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Top 5 BEST Things to do in Helgeland (Norway)

Helgeland truly stands out as the heaven of natural beauty, and it also deserves much credit to become the top outdoor adventure destination in Norway, a country where there is no lack of natural beauty.

There is no lack of white sand beaches to attract the tourists and explore the endless pristine islands of Vega archipelago, located just off the Helgeland coast.

There is also no lack of things to do in Helgeland for bird watchers as they can spot up to 200 species, including sea eagles and ducks.

Norway is one of the unexplored and less frequented countries in Scandinavia, and there is no lack of opportunities for tourists to have fun-filled and relaxing activities in Helgeland.

Therefore, here are some of the best things to see in Helgeland so you can make a wise decision when choosing attractions on your bucket list.


Experiences and top things to do in Helgeland Torghatten

Torghatten is a granite formed mountain located on Torget Island in Brønnøy, a municipality of Nordland county. It is well regarded for its natural tunnel or hole in its center.

You may also walk on a well-paved path into the tunnel. It is also known as the top tourist attraction in Helgeland. Legends had it that there was a troll named ‘Hestmannen’ who made the hole.

He was chasing Lekamøya, a beautiful girl, and made a hole. He released an arrow to hit her as he realized that he wouldn’t be able to catch her. To save her, the troll-king threw his hat in the path of the arrow. Hence, the hat became a mountain with a hole in its center.

The legends were also linked by Felice Vinci related to Torghetten to Polyphemus, the Homeric myth. The tunnel dimension is 160m x 20m x 35m in length x width x height.

It was formed during the ice age in Scandinavia. The looser rocks were eroded by water and ice. The harder rocks resisted the erosion in the hilltop.


Alstahaug is a municipality located in Nordland county of Norway. It belongs to the Helgeland region. The town of Sandnessjøen is the administrative hub of the municipality.

Tjotta and Sovika are some of the villages located in this municipality. A lot of Alstahaug’s residents reside in Sandnessjøen, a town situated on the Alsta Island.

The erstwhile Seven Sisters is the mountain range located on the eastern part of this landmark. This chain of mountains is turned into seven sisters by the legends, and two opposite peaks represent twin sisters.

The island is well connected to the mainland via beautiful Helgeland Bridge aside from Norwegian County Road 17. Stokka, the airport in Sandnessjøen, is located towards the south.

Alstahaug is located just south of Arctic Circle in Outer Helgeland. It offers many opportunities to the bird watchers to capture some of the beautiful birds in serene landscapes, be it inland or coastal, where the boundary is formed between the habitats by the Seven Sisters.

Tjotta is one of the best areas for bird watching. Ostjønna is a beautiful nature reserve, which is also worth watching.


The two glaciers in northern Norway are collectively known as Svartisen. It is located in the Saltfjell mountain range as part of Saltfjellet-Svartisen National Park.

You can visit the glaciers in the municipalities of Meloy, Beiarn, Rodoy, and Rana. Svartisen has two different glaciers, which are split by 1 km long Vesterdalen valley. Stretched over 370 sq. Km, Svartisen, is the second-largest glacier in Norway.

Its lowest point is 20m above sea level, and it is very easy to reach. You can hear a lot of streams trickling, smell the cloud and see ice crystals twinkling in blue, green, white, and turquoise.

A trip to the glacier may take either overnight stay or a long day trip as it starts in Bodo. It takes around an hour to walk along the glacier. hiking the glacier is easy to reach with a Helgeland travel guide.

The glacier water is collected and used for producing hydro-electric power by runoff in the lakes and streams and intakes under Engabreen.

The Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are seven panoramic mountains, which are so close to one another that you can easily hike them all in one day. You will spot the scenic Helgeland coast, archipelago, and the most amazing Lofoten Mountains (if possible) from the summits of these mountains.

This hike is tough and needs plenty of up and down hiking. However, it is not that challenging, in any case. However, it would help if you had a lot of endurance and stamina to make your way to such a tough journey.

The mountain range is around 20000 years old and was formed from glaciers. When it comes to origins, the Sisters are supposed to be formed in Ice Age by the glaciers, which were digging down the softer rocks. Hence, the harder rocks were left behind, scoured, and opened by the ice.

The landscape across the mountains was just a jumble of glacier tongues stretched over in various directions. If you’re interested to know more about Norway, here’s our post about all the interesting facts about this beautiful country!


Meloy is a municipality which belongs to the Salten traditional region in Nordland county of Norway. The village of Ornes is the administrative hub of the municipality, which is located northernmost of the Arctic Circle on the west coast of Norway.

It consists of Meloya along with 700 other islands of different sizes along the mainland coast. Meloy still has several relics originated in the Viking age, and it has been settled for several centuries.

One of the original noble families in Norway, the Benkestok family, established their seats at Meloy farm on the Meloya Island in the 16th century. It is a coastal community with several nearby islands.

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