Top 14 Stunning Castles in Germany


Known for its stunning sceneries and rich culture, there are also tons of castles in Germany you can visit and explore! Read this post to know about it.

Admit it or not; we all have dreamed of living like royalty, at some point. Instead of just living in your dreamland and feeling like a king, why don’t you tour some of the most exotic and fairy-tale castles in Germany and create your fantasies live?

You may visit some of the most popular and most ıcastles in Germany designed on the late Gothic styles that seem to come straight from a fairy tale, facing flowing rivers and sitting over the mountain peaks. These mansions in Germany were the houses for the kings and knights as well as damsels and dukes, who added a unique charm. You can also spot beautiful antiques, artifacts, and artworks on these beautiful castles in Germany.

Germany is one of those countries in Europe which are well known for the best collections of castles. From medieval defensive fortresses to fairytale castles straight from stories, Germany has magnificent structures, some to protect towns, while some were built just from the imagination of kings.

We have looked ahead and picked some of the best and most beautiful castles in Germany.


Here’s the list of the castles in Germany

castles in germany neuschwanstein castle

Neuschwanstein Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle is located strategically in the Bavarian Alps and facing Hohenschwangau Valley. It is a 19th-century idyllic castle built when castles were created no longer for defense purposes. Ludwig II, the mysterious king, insisted on having his official luxurious hideaway. He ordered to construct the mansion. Just a few weeks after he had passed away, this Romanesque palace, which was intended for him alone, opened to the general public.

Millions of people visit Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany these days to explore the private refuge of the shy king and admire its stunning views and landscape. The palace of the fairytale king, Neuschwanstein castle is one of the best castles in Germany, and the story of its reclusive ruler has attracted a lot of international attention.

So, it is one of the most famous German castles. It was not just Walt Disney who resisted the charms of this castle: it inspired the iconic castle of Disney depicted in its Disneyland counterpart and the movie Sleeping Beauty. Getting to Neuschwanstein Castle is relatively easy as it is positioned around the sweeping views of serene landscapes.

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castles in germany reichsburg cochem

Reichsburg Cochem

Also known as Cochem Castle or Reichsburg Castle, Reichsburg Cochem is located 300 ft. above the Moselle River and the scenic Cochem town. French King Louis XIV’s troops destroyed this castle in 1689, but it is supposed to date back to 1100. The palace remained a vivid stone ruin for up to 180 years until Louis Ravene, a wealthy Berlin-based businessman chose to buy its ruins and restored the castle in the year 1868. Rather than recovering the castle to its previous Romanesque condition and style, he called his architects to create a castle in a Neo-Gothic style which could be summer home to his family.

One of the most prominent German castles, Reichsburg hosts various tours for people of different tastes. You may choose to go on a ghost tour, landscape garden tour or watchman tour at night. In each visit, you will get riveting stories, unique details, and historical facts regarding this castle.

This castle also offers a lot of fun events and activities, along with tours. Be ready to get surprised by highly-skilled falcons, eagles, and vultures when they stunt to grab their stuff during the falconry events and plan a day for The Knights’ Meal, including traditional dishes, local wine, and performances by minstrels and jesters.

You can enjoy the beautiful view of the Moselle Valley and Cochem while having a drink. Even a walk to the castle is a great experience which takes around 20 minutes from the center, and you can also chill out in the gardens of the palace for free. winter is the most beautiful period to get there thanks to the sparkling white snow, bright colored leaves, and chilly temperatures.

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castles in germany albrechtsburg


Albrechtsburg Meissen is a picturesque castle built in the late Gothic style over the Elbe River valley. Also known as one of the oldest castles in Germany, Albrechtsburg is a 15th-century castle that had set a lot of trends in architecture when it was being built.

Explore the slopes, the courtyard and even the basement vaults of the complex during the guided tour. Visitors can also learn about its history as well as the buildings nearby, the artists and craftsmen who contributed to its beauty and the royal residence. You can enjoy the fresh Meissner wine to finish the tour.

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castles in germany mespelbrunn castle

Mespelbrunn Castle

Mespelbrunn Castle is an early-Renaissance and late-medieval moated castle built in Mespelbrunn tributary valley. This charming castle has been one of the most famous castles between Würzburg and Frankfurt in the Spessart forest.

The lovely hills around it are dotted in lush greens, and the castle beautifully rises off a dazzling lake. It has stained glass windows, stunning red sandstone, and well-preserved pipes and armors from the 16th century on display.

This castle is owned by the family of the Counts of Ingelheim, and they still live there. They have ensured to make it look like a valuable jewel in Spessart. You will indeed get the feeling of being in a fairytale here, even though it is located an hour off Frankfurt.

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castles in germany hohenzollern castle

Hohenzollern Castle

Located over a conical, steep precipice in the heart of Baden- Württemberg, Hohenzollern Castle has been the residence of Swabian princes and counts, German emperors and Prussian kings for centuries. This 11th-century castle is located snuggly between the Black Forest, Lake Constance, and Stuttgart, and it offers beautiful views of over 100 km of rolling forests.

This castle has been diminished and rebuilt several times over the years, out of which only St. Michael Chapel survived the destruction somehow. The structure was rebuilt in the 19th century in the Neo-Gothic style, but it still has a lot of old treasures of the royals. You can also enjoy the Treasure Chamber of the castle with its beautiful armors of the knights, the uniform of Fredrick the Great, the sapphire and diamond-studded Prussian royal crown, a silver-embroidered dress of Queen Louise, and the famous snuff-box which once saved the life of Frederick the Great.

