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Europe in May: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

If you are visiting Europe in May, it will delight and dazzle your senses, whether you are going to take off to a serene enclave, a stylish metropolis for shopping and spending a great time on the beach, or just a new hot spot. We have listed the best places to visit in Europe in May.

When spring is in full bloom, the romance of Europe is beautiful than virtually any other time in a year. The continent is rich in architecture, heritage, music, culture, arts, and food. There are some places to visit in Europe in May which welcome visitors with scintillating coastlines, elegant boulevards, delicious wines and a wide range of shopping malls and museums.

What is the Weather in Europe in May?

If you are looking for the best places to visit in Europe in May, there is no lack of choices. The weather in Europe in May is warm enough to be ideal for getting around. The best part is that tourist crowds are almost small in most northern cities and many people prefer to stay until June or later.

Even though the weather in Europe in May is mostly warm, you may head to the places in the Mediterranean and far south which are ideal for sunbathing. If you are looking for the best places to visit in Europe in May, here’s the complete list.


Europe in May: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit stockholm sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

The largest city and capital of Sweden, Stockholm located at Lake Malar junction and Salt Bay, an arm of the Baltic Sea, situated off the Gulf of Finland. The city is built on several islands and the mainland of Sodermanland and Uppland. In terms of location, Stockholm is well regarded among the most serene capitals in the world for holidays in Europe in May.

No one can be more excited about the arrival of summer than Swedes, especially not after the cold and dry winter. Spring arrives on the 16th of March in Stockholm during the equinox and is visible around 2 or 3 weeks later when initial spring flowers start blooming, and first leaf buds come out.

As March turns in April, and April turns May, the patios of the cafes and restaurants in the city started filling up as more and more Swedes leave their heavy clothes at home for comfortable coats and jackets. It is also a perfect season to visit the parks and forests.

most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit oslo norway

Oslo, Norway

Covered by sea and mountains, Oslo is a cultural, compact and fun city with the palpable feel of reinvention. Visit Oslo in Norway to pay tribute to Henrik Ibsen and Edvard Munch, the two most popular songs of the town by all means. Don’t leave the city without exploring some kind of cultural life as well.

You can explore one of its museums, know its booming scene of contemporary art at one of the commercial galleries here or simply marvel at its architects’ works.

Also, stroll along with the neighborhoods which may exude Karl Ove Knausgard’s words. Here, you can find the sources of Min Kamp, his autobiographical series.

medieval towns in europe prague czech republic

Prague, Czech Republic

Halloween lovers will love visiting Prague in spring to enjoy autumn-based things. Prague in the Czech Republic is well known for Witches’ Night or Walpurgis Night. It has the tradition to burn the effigy of the goddess of winter “Morana” to represent that winter is gone.

The locals here do it seriously for the spring holiday, From roasting sausages and big bonfires to throwing a few beers and dancing. You can spot a refreshing, cool celebration to join in if you are getting here for holidays in Europe in May. You can find parties happening all over the city.

top tourist attractions in vienna austria karlsplatz st charles church

Vienna, Austria

Labor Day is like an excuse for celebrating the end of summer and barbecuing in countries like the United States. But Labor Day is a Big Day for most of the countries in the world, especially those nations with fascist past. It is commemorated in May, instead of September.

Vienna is one of the most famous European cities to visit in May if you are about to experience thousands of people who join together with the name of freedom, liberty, and schnitzel.

Labor Day is known as Maifeiertag or May Day in Austria and has a lot of festivals to pay tribute to their laborers. Vienna is the most impressive city as the whole town is shut down and cloaked in red. It is one of the best ways to absorb the pride and culture.

If you have more time on your hands between wine and the parades, take some excursion off to any of the nearby towns to find out how farmers and others are celebrating their heritage. You may enjoy some traditional dances and food, connect with a few local friends, or don a traditional lederhosen/dirndl.

Dublin Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin in Ireland is one of the most happening capital cities which are as intimate as a village and as friendly as the nearest Irish pub. It has the seamless blend of an amazing social scene, classic visitor attractions, and the Dublin Mountains and Dublin Bay playgrounds, framing on all sides. It is truly an adventure in this laidback city.

The streets in Dublin are an eclectic fusion of both present and 1000-year-old history which has inspired visitors, writers, and political icons at the same time. From the Viking roots of the city by the River Liffey to the atmospheric historic churches aside from the Georgian streets, you can take a walk and get back in history.

If you want to discover Dublin, you must refuel. Enjoy some hottest favorites like quick European eats and poach in the restaurants, cafes, and gastro-pubs of the city. You can even enjoy the refined dining in Michelin starred amazingly affordable restaurants. You just can’t get here without popping your head in some of the ideal pubs here.

Here, you can choose to marvel at the medieval manuscripts that are illuminated on display at Trinity College, get lost in several museums of the city. Enjoy the peace of quiet stroll and explore the lush green Phoenix Park.

