Top 10 BEST Castles in Ireland


Interested to know about the castles in Ireland? We have listed the top landmarks in the country you can visit and explore!

The castles in Ireland may remind you of that time and era which was full of romance and adventure. These castles take us to that time of history during which there was no government rule.

It was a period of monarchy and aristocracy. In this period there was a complete influence of the concept of nobility. Feudal lords owned the castles during this time.

They used to be the property and assets of feudal society. With the rise of many castles feudalism also increased and it came to an end with the collapse of castle culture. Castles were regarded to be the property of ruling class noble people.

The medieval period left a significant impact and influence on castles in Ireland. Castles were used for many reasons and motives. However, maintaining the military and army was a primary one. At that time the ordinary people and subjects of feudal lords in Europe were not only protected with door locks at their home.

These castles maintained a perfect army base that used to guard common people against thieves and burglars. People used to pay the monthly rent to lords who used to protect them by keeping an army in the oldest castle in Ireland. The famous castles in Ireland played a critical role in shaping the culture of living in entire Europe.

The famous castles in Ireland held great importance during the middle ages. This age was concerned with the ruling class that was known as feudal lords. Even if you browse the list of castles in Ireland and visit their ruins, you will perceive that they used to be inhabited by feudal lords, military generals, and powerful knights.

These ruling class people used to protect the ordinary people of European society. It has been noted that most castles in Ireland were used for weddings by people of the modern age. Some knights living in these castles also conquered Muslim countries and spread castle culture there. With the end of feudalism castle culture also came to an end.

Let us know more about some famous castles in Ireland:


Here’s the list of the top castles in Ireland

castles in ireland cabra castle

Cabra Castle

Cabra Castle in Ireland is very much famous due to its ancient history as well as nooks. Here you can come and explore many hidden secrets of the middle period in Europe. Just visit the incredible things of this castle that is regarded as a precious jewel of Ireland.

If you come to this castle as a tourist then here you will enjoy its magnificent reception rooms. During night hours you can rest in this castle by sitting near the bonfire. You can relax here during evening and night hours with a romantic novel. This castle in Ireland has a big park on a land of 100 acres where you can enjoy warm sunlight during winter seasons. The current Cabra Castle has been instructed in Neo Normal Style.

It has also followed the Gothick style. This kind of architecture is seen by most tourists who are fans of historical buildings with a glorious past. This castle is located near the hamlet of Cabra. This castle used to be owned by the Foster family during the modern age. But they sold this building as they became bankrupt for unknown reasons. During the year 1813 Cabra Castle was reconstructed for the sake of those people who held high authorities in Ireland.

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castles in ireland blarney castle

Blarney Castle

The Blarney Castle was built 600 years back during the middle age period. It is a precious asset of entire Europe including the country of Ireland. The greatest feudal lords and powerful knights have stayed in this castle. This castle has been an object of surpassing attraction for those tourists who came to Ireland to spend the holiday vacations. This castle is a world mark of Ireland and has many hidden treasures.

It is the best and most remarkable real estate asset that was made of stone material. You can explore all corners of this middle-aged building and relax during night hours with the best hospitality available for visitors.

This castle used to stand as a place protected by good quality timber fences to shield its residents. The castle got destroyed during 1446 and was reconstructed by its conquerors for the sake of comfortable living. Cormac Laidir made this castle look magnificent as he was an aristocratic personality. Currently, Blarney Castle has become the right place for tourist attraction. It has luxurious rooms adored and loaded with all amenities of luxury and comfort. This castle has been decorated with the stone of eloquence that gives this building a unique and magnificent look.

Magnificent green gardens surround this castle where you can sit comfortably and enjoy morning and evening tea during morning and evening hours. The beautiful grassy landscapes surrounding this castle in Ireland make this building look like a precious gift of nature. The rocky formations near this castle grant it a splendid structure that could not have been created even with the best architecture. Here you will also find a garden that has many poisonous plants due to which it is known as a poison garden. Even this garden is open to the general public and tourist visitors who come here every year.

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castles in ireland cahir castle

Cahir Castle

The Cahir Castle was constructed by Conor O’ Brien to set up a base of defense for his army during the 13th century. It is considered the most significant defensive building of Ireland where the military used to board during the middle age period. This castle is very durable because it has been constructed on a rocky landscape. During many decades this building used to be a spot of bombardments as well sieges by many feudal invaders. During the 13th century, an Anglo-Norman family known as Butlers came to stay here. Since then this castle became a place of tourist attraction, and many visitors come here to enjoy comfortable holiday vacations.

