Europe in February: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

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Europe in February is a perfect time to have an exciting winter vacation. The scenic beauty of Europe is stunning in February with a festive ambiance all over. The sunshine hours also increase during this time, and that’s what makes the weather comfortable for exploring the picturesque tourist attractions.

This time in Europe is entirely free from tourist crowds as it is an offseason and the hotels, flight fares, traveling expenses everything comes budget-friendly due to waving discounts. February in Europe is a perfect time to explore and breathe its beautiful destinations accompanied by lots of entertaining indoor activities and colorful festivals.

What is the weather in Europe in February?

Europe in February is extremely cold in the Northern part where the maximum temperature is like 2 degrees, and the minimum is -7 degrees. The sunlight hours comparatively increase but remain cold. Western Europe is also very cold in February having temperatures between 3 to 5 degrees with premium sunlight.

The eastern part as well continues to remain cold having a temperature around 4 degrees while the Mediterranean region has pleasant temperatures around 14 to 15 degrees. The weather pretty much remains the same as December and January but the sunshine hour’s increases and daytime get warmer compared to December and January.

Hence if you are in a dilemma about where to go in Europe in February, the following list is going to help you out with the best places to visit in February in Europe.

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Europe in February: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Tallin Estonia in February

Tallinn, Estonia

Tallinn is like a fairyland in February when the entire city has snow everywhere in the streets, winding lanes, rooftops, buildings, trees, localities, and markets. You can’t get enough snow in this beautiful medieval city. Tallinn in February has a freezing climate with temperatures ranging from -2 to -9 degrees. If you can pull up layers of winter wears perfectly, Tallinn is surely going to take you out of this world with its panoramic beauty.

The city in February has no tourist crowds, and that’s when you get to feel its beauty. The daylights are painted in white and grey while the nights look straight out of heaven under the dark sky.

You can spend the daylights skiing and sled riding with the Huskies, take casual strolls in the city lanes and watch the snowflakes just like in fairytale movies, explore the winter markets, attain the church concerts, watch the beautiful sunrise at Toompea.

And enjoy plenty of Estonian festivals like Fir Festival, Candlemas Day, Fifty Shades Freed, Tallinn Winter Festival, 25 dances, Shrovetide and many more. The city is packed with Estonian events during this time accompanied by the pubs and nightclubs offering luxurious beers and wines for entertainment.

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most visited tourist attractions in europe florence cathedral florence italy

Florence, Italy

Florence is among the best places to go in February in Europe due to its cool and comfortable climate. It recovers from the freezing winter days during this time, and the temperature mostly remains between 8 to 12 degrees. The snowfalls are also comparatively less, and hence it serves as the best European city breaks in February.

The city is at the peak of romance in February month due St. Valentines day celebration and makes a perfect destination for the lovers. Everywhere there is romance in the air during this time followed by colorful carnivals and even free entrance to the State Museum in first Sunday.

The daylights are perfect for exploring the romantic destinations of the city, explore the beautiful exhibits at a different museum, enjoy the Arrival I Saldi sales at the fashion outlets, explore the handicrafts and vintage items at Aprilante fair. Visit the flea market on the Sundays, stump with the beats of trumpets at Camba Della Guardia historical parade and many more city festivals.

The nights are beautiful at ice skating rinks, attaining the concerts and opera nights at Teatro Verde and enjoy luxurious candlelight dinner at the breathtaking city restaurants with a glass of exotic Italian wines. Florence ranks in the top position among the best places to visit in February in Europe.

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Munich Germany in February

Munich, Germany

Munich is among the freezing European destinations in Germany in February. It witnesses a maximum temperature of 3 degrees in February and a minimum of -5 degrees. Munich is a picturesque destination of Germany that pretty much follows the old medieval architecture instead of the latest trends and is covered in red and white hues everywhere. The February days in Munich covered with snow is a visual treat for all visitors.

The breathtakingly beautiful German Alps at Zugspitze is a major attraction for a fantastic full-day trip. Starting from riding a cogwheel train and tram among the snow-capped mountains to waking in the glaciers of Zugspitze and having lunch at the Bavarian restaurant is something beyond beautiful.

Being the highest peak in Germany, the locations is a must-visit to see the wonders of nature. For the adventure lovers snowboarding at German-Alps is pure love. Take a stroll in the snow-covered graveyard of Munich, explore the city attractions, enjoy the German Carnival, Book a trip to Disney Snow Castle which will transport you into the animated world, explore the Munich Sea aquarium and enjoy the nights at dazzling pubs and nightclubs with series of wines, beers, whiskeys and cocktails.

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February Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

The beautiful architectural city of Helsinki freezes to -1 degree during February and sometimes might drop to even -10 degrees. The first and most exciting thing you can do here to beat the cold is visiting the traditional Finnish saunas accompanied by forest bathing that not only helps your senses to rejuvenate but also gives you comfort in the bone-chilling weather.

However, Helsinki compared to the other locations of Finland has very little snow and hence putting the right set of winter clothes like warm jackets and overcoats with winter boots, you can explore the city attraction in the daytime.

Visit the heritage sites and museums, explore the beautiful Helsinki winter market, enjoy the performances by international and Finnish artists in the Helsinki Flamenco Festival and the finest contemporary dance performance at Side Step Festival and various other local events for entertainment.

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day trips from rome italy featured photo 2

Rome, Italy

Rome is one of those best places to go in February in Europe due to its incredible scenic beauty and also a comfortable temperate ranging from 9 to 14 degrees. It also enjoys a pretty good 5 hours of sunshine for a pleasant day out.

