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Top 15 Places to Visit in Andorra

A vacation tour around the lovely cities of Andorra and her utterly majestic views can spiritually inspire a person also, as well as change his life.

The place has become popular among her visitors for being loaded with exotic natural sceneries, and for having some of the highly enchanting locations. Including, the vast mountain ranges of the Coma Pedrosa, an enormous skiing area in the Grandvalira, and also, having her capital La Vella, containing some widely diverse churches with an alluring and enchanting architecture.

Charming Andorra is geographically located within the middle of France and Spain, having a relatively small area at the mountain range of Pyrenees.

With some excellent tourist attraction spots like the unique Caleda and the Claustrophobia, travel to Andorra will surely stand apart in your memories due to offering along with some extraordinary experiences.

There are a significant number of delighting places to visit in Andorra in case if you are having trouble planning your trip. The main points of interest in Andorra are her glamorously beautiful cities, large ski spots, enormous mountain passes, very deep forests, fascinatingly beautiful lakes and also, some architecturally motivating churches and establishments.

The climate inside Andorra remains cold at an average with some likely conditions for skiing in the winter, making it the best time to travel to Andorra. The country also offers a highly delicious Catalan cuisine containing some great foods produced in their soil and water.

So if you prefer sightseeing, Andorra is the perfect place to come around in a short time and enjoy some great moments.

Here’s the list of the top places to visit in Andorra

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra andorra la vella

Andorra La Vella

Andorra La Vella is Andorra’s greatest city and also her capital. This city is home to around 22 thousand Andorrans. This capital city of Andorra is literally, a natural paradise, situated mostly in the highlands.

A great attraction towards the green and lovely environment in summer and for the brilliant and snowy surface in winter can be felt for sightseeing in Andorra La Vella.

The establishments of Andorra La Vella show a tremendous architectural passion and profound beauty, which reflects clearly in Casa de la Vall, which is a historical building and presently the general council of Andorra.

You will also find the most massive spa complex of entire Europe, Centre Termolúdic Caldea, in this particular city, which is true, a mega tourism place you should keep in mind.

Sant Esteve Church, famous among the Romanesque churches, is another one of the best places for tourism in Andorra situated at La Vella.

Andorra La Vella also offers her people a wild nightlife, consisting of many nightclubs.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra encamp


Encamp is a gorgeous town divided in between, by the Valira d’Orient River of Andorra. This town of Andorra is abundant with outdoor activities like ski, mountain climbing, and regular fares; if you are looking for things to do in Encamp.

The town also preserves a fascinating destination of the state, the National Automotive Museum, which includes some exotic and rare automobiles and steam-powered vehicles even from the late 19th century.

An Andorra travel guide will suggest you also visit the Pic dels Pessons, which is the most prominent peak of the Encamp and one of the 65 mountain tops found in Andorra.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra vallnord


The attraction for skiing can be satisfied if you are willing to visit this prime tourist-attracting resort of Andorra, which is Vallnord. The famous winter sports resort of Vallnord ensures skiing activities for everyone; including, cable-skiing, heli-skiing, snowmobiling, and speed riding.

Vallnord also offers a 93 kilometers slope for skiers around the globe, with the majority of them coming from Europe. Two ski resorts Pal Arinsal and Ordino Arcalis merged to form the Vallnord.

Vallnord is the best place to go on a family trip during your travel to Andorra. Skiers all over the world are welcome to enjoy the fun of skiing and tourism in one place. There are a lot of activities to be experienced in Vallnord, related to skiing if you’re willing to pay a visit there even only for sightseeing.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra canillo


The small village of Canillo is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in Andorra. The settlement of Canillo consists of several Andorra points of interest, including the Sant Joan de Caselles, an ancient Romanesque church established in the 11th century.

Canillo also constitutes a portion of the Grandvalira ski resort by providing the facilities of snow skiing in here as well. Local fares are also held very frequently in this small but lovely town. It is the 9th vastest parish of Andorra, with a population of just over 2,000 people.

→ Where to stay: Best hotels in Canillo

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra centre termoludic caldea

Centre Termolúdic Caldea

Europe’s largest spa complex with a glass-pyramid shaped building situated in the capital city of Andorra found its abode in this small country in 1994. A large establishment with 18 floors, 80 meters in height, and with more than 6,000 square meters of area, this pace is undoubtedly something you wouldn’t want to miss out on your travel to Andorra.

It is one of the top tourist attractions in Europe. Here you will find everything you could ask for from a spa, starting from sauna and Jacuzzis to both indoor and outdoor swimming lagoons including, a unique room with the powers of healing and artificial mini-waterfalls are also found here. It is one of the best places to visit in Andorra.

Even the water supply is originated from a thermal source inside Andorra La Vella, with included minerals in them.

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points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra el pas de la casa

El Pas de la Casa

The meaning of the name is “The Pass of The House,” which historically means that there was only a shepherd’s hut in the complete pass a very long time ago.

