Top 15 Places to Visit in Lithuania

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A land revered for its food and water, Lithuania is a proud and independent nation that is fast turning into a European gem among tourism hotspots.

The southernmost among the Baltic States and a pocket-sized republic, the places to visit in Lithuania are a delight for the nature lovers while vying for the spotlight regarding public excitement.

The stunning Baltic coastline is the foremost of Lithuania tourist attractions with the uncommon sliver of Curonian Spit white sand being of particular interest. The lonely coastal wetlands rank as Lithuania attractions not just for the tourists but also for the migrating birds who flock here by the thousands.

This Baltic wonder is also home to burnished lakes that are solemnly lorded upon and watched over by lush, inland forests.

The capital city Vilnius is a veritable artists’ enclave with baroque churches, cobbled streets, and timeworn courtyards in the middle of a modern, confident, and vibrant culture.

Certain remnants from the Soviet era such as a Soviet sculpture park and a disused nuclear missile site that has been converted into a Cold War museum stand as reminders of a dark, recent past. On the other hand, the Orvydas stone garden and the Hill of Crosses testify the enduring faith that characterizes the spirit of Lithuania.

The small size of the country makes Lithuania travel a somewhat inexpensive outlook with even the well-trodden areas having a low volume of visitors such that tourists are left with the feeling that there is yet a lot to be explored.

Apart from the capital, the second city Kaunas is home to some fascinating museums, and excellent bars and restaurants. Klaipeda is a port city with a convenient overnight stop for tourists en route to the Neringa resorts along the Curonian Spit. Palanga is the party town of the country that is teeming with visitors, particularly during the summer months.

Tourists planning to travel to Lithuania will positively be enchanted and intrigued by the plethora of things to do in Lithuania. Nevertheless, they should not miss out on visiting the following Lithuania points of interest, failing which their tour would remain vastly incomplete.

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Quick facts and Lithuania travel tips

Quick facts about Lithuania?

  • Capital City? Vilnius
  • Currency? Euro
  • Language(s)? Lithuanian
  • Where is this country located? Eastern Europe
  • What is Lithuania famous for? They have their official scent called “Lithuania”, amber, beautiful landscapes and sceneries, basketball, and Lithuania is one of the oldest spoken languages in the world
  • Best time to visit Lithuania and seasons? Summer (June to August) is the best time to visit Lithuania. However, Spring (April and May) and Autumn (September to October) would be ideal, too.
  • Transportation in Lithuania? Buses and trolleybuses are the best ways to get around bigger cities. However, to get around the country, bus, flying, and renting a car would be the best ways.
  • International Airport(s)? VilniusAirport (VNS)
  • Which side of the road do they drive? Right-hand side
  • What is the electricity plug type? Types C and F. 230V. Read our travel adapter reviews!
  • Neighboring countries? Belarus, Poland, and Latvia

Do you need a visa for Lithuania?

In order to enter Lithuania, you need to have a valid Schengen visa. If you’re a citizen of the EU group of countries, you can enter Lithuania without a visa. However, if you’re a citizen of Canada, the USA, New Zealand, and Australia – you can stay in Schengen areas for 90 days.

Check out our detailed guide on how to apply for a Schengen visa – read it here.

Where to book your flights to Lithuania?

Check our handy-dandy guide on how to find the cheapest flights around the world – read it here.

Do you need travel insurance for Lithuania?

Remember this: anything can happen! Read our take on why you need travel insurance and how it can save you money when things go unplanned – read it here.

Here’s the list of the top places to visit in Lithuania

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania vilnius


Vilnius Lithuania is often considered the baroque beauty in the Baltic. It is a city that has tremendous alluring power and draws tourists like a moth to the flame, driven by a natural, confident charm and a distinct warmth and golden glow that make the mind long for midsummer evenings throughout the year.

When viewed from a hot air balloon, the skyline resembles a giant bed of nails interspersed by the myriad steeples of Catholic and Orthodox churches.

The capital city of Lithuania has not always been a happy place to live. Every corner reminds of the pain and loss that ruled the city once upon a time, from the ghettos used as concentration camps for the Jewish families before Nazis murdered them, to the KGB torture cells.

Nevertheless, the spirit of resistance and freedom has held sway as the city comes out to forge its new identity with a combination of the past, present, and the future in its shiny modern skyscrapers, a burgeoning nightlife, and delightful Lithuania food.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania kaunas castle


Located in the heartland of the country and overlooking the confluence of the Neris and Nemunas rivers, Kaunas is the second-city among Lithuania attractions that is gradually carving out its niche as the alternative hub and party capital of the nation.

