Best Day Trips from Dubai: Weekend Trips from Dubai (UAE)


Check out this post about the best day trips from Dubai and the top things you can do for the day while in this marvelous middle eastern city in UAE!

Different people travel for various reasons, some for business, some for pleasure and some also for an adventure. Traveling is enjoyable; learning about the different cultures and traditions and generally getting out of your comfort zone is healthy for mind and body.

You can opt to travel with friends and family or even venture out alone. The travel makes introspection easier. Besides learning about the different people, you learn about yourself in-depth. It tends to boost the mental and physical health of any individual. Meeting new people and making friends is also good.

Reasons for traveling to Dubai:

Dubai is one place that welcomes tourists very warmly, but only if the Islamic laws and regulations of this place are followed to the tee. Dubai is among the seven municipalities which comprise the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is one place that has constant sunshine and an extensive coastline along with deserts and a lot more.

You have a choice of opting for day trips in Dubai or boat trips in Dubai. You can even plan to visit the close-by places by planning out the day trips from Dubai.

As law and order here, in Dubai, is taken very seriously, tourists can experience security and safety checks when traveling here. The Burj-Khalifa is enough of a temptation for anyone planning a trip to Dubai. You can also get a feel of the Arabic culture as this is one place that is rich in history. shopping is exciting and fun, besides which, the food available caters to almost all tastes, be it Indian, French, Mexican or even Italian.


Best Day Trips from Dubai: Weekend Trips from Dubai (UAE)

top day trips from dubai uae boat trip

Go on a Boat Trip in Dubai for the day

Exploring Dubai on a boat is altogether a different experience. The boats available or boat trips in Dubai are safe and also fast. You get a total experience of not only the coastline but also the iconic coastline with this trip. The list of places to enjoy these trips is the Burj-Khalifa, World islands, The Palm, the Atlantis, and a lot more. It is one way to control the adventure you are heading for instead of being a mere spectator.

You also have the choice of a jet-ski tour, which works out to be well-organized. The professionals accompanying you can also send you the photographs taken during this trip.

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top day trips from dubai uae desert safari

Go on a Desert Safari for the day

Opting for a desert safari lets you enjoy the customs and beauty of this place. This safari takes around 6 hours and is comfortable as you travel by 4×4, which is air-conditioned. When the guide is driving, you can drink in the beauty of the landscapes. You can visit a camel farm and enjoy a camel ride.

You can experience sandboarding down the dunes. If you wish, you can also get a henna tattoo on your feet or wrists. Finally, a BBQ dinner tops it all under the stars while watching belly-dancing and local folk shows.

What you can expect:

Boarding the air-conditioned 4X4, you can enjoy the views of the different skyscrapers on this drive. You get knowledge of the history and the ecology of the desert from the narration of the driver. You are educated on the different species of the camels and can ride them if you wish.

You then drive to the campsite, which is nestled between the dunes of Dubai. Here you can catch the thrills of sandboarding. Riding a sandboard is permitted only after getting a briefing about the safety factors.

Enjoy an Arabic BBQ or opt for the shawarma at the shawarma station.

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top day trips from dubai uae palm jumeirah

Visit Dubai’s Top Five Attractions

The evening along with the afternoon tour, lets you experience five iconic activities and attractions. Traveling comfortably in a vehicle that is fully air-conditioned and with a guide, you can view the Burj Al Arab and the Palm. You can also absorb the views from the Burj Khalifa after a ‘dhow’ wooden boat cruise.

The buffet dinner served at the Hotel Armani concludes the trip. You need to be aware that the Armani is a sought-after destination for dining. To top it all, you can enjoy the fountain show from the terrace of the restaurant.

What you can expect:

The first stop after you are picked up from your hotel in a climate control vehicle is the Saga World Dubai. This mall is a standalone mall which tends to display only masterpieces that a human can create. It is also the only mall which compares to a museum.