But now, the pass has been turned into a ski resort just along the border of France. It is just the perfect place to visit for advanced skiers with some challenging routes.

There are presently more than 30 ski lifts in this ski resort, which is Andorra’s one of the most highly reputed skiing point of interest for the visitors. This place also seems to have some great hotels you could go to and check out during your visit to El Pas de la Casa.

This place also gives you the facility of buying foreign products coming from France legally at the borderline of Andorra.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra grandvalira ski station

Grandvalira Ski Station

With an area of over 210 kilometers of alpine ski slopes, Grandvalira Ski Resort is indeed a great place to be on if you ever visit beautiful Andorra. It is quite the charming ski resort being made up of six other different ski resorts including, El Tarter, Canillo, Soldeu, Encamp, Grau Roig, and Pas de la Casa.

It is the ultimate resort formed with all the other ski resorts in Andorra with more than 127 miles for skiing. It is also said to be the most significant skiing resort in Southern Europe. Grandvalira is situated between Les Escaldes and La Vella; this ski station also provides people with the opportunity of other activities like scuba-diving.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra la massana sant cristofol church

La Massana

La Massana is a parish that is full of mountains. It celebrates flower festivals with a view that attracts more tourists to discover more about the glamour of this heavenly place. The highest peak of Andorra, “Coma Pedrosa” rests here with a great height of 2,942 meters.

Massana means “A variety of apples” in Latin, which indicates the diversity of fruits and flowers that are to be found on this magnificent mountain. One should visit here only in the winter if he wants to experience the fun of visiting the place in the snow.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra sant joan de caselles

Sant Joan de Caselles Church

Sant Joan de Caselles Church is a very profound Romanesque church of Andorra. This church is situated in the small village of Canillo. It is registered as a heritage property in the Cultural Heritage of Andorra.

Many visitors come here throughout the year to visit this particular church that was built somewhere in the 11th to the 12th century. The insight of this church is surrounded by art materials that represent some religious faith and beliefs and paintings of some great artists. The architectural design of this church has always been worth the sightseeing of the place.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra santa coloma church

Santa Coloma Church

This church is seen when one drives toward Spain from the small village of santa Coloma. It is another one of those churches that are found in a tour of Andorra. But, notable is that this church is more of a round-shaped, rather than being square-shaped.

The architectural designs of this church are also different from the rest of them. Frescoes and items from medieval times are found in the insight of this particular church as even some ornate arches.

Besides that, there is also a castle built in the 12th century, just some steps away from the church.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra sorteny national park serrera

Sorteny National Park

This park is mainly a park that resides in the Ordino parish and also has a valuable demand in the ecology and environment of that particular area. This park constitutes a considerable resource of Iron and Copper, and its national value as a tourism site is also very high.

This place is also known as the valley of the Sorteny River. It is the perfect abode for various animals and fishes with a safe distance from the locality and also, a very fabulous place to have some family time as well.

Though being a safe home, hunting is not prohibited here. One can also take part in catching fishes and mountain hikes.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra les escaldes

Les Escaldes

Les Escaldes is also known as a commercial parish of Andorra. You might visit this place if you want to have a good time at the markets in Andorra. The temperature is very high here compared to the other parishes.

Hot springs are said to be taken here and as well as Roman Baths as the springs here are rich in Sulphur and Nitrogen and are also used to cure several health-related problems and heal oneself.

The water of this parish is also believed to have healing properties as well. You should also check out the Escaldes Fortress and Escalls Bridge in order to make your tour perfect.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra our lady of meritxell

Our Lady of Meritxell

Our Lady Meritxell is a patron saint of Andorra. The statue was built in the late 12th century or so. But the main chapel where it was, had burnt down in 1972 and the figure had also been burnt with that.

But in 1976, Ricardo Bofill designed a replica that is also now available at the New Meritxell Chapel of Andorra. Meritxell means Midday in English. You can also visit this place to have more information on the history of the state of Andorra found there.

It was burnt down on 8th September, which was later approved as a national holiday for Andorra.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra sant julia de loria

Sant Julià de Lòria

It is the smallest parish of Andorra, with an area of only 24 square meters. It is located at the southern end of the country. It is a relatively well-known parish inside Andorra due to consisting the University of Andorra and the Naturlandia nature park.

Naturlandia Nature Park is also another place that should be visited once if you travel to Andorra. Otherwise, you may think that you had an incomplete Andorra travel. The park is also open for 365 days a year.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in andorra claustrophobia


Claustrophobia is a new addition to Andorra with a view of digitalized tourism. Claustrophobia is situated in the Escaldes-Engordany of Andorra.

It is an escape room mainly decorated in such a way that whoever is put into that will have to think their way out in 60 minutes and try hard to find the clue to its break or crack the evidence hidden in the escape room to get out.

It is played with teams and much more like a real-life adventurous game. It is sincerely dedicated to the younger generations and their place to visit Andorra.

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