This castle is also known as the stone fort. The palace has the best and most adored real estate structure that attracts hordes of people. Visitors come here and enjoy vacations by boarding here because now this castle has been transferred to a tourist hotel. During the 13th century, the palace was granted to James Butler who was loyal to an Earl named Edmond. After more than 300 years some owners from England bought this castle and lived there in the form of aristocratic families.

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castles in ireland ashford castle

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle is a building that was created during the middle ages in Ireland in Europe. It is a classic Victorian building. Today this castle has assumed the form of a tourist hotel where vacationers come and halt to enjoy holidays. Currently, the Guinness family owns the castle. An Anglo-Norman family from which the term butler originated built the castle in 1228. After two centuries of getting constructed this castle in Ireland came under the ownership of de Burgos whose surname came to be known as Bourke.

After the battle between the forces of de Burgos and the English army, it became a fortified building for armies residing in it. After 1920 Noel Huggard transformed this castle into a hotel. This newly remodeled hotel started receiving many vacationers each year. The renovation has increased the popularity of this castle combo hotel.

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castles in ireland bunratty castle

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle is located in the country of Ireland. It was constructed during the15th century in the County of Clare. This castle is situated in the center of a village named Bunratty from which it got its name. It is positioned near Shannon town just beside its airport. The castle is currently being run by Shannon Heritage to entertain tourists who arrive here to enjoy holiday vacations. It has a gorgeous folk park where you can enjoy drinking morning tea with your dear ones and friends.

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castles in ireland kilkenny castle

Kilkenny Castle

Kilkenny Castle is a castle in Ireland, located in the region of Kilkenny, and it was constructed during the year 1195 AD. It is positioned near the banks of the River Nore. It has many junctions from where you can reach here. Previously this building was owned by a Norman family till the 13th century. It was used as a base of defense for keeping armies during the middle age period.

This castle is connected to a park where the army used to parade during festive occasions. Currently, the palace has become a place of vacation for tourists and is managed by the office of public works. Even during the 19th century, some people took this castle building on rent for 50 pounds per month.

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castles in ireland dublin castle

Dublin Castle

Dublin Castle has been a major historical landmark in Ireland. It used to be a defense base of the Norman area in Dublin. Later on, it became an office building where viceroy of Ireland used to stay. He used to be the representative of the current ruling monarch. Even the chief secretary of Ireland used to stay here to hold government conferences.

In this modern age, this castle has become a place of tourist attraction. Each year many vacationers come here to spend holidays leaving rainy season. Here you can book a room for your holidays online as many websites have business affiliations with this castle. When you arrive here during winter seasons, then it could prove to be the most memorable vacations for you as here you get all holiday amenities.

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castles in ireland malahide castle

Malahide Castle

The Malahide Castle was constructed in Ireland during the 12th century. It extends over a land of 260 acres. It has been connected to real estate parkland. This castle is very close to the village named Malahide from the central zone of Dublin, the capital city of Ireland. This castle is very famous in entire Ireland because it was raised by a notable and mighty Knight named Richard Talbot. This castle was granted with the title of “Land and harbor of Malahide.”

Today this castle has been transformed into a tourist hotel where you can come and enjoy holidays as a vacationer. The tourist industry of Dublin has taken the responsibility to entertain tourists who arrive at this castle to enjoy their vacations during the season and stay here comfortably.

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castles in ireland ross castle

Ross Castle

The Ross Castle is a magnificent building in Ireland. It was constructed during the 15th century near a tower house. It is located at the edge of Lough Leane near the County of Kerry. This castle used to be the home of rulers who belonged to O’ Donoghue clan. Currently, the mansion is being run and managed by the office of public works. When you arrive at Ross Castle as a vacationer, you can enjoy the best amenities of hospitality concerning boarding and food. It is the best place in Ireland where you can enjoy vacations both during summer and winter.

The Castle is open to visitors from April to October. However, you can visit the grounds throughout the year. You can also enjoy the boat trips which are likewise available from the central place to Inisfallen Island.

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castles in ireland rock of cashel

Rock of Cashel

The Rock of Cashel is located in the country of Ireland. It used to be known as the Cashel of feudal lords. It is near St.Patricks Rock. It is a historic building near the county of Tipperary in Ireland. This castle used to be the ruling center for kings of the Munster clan for many years before the invasion of Normans.

St. Patrick and Brian Boru, are the two famous people associated with the Rock of Cashel. The first one arrived in Cashel in AD 432 and baptized King Aengus. After that, he became Ireland’s first Christian ruler. The second one was crowned High King here in 990. He is the only king who was able to unite all of Ireland under one ruler for any significant period.

The castle is a bustling site; many visitors can experience the delay while visiting here in the summertime. The place is having an audio-visual show and many exhibitions over there. The Rock of Cashel is also known as St Patrick’s Rock. It is located just 500 meters from the center of Cashel Town, County Tipperary.

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