The castle remains open throughout the year and offers guided tours day by day. You can have your little knight or princess enjoy the royal treatment with their fancy felt slippers and royal red cloaks to make their visit more fun and enjoyable. Visit the café here for well-baked goodies, Swabian cakes, and other local dishes, and taste some local beer in the summertime.

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castles in germany burg altena

Burg Altena

Built in the 12th century atop Mount Wulfseck, Burg Altena was made by the Counts of Berg. It has been the home of the Counts of Marck, previously the Counts of Altena. Burg Altena castle had several visitors and residents in history. It was also one of the first castles in the world in 1912 which turned into a youth hostel, which is still here. It has added two museums over the years – the Museum of the County of Marck and the World Youth Hostels Museum.

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castles in germany wartburg


It was the first German castle that was declared a World Heritage Site. If it doesn’t become worthy with thousands of years of history, then the fantastic art collection with treasures will make you go amazed. To view the entrance of the castle, you may have to pay the entry fee. But you can visit the castle grounds for free.

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castles in germany burg eltz

Burg Eltz

Hidden deeply in the wooded, rural dell and located on over 70m high rock, Burg Eltz Castle is the beautiful timber and stone castle. Eltz Castle in Germany has been the private and care ownership of Eltz family for generations, who have kept the rural fortress well preserved for over 700 years.

This fairytale castle in Germany still has most of its original treasures and furnishings of silver, gold, and porcelain. Take a beautiful hike through the nearby forest to make your trip more enjoyable.

This beautiful timber and old stone castle has stunning views through the trees with its eight high-standing towers that are perched well over the valley floor to make it magical. It is located atop the background of verdant greens as well as a babbling brook.

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castles in germany lichtenstein castle

Lichtenstein Castle

Inspired by the romantic novel Lichtenstein by Wilhelm Hauff, Lichtenstein Castle in Germany was built by the Count Wilhelm of Wurttemberg, who was the Duke of Urach, on the previous foundation of a castle of medieval knights. This medieval castle in Germany is on a beautiful hunting land located only a few hours’ drive in the southern Stuttgart offering the breathtaking views of Swabian Alps and Echaz Valley.

Lichtenstein Castle, as well as its neo-Gothic architecture, has been designed with great attention to detail and they make a perfect tribute to the Middle Ages. Germany has a lot of castles, but it is well-known among tourists in Germany. You can get there by hiking or taking a drive from Stuttgart and passing through small villages and rolling hills along the Swabian Alps. You can also grab a bite at Old Forester’s Lodge or try the ropes course in the castle.

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castles in germany charlottenburg palace

Charlottenburg Palace

Built in the late 17th century, the Charlottenburg Palace is the largest German Palace in Berlin. It was destroyed in WWII. Since then, it has been rebuilt and houses a belvedere, mausoleum, a theater, a pavilion, and a formal garden at the rear side. Here, visitors can come and explore the grounds of the palace. Some of the interiors have the New Wing and the Old Palace, with rooms like winter chambers of Friedrich Wilhelm II, Frederick the Great apartments and Porcelain Cabinet with thousands of objects made of porcelain to be displayed.

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castles in germany schwerin castle

Schwerin Castle

Built around 1847 and 1857, Schwerin Castle housed prominent dukes initially before being owned by the state. Schwerin Castle has been used previously as a college, museum, and a hospital. This castle is well covered by forests and lakes and has a lot of towers with beautiful pinnacles and golden domes.

The architectural structure of the castle is admired well, and it is known to be the most amazing architectural marvel of the romantic era of historicism due to attention to detail.

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castles in germany burg rheinstein

Burg Rheinstein

Burg Rheinstein was built in the year 1316, but it was rebuilt from 1825 to 1844 in several events. This castle has played a vital role in defenses of Germany over the years as it is strategically located. Visitors can admire the various beautiful aspects of the castle.

The drawbridges played a vital role in their defense, along with with the courtyard over the Rhine, and the chapel which has altar carved out of wood and depicts Jesus at Last Supper. One of the yards of the castles is well known as Burgundy Garden, which is famed for the Burgundy grapevine, which dated back 500 years.

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castles in germany heidelberg castle

Heidelberg Castle

Located opposite the dense green forests on the north of Königstuhl hill and covering the skyline, Heidelberg Castle in Germany has sandstone ruins colored in the sunset. It is located majestically atop the Neckar Valley and casts a silhouette over the cafes and cobbled pathways of the quaint university.

Heidelberg Castle was once a masterpiece in Gothic style, but it was burned and plundered and also attacked by lightning in two different incidents. But it ironically has never reclaimed its previous glory, and it is still located in partial ruins. Nevertheless, over 1 million visitors gather in this rugged castle every year.

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castles in germany hohenschwangau castle

Hohenschwangau Castle

Long before the well-known Neuschwanstein Castle was developed, Hohenschwangau castle has been built as the residence of rulers and became the ruin later. Acquired by Maximilian II, King Ludwig’s father in the 19th century, Maximilian II has redecorated and rebuilt Hohenschwangau Castle in the Gothic style, which is ideal for hunting and summer residence for the family.

The walls of the castle were painted well with Germanic legends. It has shaped the interest of King Ludwig in myths. So, get your tickets now to tour the castle and feel the history coming alive.

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