Top 15 things to do in Pai (Thailand)


Located in Northern Thailand and famous for its yoga retreats, amazing sceneries, and chill vibes – find out what are the top things to do in Pai you must not miss when you visit!

Pai is a beautiful and wonderful city situated in Northern Thailand. Because of its appeal and the numerous diverse things to do in Pai, the town has developed into a famous spot for tourists. From enjoying waterfalls as well as climbing the Pai Canyon, to watching the Big Buddha and traveling around by scooter, the city presents several appeals for tourists.

Pai has developed into an attractive tourist spot over the years. Though Pai’s “hippie” roots have been plucked, the holistic wellbeing and natural food prospect are still much alive, as is the serene vibe. For such a tiny and pretty city, interesting and enjoyable activities to do in Pai are vast!

This city is budding, and so are the several entertainments accessible in Pai for tourists. Numerous of the top things to do in Pai, Thailand, are free. Pai is undeniably one of the top tourist spots to enjoy in Thailand.

Top 15 things to do in Pai, Thailand

Hike the Pai Canyon

Hike the Pai Canyon

Out of all of the things to do in Pai, climbing the Pai Canyon is the most excellent! The Pai Canyon is a beautiful canyon with diverse hiking trails and lookouts over the scenery. It’s a lovely place to visit. Numerous people enjoy the Pai Canyon at sunset for more fabulous views.

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Roam the Night Markets

There are fantastic night markets in Pai beside the walking street. Local night markets are pretty impressive for such a little town. You can get everything from garments to best inexpensive street food at the every day wonderful night markets. Tourists also get attracted by the shopping spree at the local night markets.

WWII Memorial Bridge Thailand

Walk the WWII (Memorial) Bridge

In 1942, the WWII Bridge constructed by the Japanese. Mainly, the bridge was built to carry weapons and materials to Myanmar during WWII.

However, besides its wealthy past, it’s also just a pleasant spot to go for a stroll. The bridge crosses a stunning river creating for some excellent photo spots.

Lod Cave Pai Thailand

Explore Lod Cave

Lod cave is a huge cave with a river running through the heart of its mineral limestone system. It is 35 km away from Pai, and you can either go by motorbike or book a trip which includes transportation and guide, which is obligatory. The tourist guide will take you into the cave on a little bamboo raft pushed along with a bamboo pole.

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Whitewater Rafting Trip Pai Thailand

Whitewater Rafting Trip

Whitewater rafting and hiking are turning into a popular activity in Pai. Some different trip operators arrange these types of tours and multi-day choices offered.

Also, lots of travel agencies are booking spots in Pai, which can assist in arranging this tour for you. For the outdoor adventurer, this would be great to do in Pai.

Top attractions to see in Pai

The White Buddha Pai Thailand

Visit The White Buddha

The steps to get to the peak will make you shed sweat, but the heavenly sight from beside the Buddha is worth it. Ensure you also have a glance at the blindingly white Buddha statue, it’s pretty exciting. Exploring the Big Buddha will take you only an hour to walk to the top.

Explore the Land Split- Picture

Seismic activity ripped a gash in a farmer’s field just south of Pai in 2008. Walking through the geological scene will consume perhaps only 20 minutes of your time, but the farmers’ warmth and healthy treats from their farms will make you want to linger and chat for a while.

Mo Paeng waterfall Pai Thailand

Visit Attractive Waterfalls

There is a range of stunning waterfalls you can visit while you are in Pai, and Mo Paeng Waterfall is situated 12 km west of Pai past Santichon. It’s quite well-liked so you can expect to spot some tourists there. It is possible to climb up this waterfall, but it is genuinely slippy.

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Chinese houses at Santichon Village in Pai city Thailand

Explore the Santichon Village

Santichon Village is a little Yunnan cultural center, which is 5km remote of Pai, reached with an enjoyable (very breezy) path. This historic village was established by the Chinese, who escaped the revolt of Mao Tse Tung. Roam around and look into the clay houses in addition to eat some of the traditional Yunnanese cuisines.

exploring around the town of Pai Thailand

Rent a Scooter and Travel Around Town

The exquisiteness of Pai lies in its mountains, waterfalls, hot springs, and lush landscapes. The most excellent way to travel around Pai’s natural attractions and lush magnificence is by renting a scooter and enjoy all the amazing and exciting things to do in Pai and its wonderful landscape at your own pace.

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Top things to experience in Pai

Practice Yoga in Thailand

Practice Yoga

Pai is an ideal small holistic city for yoga fans and followers. There are few various yoga retreats in Pai, but there are also locations in Pai where tourists can visit a class. The informative map and calendar of events will come in usable throughout your trip to Pai.

If you’re interested in yoga, chill vibes, and to learn about spirituality and all – read our handy guide about the top places to visit in Bali.

Tiger Muay Tai martial arts

Try Martial Arts

Yoga is not the only option in Pai. You’ll get advertisements for tai chi, qi gong, and other internal disciplines. Many are posted by teachers living in Pai, who proffer private classes at nearby health retreats. For self-protection and severe sweating, there are two outstanding Muay Thai camps and a Chinese kung fu retreat nearby.

Lon Tha Pai Hot Springs

Experience Hot Springs

You can experience the Tha Pai Hot Springs to get a soothing soak. Just 7km from the city, a cold-water stream flows over steaming rocks to make a relaxing heated pool enclosed by a green landscape, and also the ideal way to spend a couple of hours in the winter seasons when temperatures in Pai can drop.

Top food to eat in Pai

Khao soi kai Pai Thailand

Khao Soi

You can experience the Tha Pai Hot Springs to get a soothing soak. Just 7km from the city, a cold-water stream flows over steaming rocks to make a relaxing heated pool enclosed by a green landscape, and also the ideal way to spend a couple of hours in the winter seasons when temperatures in Pai can drop.

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lack Sticky Rice in Thailand

Black Sticky Rice

Yeah, …it’s black. Also, it’s amazingly sweet and delicious! The handful of sticky rice is rolled out into a flat pancake and positioned over a charcoal grill. So once it’s warmed up, it’s cut up into tiny pieces and scattered with sesame seeds. This rice is an excellent meal to binge for tourists.

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