The nightlife is driven by a multitude of students, bubbling along the tree-shaded Laisves Aleja Boulevard between many historical underground drinking centers and craft bars.

The Lithuania attractions in this city during the daytime usually involve a visit to the crumbling bulwarks of the red-brick Kaunas Castle. Tourists can also wander the enchanting Old Town alleys – a pretty district of cobblestone pathways and the site of a gorgeous city hall and various charming merchant guilds of the medieval period.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania kernave


One of the cities in Lithuania to have received UNESCO attestation, Kernave has a rich heritage and historical background dating back further than most of the other towns and cities of Lithuania.

It is heralded as one of the first Grand Duchy medieval capitals and the possible seat of the golden age boom that occurred during the 13th and 14th centuries before the keeps and fortifications were razed down by the Teutonic Order onslaught.

The Lithuania countryside in Kernave running along the meanders of the Neris River lines with archaeological reserves where tourists can spot relic mounds. Clad in the earth, they conceal many layers of burial sites, bulwarks and throne rooms that have been traced back to the late Palaeolithic Period.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania klaipeda


Formerly known as Memel, Klaipeda used to be the stronghold for the Teutonic rule in the Baltic before emerging as a thriving port town for trade during the times of the Duchy of Prussia.

During the late 19th century, this was the northernmost city as part of the German Empire. Today, tourists on Lithuania travel can savor the relics of its 800-year-long history that have done well to mix with the more modern lifestyle and nightlife that is characteristic of this gateway to the famous Curonian Spit coastal stretch.

The Old Town offers a great mix of cobbled squares and unusual sculptures for travelers to wander through while the taverns are major Lithuania attractions for sipping the locally-brewed beer.

Other Lithuania points of interest include the German-style beer halls along the main square, the canning-dotted Prussian bastions, the Medieval docksides and a walk along the Klaipeda Castle bulwarks.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania neringa


Undulating dunes, a patchwork of flat grasslands and verdant pine forests, and sandy beaches snaking their way along the Baltic Coast where the Lithuania country arches towards Poland and the curious Russian exclave standing forth in the form of Kaliningrad – this is the setting that makes Neringa one of the best places to visit in Lithuania.

Traversing the entire length of the Curonian Spit this Lithuania countryside attraction offers a prime destination for fishing, windsurfing, hiking, and biking. The earthy cottages in the age-old towns of Pervalka and the sun-kissed Nida resort strips are among Lithuania points of interest in the area.

Thomas Mann’s charming cottage and various galleries and artists workshops that emerged following the German emigration from Konigsberg in the 1800s are other sightseeing Lithuania attractions in this destination.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania palanga jonas basanavicius boulevard



High-season chart and electro parties, countless bars and alfresco cocktail joints – tourists looking for the ideal place for some summertime hedonism on a Lithuania travel need not look too far beyond the Jonas Basanavicius Boulevard in Pasanga for the perfect fun setting.

The beach acts like a magnet on sunny days as one of the most open stretches of golden Baltic sand that sunbathers are sure to love. Palanga offers more than just lazy afternoons and late nights with sightseeing Lithuania options including the picturesque Tiskeviciai Palace with its neo-Renaissance charm and the interest-churning Amber Museum.

The Curonian Spit nature reserves offer another piece of Lithuania scenery that is hard to miss!

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania dzukija national park

Dzukija National Park

The most extensive national park in Lithuania spread across a land area of 550 square kilometers; it stands along with the south-east extreme of the country at the edge of the Belarusian border.

The meandering channels of the Nemunas River cut through its swathes of riparian wetlands and pine forests while inland dunes make for interesting Lithuania tourist attractions as they rise and drop to create sandy peaks and troughs amidst a kaleidoscope of different rock and grass strata.

Tourists interested in boardwalk treks can enjoy traveling deep into the woods as long as they have their hiking boots on. The undergrowth witnesses a rich bloom of mushroom while the rural villages have an abundance of traditional waxwork craft-shops.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania trakai castle


A fantastic fragment of grassy hills, islets, rolling meadows, and shimmering waters, Lithuania travel guide shows Trakai to be situated west of the capital city of Lithuania. The main crowd of tourists to this place comprises local travelers who frequent here all through the year.

The Lord-of-the-Rings-style castles are excellent tourist attractions in Lithuania Trakai that form the heart of its historic national park – a sprout of red-brick turrets and keep that perfectly mirror against the waters of the surrounding lake.

