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Top 10 Things to do in Bodø (Norway)

Are you looking forward to having fun in Norway? Bodø, located just at the north of Arctic Circle, hosts the most powerful tidal current in the world, the Saltstraumen Maelstrom, which is something you should not miss. Well, there is something more for this Scandinavian destination.

There are so many things to do in Bodø, from getting lost in the wilderness, covered by snow with the backdrop of Midnight Sun to enjoying kayaking in the bone-chilling temperatures, it welcomes curious wanderers.

Located on the coastline of Norway and the border of Arctic Circle, Bodø is a charming city. In 1816, Bodø got the city status, and it has been full of landmarks and history to fill up the most of urban addresses of Nordland County.

Bodø is a peaceful city with vivid shopping streets, post-war architecture, panoramic mountain views, and a grand marina. In this travel guide, we will cover some of the best things to see in Bodø.


Experiences and top things to do in Bodø

Bodøgaard Art and Culture gallery

To delve deeper into the arty side of Bodø, you must visit this art gallery. It houses the most extensive collection of private artifacts of Northern Norway’s art and culture, and it is also ranked as Norwegian Cultural Heritage. Unlike any other art gallery, it is worth for those who are looking for unusual artifacts.

This museum houses the art collection of Oskar K Bodøgaard (1923-2011), along with other attractions, such as an extensive ethnographical exhibition and a holy shrine with which you can explore Northern Norway over the ages.

It seems to be like a basement with olden paraphernalia. The shrine of holy artifacts will amaze you. It has a lot of objects which look pretty bizarre and trippy. So, one doesn’t have to be a religious person to enjoy this view.

Go hiking

The hilly municipality of Bodø has some of the fantastic hiking opportunities in the wilderness for sightseeing. Thirty peaks are towering up to 1000m and 120 peaks standing over 700m. Therefore, it is up to you as to whether to go for challenging rock climbing or leisurely walks.

Located in the proximity to Bodø, Keiservarden, standing 366m, is one of the best hiking paths. It goes along Mount Ronvik.

You will be rewarded with a breathtaking view after an easy walk. You may witness the open stretch of the ocean called Vestfjord and Landegode. This is one of the best things to do in Bodø that should be added to your bucket list

Norwegian Aviation Museum

Visiting this museum is one of the most interesting things to do in Bodø. Even if you are not interested in aircraft, the Norwegian Aviation Museum is still worth a visit. You might be wondering how an aviation museum can be so interesting. You have no idea what you can find interesting in this great museum.

It has a vast collection to explore the rich history of the aviation industry, and the effort it took makes this place deserving to be on No.1 spot in Trip advisor.

It houses a beautiful collection of civil aviation and military history. You can delve deeper into the history of Norway as it takes you back to the era of World War II.

It presents incredible and fascinating vintage aircraft. Founded in 1994, this huge complex is beautifully carved like a propeller. Its design alone is enough to make you curious.

Greet the Lady of Kjerringøy

There is something in Bodø that makes every local rooted in his or her traditions and history. You can get back in the history in the Old Trading Post of Kjerringøy in a live environment and building so you can feel how their forefathers were drowned in the sea and women left in control.

One of those foremothers who were left in control of the household was Anna Elisabeth while the men went traveling. She ran Trading Post for some years on her own, when her first husband died in the late 1800s.

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Bodø has a connection with beaches. Locals visit the nearest beaches whenever the work and weather call for it. Even in the case of weather, which is not so ideal for swimming or sunbathing, it is still a relaxing and beautiful escape from the buzzing city life of Bodø.

It is an easy getaway where you can feel the sea and see the shore. You can enter this stunning archipelago by walking for 10 minutes from the city center and the main road.

Street Art of Bodø

You may not be expecting to find street art in the Arctic. However, Bodø is unlike any other city in Norway. If you have some time to get around, you can find a lot of amazing places famous for street art, so keep your eyes peeled carefully.

Be sure to join a traveling art festival named UpNorth, which is based on urban art. The festival arrives with international artists who paint the sides of the buildings.

You can also tour Bodø city center to check out UpNorth murals.

Pamper yourself at Nordlandsbadet Jacuzzi

If you are feeling exhausted. Treat your tired body to a relaxing Jacuzzi. Nordlandsbadet is a family-friendly place full of water adventure and fun where you can enjoy different activities like water sliding, swimming, wave pool, and floating on a calm river. Sip wine in the spa while getting some special treatments.

Visit Bodø Domkirke

Bodø is also known for Bodø Cathedral or Bodø Domkirke, one of its famous holy places. This basilica style sanctuary stands well in the heart of town and has some of the major points of interest, such as Petter Dass sculpture, created by Kristoffer Leirdal, a famous Norwegian artist and Age Storstein, a beautiful stained glass.

Hike to Mount Ronvikfjellet to catch the midnight sun

Bodø is such a unique and wonderful place to visit and observe the midnight sun, which you can catch only in the Arctic region.

If you are heading there from a tropical country, do not miss this jaw-dropping view of the unique natural phenomenon.

Imagine how amazing it is to catch the shining sun at midnight? Mount Ronvikfjellet is one of the best viewing spots you should visit in June and July.

Tan in the red sand of Mjelle Beach

Bodø may not be an ideal destination for beach holidays, but you can still have some picnic time in the dazzling white and red sands of Mjelle Beach.

You can find the beautiful red shore covered with snowy white and mesmerizing particles.

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