Though Italy is not among the warm European countries in February but still considering the pleasant temperature in Rome, it can be referred to as the warmest place in Europe in February compared to other freezing destinations.Apart from its gorgeous sightseeing locations, February in Rome is packed with Carnivals and other cultural events to cherish for.

The major February festival in Rome is its eight-day Carnevale, which is an annual celebration for the Christian Lents. Another major event is Valentine’s Day celebrating the romantic city culture of Rome with flowers, cards, chocolates, and all city restaurants serving amazing offers and discounts.

February is also an off tourists season, and hence you can have the maximum exposure of this beautiful old city, walk through its narrow lanes. Visit the art galleries and museums carrying the masterpiece portraits and exhibits, and some have quality time in city attractions with your loved ones. It is not just one of the best European cities to visit in February but also a perfect destination to spend Valentine’s Day.

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top day trips from brussels belgium maastricht

Brussels, Belgium

Brussels experiences a cold climate in February where the temperatures vary from 3 to 5 degrees and at night even drop to 0 degrees. But its European winter vacation after all so leaving at aside, Brussels is amongst the most entertaining places to visit in Europe in February.

Be it visiting the Mont des Arts featuring various museums and libraries or a visit to the Parlamentarium or tasting the lip-smacking Belgium Hot chocolates, chocolate truffles, Chocolate fruits cups, etc., Brussels is pure bliss in winters. The famous Brussel Book Fair is also organized during this time in the last week of February.

Valentine’s Day is another significant occasion in Brussels hosting numerous events, and the city celebrates its grandly with mouth-watering delicacies served at various restaurants and cafes at discounted prices.

The city attractions include the majestic Brussels Grand Palace, Notre Dame Du Sablon Gothic Cathedral, Le Botanique garden, Palais Royal, The statue of Manneken Pis, the top graded arts at Musee Royaxx Des Beaux Art museum and the list goes on.

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most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit paris france

Paris, France

Paris is a must-visit destination in Europe if you are traveling in February. The weather stays cold in Paris having temperatures between 3 to 8 degrees and the city is filled with festive and romantic vibes during this time.

Kicking off with the famous Paris Sales from the middle week of January to celebrating Valentine’s Day, hosting beautiful exhibitions, live concerts, musical and dancing events that city gets lively in February entertaining the tourists, visitors, and its residents.

The airfare and hotel prices also go down this time providing the tourists a budget-friendly winter vacation. One of the attractive events during this time is the Chinese New Year festival, which is an extremely unusual event with dragons and dancers bringing life to the streets.

Apart from this you can take the amazing city trips in the daytime, and make the nights beautiful with a VIP Dinner cruise on the Seine River uncovering the beautiful folds of Paris, explore the city in vintage car tours, spend some time at the gorgeous Eiffel tower and many other beautiful attractions. Paris ensures you the most romantic winter vacation in its heavenly settings.

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top tourist sttractions and things to do in Bologna Italy schema

Bologna, Italy

Bologna can be referred to as the hottest place in Europe in February due to its humid climate in the cold weather. While the winter temperatures during this month range from 6 to 10 degree but its soars higher gradually and the last week of February becomes quite hot compared to the European winters. Due to this humidity in the cold weather, it can be called the warmest place in Europe in February.

Bologna is February is full of Italian carnivals having delicious sweet desserts, lip-smacking wines, mouth-watering delicacies, and the entire streets gearing up colorful masks and attractive costumes celebrating the festivals.

Apart from this, valentine’s celebration is always constant in Italian cities so here also you have the best exposure with lots of flowers, picture-perfect dating locations, and chocolates. Don’t forget to try the delicacies like Sfrappole, Castagnole, Tortelli Fritti, and while in Bologna.

Other city attractions to explore are the Stunning Italian Porticoes, Bologna Modern Art Gallery, Museum of History of Bologna, leaning tower of Bologna, Piazza Maggiore and many more in the row.

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best places to go shopping in europe budapest hungary

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest is a timeless beauty that amazes visitors throughout the year. In February, the city remains quite cold due to the extremely cool temperature between 1 to 4 degrees. There are various activities to enjoy in February in Budapest apart from its breathtaking city tour and heritage attractions.

The series of February Festivals here include Mangalita festival in the first and second week of February, Winter bath parties at Lukacs baths. This is one of the happening festival spreading the popular open-air bath culture of Budapest in its gorgeous pools and bathing areas, Valentine’s Day Celebration, Budapest Carnival, Chinese new year and opera nights and concerts.

Not only these you can enjoy a series of fun-filled activities like late-night parties, winter sports, ice skating in the city park, exploring the Vorosmaty Square market, and enjoy some delicious Hungarian cuisines. Though not in terms of temperature, terms of entertainment, Budapest is the hottest place in Europe in February.

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top museums in europe rijksmuseum amsterdam netherlands

Amsterdam, Netherlands

February is the ideal month to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. The weather during this time remains cool having temperatures between 4 to 8 degrees. The famous festivals of Amsterdam in February are Chinese New Year and Valentine’s Day.

The city is occupied with various exhibitions, cultural events during this time like Wonderland festival, Nine Months fair, Homemakers fair, etc. The numerous museums of the city like van Gogh Museum, Anne Frank canal house, Hermitage Amsterdam, Moco Museum, Tropenmuseum, Jewish Historical Museum, national Holocaust museum are a must-visit.

The IMPRO Amsterdam, Chocoa festival, Europe art fair, Mono Japan cultural fair followed by free concerts makes your winter vacation extraordinary. It is a must-visit Romantic European destination in February.

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