The next stop is a photoshop at the Burj Al Arab. You then head to Dubai Marina, followed by a cruise on a Dhow, which is traditional alongside Dubai Marina. This Marina has skyscrapers and landscapes worth a view.

The Palm Jumeirah is the following stop. You need to be aware that this human-made island is the largest in the world. The trip continues to Dubai Mall, where you enjoy a view that is unrestricted of the desert, city, and the Gulf at the very famous Burj Khalifa.

The fusion dinner is included in the package, which is at Armani’s. It can be one of the most exciting day trips from Dubai.

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top day trips from dubai uae dhow cruise dinner

Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise

One of the day trips from Dubai you can opt for is the Bateaux Dubai Dinner Cruise. Enjoy the skyline of Dubai while gliding along the Dubai Creek on this cruise, which takes between 2 hours and 5 hours. Savor the welcome drink after a walk on the red carpet onto this boat, which is specifically for sight-seeing.

You can enjoy the landmarks which are floodlit, either from the outdoor decks or the glass-enclosed decks. Among the different attractions of Dubai, you pass the Al Maktoum Bridge and the Clock Tower. You can then enjoy a gourmet dinner, which is serenaded by a pianist. You can upgrade this package for wines or probably enjoy different sodas.

What can you expect?

You need to reach the creek for this cruise. The red carpet leads to the truly magnificent glass-wall Bateaux Dubai. Nibble on the canapés along with the welcome drink as the boat departs from the moorings. Relax for the next 2-5 hours while cruising up and down the winding creek.

Relish the evening breeze with the outdoor deck and enjoy the fascinating landscapes and the skyline of Dubai. Enjoy a three-course gourmet meal with music being played by a pianist.

top day trips from dubai uae fujairah city

Weekend Trips from Dubai:

Weekend trips from Dubai offer you an opportunity to explore the gems in the UAE. You have a choice between the northern mountains and the deserts in the south or the hot springs or even the vast coastline.

top day trips from dubai uae jahili fort al-ain


Al-Ain, which is located in the southern part, is a calm and peaceful oasis in the middle of the barren desert. It thrives on the hot springs water. Al-Ain is suitable for all that relaxation you are looking. The weather is cooling due to the lush green groves and the water springs.

top day trips from dubai uae hatta damn


For those who are looking for a quiet Arabian town, Hatta is the ideal place for one of the weekend trips from Dubai. It is located east of the country in the Hajar Mountains. You get a view of the traditional houses which are well-preserved. You also have the choice of hiking along the mountain paths, which are cool. Hatta can offer you an insight into the wild side of UAE.

top day trips from dubai uae empty quarter

Empty Quarter

Enjoying the raw beauty of the peninsula is possible only when you opt for weekend trips from Dubai here. It is on the border in the south of UAE. Empty Quarter is one of the most massive uninterrupted stretches of sand mass in the world. Mother Nature can surely amaze you when you plan to visit this place.

top day trips from dubai uae fujairah fort


Located on the northeastern coast of UAE, Fujairah tends to balance both the tumbling Hajar Mountains and pristine beaches. This getaway tends to be the most popular for many. You can explore the historic city along with the ancient forts while basking in the northern air.

top day trips from dubai uae road intersection

Go on a Road trip from Dubai

Road trips from Dubai work well for many, and this is due to multiple reasons. The parking is free, almost everywhere. The scenery around can only be enjoyed if a road trip is opted for. It works out to be an affordable option as the gas is reasonably priced.

There is no alcohol available besides the restaurants and bars, so there is no question of any drunk-driving.

You have a choice of opting for a short trip to Dubai instead of a long one. It can be worked out during a weekend, which is comfortable for many. Shopping is an unbelievable experience as for all those gold-lovers, gold is considerably cheap here. You also have a variety of spices and herbs you can shop for.

Adventure is plenty, and so is the entertainment factor. Choosing between a quiet holiday and a hectic one is easy in Dubai.

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