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Tipping in Budapest (How Much Should You Tip)

Hailing from two different tipping cultures (Finland and the Philippines), I’m always torn how much I should tip services whenever I am abroad. This is exactly the situation I faced when I was asking myself this question – is tipping in Budapest necessary?

I am well aware that, although in some countries, tipping is based on the quality of service and, though not encouraged, is very much accepted.

I found that tipping in Budapest is not exactly written down as a “must,” and local workers don’t necessarily ask for it. It is absolutely appreciated when you do tip.

In this post, I will give you guys an insight into how much you should tip when you travel to Budapest.


Notes to remember about tipping in Budapest:

  • You can always tip according to how good the service was. The amount depends on you.
  • If you’re from the USA and feel the need to give a 20% tip – go for it if that will make you feel better and happier.
  • If you received bad service, I personally suggest to question yourself if you should tip. I personally still leave a few.
  • If you’re from Finland and it hurts you to tip. Well, don’t. The world knows how badly you guys tip anyways (just kidding).
  • It is suggested to leave an average of 100HUF (€0.30) minimum tip to average workers, i.e., doorman, bellboy’s, etc.

Tipping in Budapest (How much should you tip)

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Tipping in Restaurants (10-15%)

As to how it goes around the world, most restaurant workers get minimum wage, and in some countries like the USA, they live off tips; hence, tipping culture, there is quite high. I personally tip rather well in restaurants as I’ve worked in many as a chef for a decade, and I have a mandatory feeling to do so.

That said, on average, people tip around 10-15% of the total bill price. However, as it is not set on stone, you can give. However, you feel the service deserves. If it is good, give as high as 20% and if it is bad, give as low as 10% – this is all up to you!

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Tipping in Bars (10-15%)

Same as it is in the restaurant industry, tipping in bars in other countries is a mandatory task, in Budapest – it depends on the service. Again, they don’t expect you to tip, but it is highly appreciated when you do.

Tipping in bars in Budapest is all up to you. You either give them your spare change (20-30 HUF or few cents in Euros), or you intentionally give the bartender anywhere between 10-20% tip of the total bar bill.

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A Luxurious Stay at Aria Hotel Budapest

Tipping in Hotels (500-1000HUF or €3,5 to 7)

Depending on which hotels in Budapest you stay at, may it be fancy or mid-range, it is an “etiquette” to leave some change for certain service people like the bellboy or the housekeeper.

Tipping in hotels in Budapest, as it is all over Hungary, is not expected but absolutely appreciated.

If you’re staying at fancy hotels and there’s a bellboy, you can give him something about 500HUF or €3,5 (or more, if you wish).

You can also leave a few hundred forints on the table before checking out for the housekeepers. The amount depends on you.

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Tipping in Spas (100 to 400HUF or €0,30 to 1,20)

If you’re heading for the thermal bath spas where you can relax on your own without using any other type of services offered in the property, there’s no need to tip anyone.

However, if you avail of some of the spa’s services like going for a massage or a relaxing spa package, then it is customary to tip between 100 to 400HUF (€0,30 to €1,20) to the masseuse and her/his assistants.

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awesome things to do in budapest

Tipping for Tour Guides (10-15%)

There are a few free walking tours in Budapest that are tip-based, and you can give anywhere between 1000-2000HUF (€7 to €14) or more if you really think it is worth more than that.

However, if you do decide to take one of the paid tours and liked the whole experience, then it is suggested to give between 10-15% of the total price as a tip for the tour guide.

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Tipping for Taxis Drivers (10%)

I personally do not tip taxi drivers, but then again, that is me. Again, tipping in Budapest is not something people look forward to, but locals will definitely appreciate the gesture.

From research, I’ve gathered that most tourists give about 10% of the total bill as a tip for the taxi driver, and I think this is a fair price. However, I’ve also gathered that if you received a bad service – you should not tip.

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Tipping etiquette, in general, is a personal thing and should be addressed accordingly. If you don’t want to give tips because you’re a budget traveler, then don’t tip.

However, if you have extra change and it won’t cost you much to leave it behind, then I think it is a Nice gesture to leave something extra for the workers.

I personally give tips to service people as I’ve worked in both the service and tourism industry. Therefore, I feel mandated to leave 15% of the total bill as compensation for their services. That said, just because I gave that much doesn’t mean you have to give as much.

Again, if you don’t think the service is good and you don’t feel the need to leave any tips, don’t leave it.

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