Top 6 BEST Supermarkets in Finland (Grocery Stores)


Grocery shopping is one of the most essential and necessary chores for every household. We are going to discuss the top supermarkets in Finland to save on grocery bills.

For saving money and convenience, most people prefer shopping for food at leading supermarkets in Finland.

Top players like S-Group and Lidl are trying hard to make their market presence with amazing offers and discounts to lure in customers. S-Group and Kesko Corporation are some of the major players in the food retailing sector. When Kesko owns the K-City market, K-Market, K-Supermarket, and K-Extra, S-Group owns Alepa, Sale, S-Market, and Prisma.

The supermarkets listed here are ranging from medium-range convenience stores to leading hypermarkets aimed to provide a one-stop retail service to the customers to meet their needs.

The leading markets are usually located on prime locations of leading cities and towns, while urban supermarkets might have a limited selection. With that said, here are some of the top Finland supermarkets to look for.

Top 5 BEST Supermarkets in Finland (Grocery Stores)

K-Market Jyväskylä Finland via Wikimedia Commons |Antti Leppänen


K-Market is the leading grocery store in Finland. The main functions of Kesko Food are the centralized acquisition of products, logistics, selection management, and development of store network and chain operations.

K-Market is one of the top store chains of Kesko Food. More than 50% of K-food stores are located within a radius of only 1 km from residential locations. Some of the private brands by Kesko Food are K-menu, Pirkka, and Europe Shopper. K-market also has small cafes, convenience stores, and restaurants.

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Lidl Alajärvi Finland via Wikimedia Commons | Santeri Viinamäki


Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG is a Germany-based international supermarket chain that runs more than 10,000 stores across the US and Europe. It operates in different markets in Finland. Lidl has a very unique “pass the savings to customers” policy with no-frills and zero waste approach.

Hence, they display most of the products in the original cartons, and customers can pick the product from the package. There is minimal staff required, and empty containers are replaced with full ones.

They offer branded products and produce several cheap gourmet foods in a single country for the worldwide chain. It also orders local products from the store’s state. Its stock of grocery items also changes, and it has unique weekly offers for the customers.

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Puhos Alepa Helsinki Finland via Wikimedia Commons |Gregorius


Alepa is a leading grocery store chain based in the greater Helsinki area of Finland. Currently, it is owned by a part of HOK-Elanto from S Group. The chain consists of 112 stores in Helsinki and other regions of Finland.

For a busy shopper, Alepa is a one-stop-shop for grocery shopping. Whether you are up for some ingredients to prepare a meal or some snacks at work, almost everything is available for everyone.

Some of the unique additions are pick ‘n’ mix, a salad bar, freshly baked goodies, fresh coffee at a Deli Café, cold and hot beverages, and a versatile range of food to take away.

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R-kioski Kuopio Finland via Wikimedia Commons | Tiia Monto


Also known as, R-kiosk in Estonia, R-kioski is a convenience store chain, which belongs to Reitan Convenience, and its parent company is Reitan Group. This supermarket chain has more than 560 shops in Finland named R-kioski.

They sell a huge range of products like magazines, books, ready meals, tobacco, soft drinks, snacks, and alcoholic drinks like cider and beer, excluding spirits and wine.

One can also look for services in R-kioski shops like prepaid mobile recharge vouchers, Veikkaus games, and fishing licenses, along with tickets for public transport. You can also buy bus and train tickets at select shops.

Dating back to 1910, the company was conceived by various publishing houses based in Finland for railway stations and later extended to other products and venues.

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Supermarkets in Finland: Prisma Linnanmaa Oulu via Wikimedia Commons |Estormiz


Prisma is a pocket-friendly family hypermarket from S Group. It always offers a diverse range of products and affordable prices. You can buy all the purchases for your home. Along with extensive customer items and food selection, Prisma offers a huge range of products for leisure, home, and clothing. The store offers over 11000 consumer products and a total of 60,000 products.

Despite having such a huge range of products, shopping is a child’s play at Prisma. These stores are located conveniently at the nearest traffic routes. However, the stores have a lot of parking space. You can easily shop with convenience as there are no obstructions and you can see the products.

There are also specialty stores and other service providers like fuel service, restaurant, and garden shop. Along with it, each store provides its customer support point. Finland has a total of 64 Prisma stores. Along with Finland, Prisma’s stores are also located in Latvia, Estonia, Russia, and Lithuania.

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Alko Tuuri Finland via Wikimedia Commons | Santeri Viinamäki


As the name suggests, Alko is the only leader in offering alcoholic beverages in Finland. It is also the single retailer in Finland for providing beer of 5.5% ABV, spirits, and wine. You can also buy alcoholic beverages in licensed bars and restaurants, but they are available only for consumption on-premises.

Alko is legally bound to sell drinks with alcohol, which is lower than 5.5%, as well as non-alcoholic drinks. Nevertheless, its stock is very limited for offering little alcoholic cider, beer, and non-alcoholic beverages. It is because supermarkets in Finland can sell those drinks only at a very low price. Also, alcoholic drinks are legally sold only to customers who are above 18 years.

By having a monopoly in selling strong alcoholic drinks nationwide, Alko offers a huge range of alcoholic products from bulk vodka to rare wines. Their selection of wines has grown significantly over the past few decades. There has been a government’s initiative to change the drinking pattern of Finns to the “European” pattern by considering a rise in consumption.

Despite the rise of demand for wine, it does not mean the reduction of demand for other alcoholic drinks. Most of the shelves in Alko stores are covered by wines. Its selection of beer is focused on providing stronger variants of bulk lagers and some reliable and top quality beers from leading countries.

Some of the hard spirits are various vodka brands based in Finland, along with all essential varieties of hard liquor available in Alko. It also sells beverages from brands produced by Altia.

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Alko Tuuri Finland


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