight from Finland to Thailand, I’ve used it, and it was really comfortable to walk on and as well to wear for a long period of time (I flew for 23 hours).


Long haul flight outfit conclusion

As you can probably tell already, I’m a very simple person when flying, but it is really important to travel in comfort, so I often make sure that I do exactly that. Whenever I’m asked what to wear on a long haul flight, I always say – keep it simple.

The last situation you ever want to be in discomfort, especially if you’re stuck in a pressurized aircraft thousands of kilometers from the ground.

My greatest long haul flight tips are to always do what you think is comfortable for you. I know people who travel in dresses, shorts, or whatever they wish and still feel comfortable – you do you. That is all I can say.

This outfit works well for me even if I am not traveling, and I guarantee you, I wear these even on normal days.

NOTE: I didn’t add accessories in here on purpose because I don’t wear any. If you’re traveling long haul flights, you’ll go through numerous airport security checks, and some are stricter than others meaning, you’ll need to remove your accessories for the x-ray. That is the last hassle you really want to face, especially when you’re on your last leg.


Here are the things you’ll find in my carry on backpack,  I’ll add everything I bring with me in this section, including my work stuff.

  • Carry on backpack – I use my Heschel backpack every time I travel long haul because it has enough space for all the things I need.
  • Laptop – I work online, and I always bring this on board with me. It is my baby.
  • Cameras and lenses – I own two cameras: Olympus EM-5 with a 50-250mm zoom lens and 45mm prime lens. I also bring my handy Canon Powershot G7x.
  • Electronic and cord organizer – I keep all of my gadget cords in here and as well my power bank and memory cards.
  • Wireless headphones and normal earphones with cord – I listen to a lot of podcasts, audiobooks, and music all the time, so having both is necessary even on ordinary days; hence, I bring these with me at all times regardless of the situation.
  • Travel adapter – better be safe than sorry, it is always good to bring this one as I sometimes don’t know what time of plugs they use in countries I will spend my layovers.
  • Kindle – I always need a good read on board, especially on long flights! Sometimes the entertainment offered by airlines just doesn’t cut it.
  • Toiletry kit – I always bring facial and feminine wipes, moisturizer or facial oil (that also doubles as hand lotion), lip balm, panty liners, tampons, extra underwear, travel-size toothbrush and toothpaste, tissue paper, and anti-bacterial gel.
  • Medicine kit – I always bring my vitamins and supplements with me in a small pillbox and on top of that, I also bring basic ailment needs and here are some of the medicines I bring with me: ibuprofen for pain, nasal spray (I get stuffy in planes), motion sickness pills, melatonin tablets (so I can sleep), and Tiger Balm (I always have one all the time).
  • Inflatable neck pillow – I don’t know if I ever traveled long haul without one, it is really a game-changer. Bonus points that it inflates into a small cube!
  • Eye mask – Yet another game-changer! Sometimes you can’t avoid seatmates that keep the lights on or, if you’re like me, you’re sensitive to light and can’t sleep even if there’s a tiny bit of shimmer of light around you then an eye mask is perfect so you can get some sleep on long flights.

It looks like I bring a lot with me on my carry-on, but remember that all of these are travel size! I have enough room in my bag all the time, and the heaviest item that contributes to most of the weight is my laptop and cameras. Otherwise, everything else packs in a toiletry bag or a small packing cube.

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What to wear on a long haul flight | long haul outfits that are stylish, long haul flight essentials, long haul flight tips. Be comfy en route to <a class=Europe or Asia and still look chic. Read this post now or pin it for later read! #longhaulflight #traveltips #packinglist #whattowear #airportfashion” width=”490″ height=”800″>

What to wear on a long haul flight | long haul outfits that are stylish, long haul flight essentials, long haul flight tips. Be comfy en route to Europe or Asia and still look chic. Read this post now or pin it for later read! #longhaulflight #traveltips #packinglist #whattowear #airportfashion


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