Europe in May: Top 10 Best Destinations to Visit

Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest is the largest and capital city of Romania and its industrial, cultural, and financial hub. It is well regarded for tree-lined, wide boulevards, high life, and the historic Belle Epoque buildings. It is also nicknamed as “Little Paris” in the 1900s. Bucharest is the largest capital and city in Romania and a bustling metropolis today.

According to Romanian legend, the city was founded by a shepherd Bucur (literally means joy) on the banks of Dambovita River. He used to play flute which dazzled the people nearby. This place is named after his name as his favorite wine from the closest vineyards endeared him for the traders.

Bucharest is well known for its growing cultural scene in the fields of performing arts, visual arts, and nightlife. Unlike other regions of Romania, such as Transylvania or Black Sea coast, the cultural scene of Bucharest doesn’t have any defined style, and it also added elements of international and Romanian culture.

The city has museums exhibiting both contemporary and classical Romanian art in terms of visual arts, along with the selected global works. Probably, the National Museum of Art of Romania is one of the well-known museums of Bucharest. It exhibits the collections of modern and medieval Romanian art and is located in the royal palace.

most expensive cities in europe that are still worth the visit reykjavik iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland

Reykjavik in Iceland is the best northerly capital in the world which combines quirky yet creative people, vivid architecture, attractive design, careless soul, and wild nightlife.

It is a strikingly cosmopolitan and one of the best places to travel in May in Europe. It is just a town according to global standards, in comparison to Paris or London, yet is full of plentiful culinary attractions, captivating art, and cool bars and cafes.

The capital city has seen an enormous surge in openings of restaurants; most of them express culinary creativity with the highest standards.

Cafes turn into restaurants by day and bars by night. The high-concept Icelandic cuisine, Tapas-style dining, and burger joints come alive. Don’t forget the late-night parties. It has epic music scene with festivals, large numbers of home-based bands, and creative DJs.

The art museums, galleries, and shops in the capital are the ideal insight into modern city life. They have world-class exhibition spaces, including the National Gallery and Reykjavik Art Museum, along with shops showing modern Icelandic design.

The well-known and emerging Icelandic artists are featured in the Marshall House and other edgy art galleries. Reykjavik also has the opportunity to enjoy some Icelandic movies with English subs.

You may also wander the streets capturing public art installations and creative graffiti, such as the well known Sun Voyager sculpture, where guises are changed with the light.

top tourist attractions in tirana albania bunk art

Tirana, Albania

The capital and the heart of Albania, like any other metropolises in Europe, Tirana is one of the most happening cities. Tirana is worth visiting both night and day. The hospitality for the tourists here will mark your journey in Tirana and over the nation.

There are many opinions about the origin behind the name of the city. Some believe that it relates to Theranda (which means harvest), some think it is associated with Tyrrenia (which belongs to Etruscan origins), or to Tirkan (a castle located below Mount Dajti).

Tirana is undoubtedly a colorful, lively city where the dreams and hopes of this small country coalesce in the bright whirl of traffic, unfettered fun, and brash consumerism. By going through a change of unusual proportions since awaking from its slumber in the 1990s.

The center of the city cannot be recognized with ease from the grey days, with buildings in primary color paints, and pedestrian streets and public squares are a treat to visit.

The stylish Blloku buzzes well with flush and well-heeled locals hanging out in cafes and bars. And the grand boulevards of the city are lined with serene relics of its Italian, Ottoman, and communist history, i.e., from eclectic minarets to loud murals.

Places to visit in Spain Valencia

Valencia, Spain

The third-largest city in Spain, Valencia is a spectacular place. It is truly a livable city with enticing eating, cultural, and nightlife attractions.

Like Barcelona and Madrid, it grabs the headlines as it is never behind in innovation. It has diverted its flood-level river to the outside and turned the riverbed in the epic green ribbon of the park which is winding along with the city.

Designed by Santiago Calatrava, a local, the amazingly future-ready complexes of Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias are beautiful. The city is graced well by several modern and contemporary buildings, and it also has a handful of Modernist buildings, long stretch of beach, excellent museums, and characterful, large and old quarter.

Covered by its Huerta, Valencia is a fertile land of gardens and is well known as home to rice dishes like paella. It has a lot to offer with its buzzing dining scene and is an excellent spot for dining out.

In the east of Spain, Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain after Barcelona and Madrid and the capital of the autonomous community. The urban area of the city extends widely over the administrative limits of the city with a population of over 1.5 to 1.6 million residents.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in portugal porto ribeira

Porto, Portugal

Porto is well regarded as the second-largest city and capital of the north in Portugal for a reason. There are very few similar things between Lisbon and Porto. They both are located around the coast on the banks of wide rivers, and they have some hills which are relatively hard to reach. They both have completely different charms and feel.

The best and most amazing feature of Porto is of faded grandeur. There are certain cities in Europe which can do faded grandeur on the Porto’s scale. Porto has been well known as the city for hard-working residents. There is indeed a saying that “Braga Prays, Coimbra studies, Porto works, and Lisbon shows off.”

If you are getting here and have more time to spend, you may visit the Rua das Flores, the bustling destination or take a boat ride on the Rio Douro, or even a bus to Matosinhos at the Atlantic coast.

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