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Top 10 BEST Places to Visit in Serbia

Despite the dark and dystopian history of being ruled by the Ottomans, Romans, and Hapsburgs, Serbia is a blend of various cultures today. It is now a paradise of fun, crazy parties, beer festivals, and some of the breathtaking spots.

Serbia is a hub where medieval cities with ancient monasteries and imposing castles ooze their charm and where both Western and Eastern cultures meet.

From peaceful and quiet villages and towns dotting the serene countryside to lively attractions, Serbia has something for all. It is also one of the most economical destinations in the Balkans. If you have planned to get here, we have listed some of the best places to visit in Serbia.

Along with cultural and historical relics, Serbia always remains swinging with the restaurant and bar scene along with lively nightlife and the world’s best concerts and music festivals. Therefore, here’s a detailed overview of some of the best places to visit in Serbia.


10 Places to Visit in Serbia

Kalemegdan Fortress, Belgrade, Serbia


The capital of Serbia, Belgrade, intersects between the Sava and the Danube rivers. It is a beautiful blend of new and old architecture styles from the 19th century to Art Nouveau. It is listed at the top position among 10 best places to visit in Serbia because it has a bit of everything.

You can find the ruins of the giant Kalemegdan Fortress in Kalemegdan Park. It also has the ruins of US Stealth Bomber in the Military Museum if you want to explore the rich history of the military in this region.

Along with the fortress, it also has vivid facades, Orthodox churches, and a lot of quaint squares. If you want to explore the unexplored, be sure to visit the Gypsy Island “Ada Cinganlija” towards the south.

It is a kind of self-styled beach resort where you can find the beaches on the banks of Sava, where you can enjoy water sports like swimming and waterskiing. You can also check out flora and fauna here in its large parkland area.

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Novi Sad

Novi Sad

Novi Sad has been recognized as the European Capital of Culture for 2021, and it is being restored. A lot of projects are being launched across the city to spruce it up to attract the crowd.

However, it is still one of the off-the-beaten-path and one of the top places to visit in Serbia. When it comes to planning a vacation, it is not the first choice for the tourists.

Novi Sad, which is the capital of Voivodina, is a great place where you can explore the north of Serbia. Don’t miss the vivid squares of the city, the cathedral, and a trip to the river-facing Petrovaradin Fortress.

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Centar Subotica Serbia


From synagogues to palaces and churches, Subotica has many art nouveau buildings. You may explore the vibrant dream space in its local library. If you are getting here, first explore the local tourism office. They can provide all the details you need.

You should try a Langos here for lunch if you love Hungarian food, in the town square. Subotica is located just 10 km away from the border of Serbia with Hungary. You can also explore a great blend of Hungarian and Serbian cultures here. This is why Subotica is one of the top places to visit in Serbia.

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 Kopaonik sunset


If you are into winter sports and visiting Siberia in the winter season (December to April). Do not skip the Kopaonik mountain range to hit the slopes, no matter what your experience or ability is. You can choose from different categories of slopes and 24 ski lifts. There are also snowboarding, and skiing activities offered at the Kopaonik Ski Resort.

If you love to travel off ski season, you can enjoy a lot in Kopaonik. It is one of the best places to visit in Serbia because it has a lot of activities available, like hiking, climbing, and bird watching. There are also plenty of wooden buildings for ramblers and hikers, which include churches and timbre shrines.

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 Fruška Gora National Park

Fruška Gora Mountain and National Park

The Fruška Gora Mountain is well located in the Syrmia region and shares the boundaries with Croatia. It is lovingly called as the ‘Jewel of Serbia.’ It consists of Fruška Gora Park, which is a conserved region. The mountain region is flocked by wineries and vineyards to appeal to grape lovers.

It is also one of the ten best places to visit in Serbia as Fruška has all the popular adventure activities like hiking, climbing, rambling, and picnicking. The Orthodox monasteries here are the biggest attraction as they are stretched all along the countryside.

Some of them are dated back to the 12th century and are conserved well. It is known to enjoy spectacular scenery and draws a lot of visitors to the slow pace and stunning views.

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SokoBanja Lepterija


Once the retreat for Roman emperors, Serbia is also famous for spa towns, and Sokobanja is no exception in the east. It is flocked by both celebrities and locals to seek deep healing from its thermal waters. There is also a public steam room or ‘Hamam’ dating back to the 17th century.

Along with hot springs, fresh air and beautiful scenery are also the reasons why Sokobanja is one on the list of the most beautiful places to visit in Serbia. The environment is free from air pollution because of high elevation.

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Vidikovac Sremski Karlovci

Sremski Karlovci

Located just a few miles from Novi Sad, Sremski Karlovci is a small village but one of the best places to go to Serbia. It is a great jump-off point to explore the wine region of Fruska Gora. Do not get surprised because this small village is being renovated well with the influx of funds received by Novi Sad.

It is also part of the European Capital of Culture initiative. Here, you can try some Serbian wines, which are widely underrated by the world. It houses one of the most pleasing secrets in winemaking, a herbal Serbian dessert wine named ‘bermet.’

You may also go out of the square and visit the Lady of Peace Chapel, where a lot of treaties were signed. There are also some museums to visit, including the Culture Centre Gallery, the Sremski Karlovci Museum, and the beekeeping museum.

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The tales behind the dueling dynasties of Serbia are both eventful and confusing. The House of Karadjordjević was the one who survived more than its Obrenovic sibling.

It is one of the best locations to visit in Serbia because it has a fascinating church where former family members were buried in the outskirts of TopoThe la. A beautiful mosaic covers the walls of the church. It is not easy to find such a fantastic mosaic anywhere else in the world.

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Studenica monastery

Studenica Monastery

One of the four UNESCO World Heritage sites in the county and among the most popular places to visit in Serbia, Studenica Monastery, is one of the most famous Orthodox monasteries in Serbia. It was originally built in the 12th century and is still surviving. It has seen many updates over the centuries to keep it functional.

Also, check out the serene Orthodox saint murals in the Studenica Monastery or the beautiful gold iconostasis in this church. One of the best showstoppers is its soundings. Also, have a day trip from the nearby Kraljevo and Novi Pazar, which are beautiful cities here.

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Located just on the outskirts of Belgrade, Vinca is historically one of the most prominent places to visit near Serbia. It houses the archeological attraction ‘White Hill’ or Bele Brdo. The area has been made famous by the archeological researches, and many of those are made of bone or stone, including ornaments, statues, as well as drinking vessels.

You can also tour the museum and site, which presents some of the beautiful epitomes of Neolithic culture, which are known to be dated from around 5000 to 4000 BC. It is also recognized for starting the Danube River cruises.

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How to get around


There are two airports in Serbia – Niš, and Belgrade, and no domestic flights are operating between them. Nevertheless, you can quickly get here through direct flights from the UK with the leading carrier of Air Serbia. There are indirect flights from different European cities via airlines like Swiss and Air France.


Serbia is linked with Novi Sad, Belgrade, Užice, Niš, and Subotica in the west through Serbian Railways. If you are a railfan who prefers trains over flights, don’t miss the scenic route of Šargan 8 in Mokra Gora. However, trains can be slow and are not as reliable and regular as buses. However, if you love to socialize with locals and explore different cultures, you must try it once.


There is no lack of bus services in Serbia. Nevertheless, irregularities outside significant cities may leave you in frustration. Be sure to make reservations only during festivals and for international buses. You can buy tickets onboard or from the station before the bus departure.

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