Christmas in France: 9 Best Christmas Markets in France


Christmas is truly a magical festive season in France when markets are flooded with vibrant lights and energy in the towns of all sizes. Therefore, it is not that simple to choose the best Christmas markets in France to visit.

Their greatness is not all about how grand or large they are, but also about the quaint vibes and the feel you get while visiting. The best thing is that these Christmas markets in France in 2019 have something for everyone from fun activities for children to awesome live shows for adults.

From the hustles of the metropolis to the calmness of seascapes, the good Christmas markets in France attract a lot of tourists and locals to enjoy holiday shopping. Get ready to witness the vivid wooden stalls lined by the boulevards and streets.

The best Christmas markets in France are filled with treasures of vintage gear, local goods, and a trove of food. If you are planning to visit France during winters, do not forget to stop by the best Christmas markets in France listed here.


What time of the year the markets open?

Also known as the marché de noel, the Christmas markets on France offer a great deal of opportunity to enjoy a long weekend break in winter. They exude a charming environment and excellent shopping opportunities with Gallic touch, especially the new wine stocks for the season.

On average, a lot of cities and towns host European Christmas markets in France from late November to the last week of December. They also include a few markets of Lille and Paris, which are very popular for their quick Eurostar collection.

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Where Are The Christmas Markets in France?

Paris christmas market


The capital city, Paris, is one of the most popular places to explore in France. It houses a lot of beautiful and good Christmas markets in France. Many markets are lined by the winding streets and in the proximity to several major landmarks, such as the Notre Dame Cathedral.

You can choose from delicious treats, skating rinks, and choirs while navigating through the stalls. The city turns into a winter wonderland that can drive your imaginations.

Champ de Mars is one of the best Christmas markets France with a panoramic view of the iconic Eiffel Tower while going through several artisan stalls known for their nice crafts and woodwork.

The Noisy le Grand Market is also among the biggest Christmas markets in France. It has stalls offering different treats, decorations, and horse carriage rides to have a nice trip along the market square.

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Colmar Christmas Market


The Christmas market of Colmar is truly a great place where this town is turned into a magical paradise during this festive season. A lot of stalls are lined by the streets beneath well-lit ancient trees. The stalls offer many goodies like spiced gingerbread, local wine, ornaments, and art.

You can witness the architectural marvels of the city while wandering across the stalls, such as the towering St. Martin Collegiate Church. You can experience a great holiday scene here.

There are many types of markets in Colmar, like the Place des Dominicains off the backdrop of ancient buildings. It houses over 60 stalls beneath the long trees decorated with sparkling lights. The Place de l’Ancienne Douane is located in the heart of Renaissance-designed Square with its great staircase.

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If you are into old-world charm and history, add Strasbourg to your bucket list. It hosts the oldest Christmas markets in France, which date back to around 1577, which attracts around 2 million tourists annually. You can see hundreds of miles of glittering lights, a giant ice rink, themed events, and the well-known 100 ft. Great Christmas Tree.

The half-timbered houses have huge stars, red-and-white hearts, snowflakes, and angels along the cobbled streets. Last year, the Christmas market of Strasbourg won the Best Christmas Market in Europe title.

Here, visitors can taste some of the best foods in the region, including the spicy hot orange juice and the Christmas cookies. Strasbourg will leave you awe-struck if you truly want to get back to the olden days of yore.

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Observe the Christmas vibes at the Nice Christmas market. It has 60 stalls to eat or taste the hot wine (VIN Chaud) or enjoy ice-skating. It has a lot of varieties and activities if you are not into shopping.

You can also visit Santa’s own Christmas workshop. Along with games and rides, there is also a huge Ferris wheel where you can capture the serene views of Old Town as well as the Mediterranean.

This Christmas market has something for people of all ages. It runs for the whole month of December and New Year.

It opens all day long and evening. You can have a great Christmas feel with lots of fir trees and lights, even though it has blue skies, sunny days, and warm days.

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The city of Lille is well located in northern France. It is truly a charming Christmas market. The whole town is decked with dazzling lights and spectacular scenery. It has more than 90 stalls offering Christmas goodies and food.

They also offer items from various parts of the world. You can taste the freshly brewed mulled wine while smelling the nice aroma of garlands hanging around.

You can also hop on a huge Ferris wheel to get the serene views of the city and the market below and gaze at the well-carved native figurines. There is also a giant Christmas tree placed in the heart of the market, which is adorned with ornaments and lights.

Also, taste some delicious delights at one of several nearby cafes and restaurants. It has a very romantic and cozy atmosphere being one of the largest Christmas markets in the nation.

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Bordeaux Christmas market


If you are in France during the Christmas season, do not forget to visit Bordeaux. The city becomes a captivating winter capital that features nice twinkling lights, tall fir trees, and the pleasant scent of garlands and spices, which fill the air. The market offers more than 100 stalls to shop for items like perfume, wine, handmade glass, linens, and chocolate.

You can also buy some handmade pottery by Saint-Faust that can attract the art lover. One thing that makes the market standing out is its route to Santiago de Compostela.

There is also a small section featuring a great carousel and santa. Remember that this market remains bustling in this festive season. So arrive as soon as possible to find a parking space. You can also get here by train to avoid the hassles of parking.

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If celebrating Christmas on the banks of Seine River has always been in your dreams, be sure to visit the Christmas markets in Rouen. The capital of Normandy, Rouen, has always been linked with the Joan of Arc. The Christmas market in its city center with all festive events adds to a great holiday sparkle with its concerts, merry games, and music.

The grand cathedral in Rouen serves as a backdrop to its Christmas market, which has around 70 wooden chalets. You can take away the authentic French mulled wine to chill out this December. You can also try ice skating here. The city and the town square lit up beautifully. The Santa even pays a visit to the street entertainment.

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It is one of the biggest cities of the Languedoc-Roussillon Region and a prominent city in Southern France with its Catalan presence. It is always great to get here around Christmas as the whole town is lit up magically.

This is one of the best Christmas markets in France. The mystic Perpignan Christmas market is located on the riverside. The market features the wooden houses, which are decorated like straight from a fairy tale.

You can find different varieties of homemade products in the Christmas market, whether it is a household decoration or jewelry. You can also taste delicious and local products in the region like sausages, cheeses, and sweets.

You can enjoy the environment, taste churros, or drink mulled wine for some warmth in the chilled nights. It is among the Christmas markets offering a blend of French and Catalonian culture.

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The Alps

If you are thinking something magical, you should visit the Alps Christmas market. It is located in the flat valley between the Vercors, Belledonne, and the Chartreuse Mountains. The town is focused on the Grenoble Christmas markets during the late November until Christmas Eve in December. Four Christmas markets are held in various locations of the city.

You can visit the arts and crafts market of Rue Félix Poulat, the Place Grenette for the Afro-Indian crafts and the primary market offering salami, cheese, beer, wine, hot cider, and hot wine at the Place Victor Hugo. These are some of the dazzling French Christmas markets.

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Final Thoughts

France is truly a stunning country to explore, especially in the Christmas season. All such markets rejoice the holiday in a significant way. If you are traveling to France in this festive season and feel a fantastic adventure, you can venture into the stunning Christmas markets in France.

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