The trio of large lakes named Skaistis, Galve, and Akmena offer their banks for summertime recreation. The Karaim community is a unique multicultural tribe who are the sole users of the beautiful timber-made Trakai Kenesa synagogue that stands here.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania anyksciai


This indelible green town stands midway between the Latvian border to the east and Kaunas and creates an astonishing natural gateway to Lithuania countryside of genuinely attractive religious architecture.

On the banks of the meandering Sventoji stands the Basilica of Apostle Evangelist St Mathew, its red-brick Gothic spires soaring high up into the sky. The history of this construction dates back over half a millennium and is often regarded as the tallest church tower in Lithuania country.

Anyksciai also offers skiing and trekking opportunities respectively during the winter and summer months. Kalitos Kalnas is a small ski resort close by, while the town periphery is dotted with an endless array of hiking trails.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania druskininkai


The top spa town of Druskininkai is a manicure haven in the country that gained prominence as far back as the 1600s under the tutelage of Grand Duke Stanislaw August Poniatowski. The patronage of Tsar Nicholas I of Russia drove its rise to glory during the 19th century.

It continues to rise in popularity as one of the best places in Lithuania, oozing the charm of its spa facilities and gilded mansions. Leaving aside its healing powers and mineral-packed waters, Druskininkai also stands out as the home of artist Mikalojus Konstantinas Ciurlionis.

It is also home to the all-new Forest Museum which is a one-of-a-kind exhibition where visitors take a haunting tour of Lithuanian witchery and folklore.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania panevezys


The fifth-largest among cities of Lithuania, this is a sprawling settlement on the rolling floodplains of the River Nevezis at the heart of the northern territory of the country.

What used to be a royal charter town in the Grand Duchy boom days went through a very tumultuous and destructive period during the Industrial Revolution and European conflicts, two events of great historical significance during the 19th and the 20th century.

Remains of the elegant pre-war era can still be found in the Russian Imperialist style ochre-hued facades of the city cathedral and cluster of aged cottages standing amidst the realistic blocks designed during the Stalin regime.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania siauliai hill of crosses


The highlight of Lithuania attractions for tourists on Lithuania travel when they visit this post-industrial powerhouse city of the erstwhile Soviet Union is the legendary Hill of Crosses, a haunting array of Christ effigies and crucifixes that rise from the ground. It is located to the north of the main town square.

Lingering in this off-the-beaten-track will lead the tourists to a gorgeous local cathedral complete with a spiked tower and eye-catching whitewashed faces, a vibrant café culture, and an array of pretty tree-lined streets.

The cobbled streets of Povilas Visinskis Square are an excellent place for a stroll while the Bicycle Museum and Radio and TV tech institutes always seem to have some quirky and curious exhibitions running on site.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania aukstaitija national park

Aukstaitija National Park

This lot may have been the first-ever national park to come up in the country, but the sustained beauty hidden in its backcountry patchwork of 30 distinct riverways and lakes and old pine forests continues to keep it among the list of Lithuania country points of interest.

An outdoor gym in the north-east of the country, adventure-seeking tourists can enjoy a glimpse of the outstanding riparian wilds as they roll all across this Baltic region. The woodland paths are often trodden along by deer while the colossal Lake Tauragnus has rushes swaying on its banks.

Anthropologists are the most common visitors to this town, drawn by the many rustic villages and ancient artifacts that are believed to be 11,000 years old. Timber churches and haunting burial sites in and around the park can give even the Scandinavian staves and Viking mounds a run for their money!

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania plateliai lake


Situated at the core of another magnificent natural jewel in the country, Plateliai forms the gateway to the Zemaitija National Park. It is much-loved among Lithuania attractions, crowning as it does the grassy Zemaiciu Highlands that stand close to the salt-washed Baltic Sea coast.

The lush, verdant surroundings offer the perfect trail for walking and are home to places of interest such as the Plokstine missile base, long vacated by the Soviets and presently the home to one of the most impressive museums in Lithuania, the Cold War Museum.

Tourists can savor the view from one of the timber churches that date back to the 1700s or jaunt along the grassy meadows of the eponymous lake while planning for their next batch of activities in Lithuania.

points of interest where to go and places to visit in lithuania rumsiskes open air museum


Moss clad, faded wooden cottages and creaking windmills are traits that set Rumsiskes apart from the neighboring Kaunsas district. Considerable portions of the old town were unfortunately submerged when a reservoir came up here around the middle of the 20th century.

Various efforts were taken to help preserve the many centuries of historical connection associated with the region and this led to the creation of the Open Air Museum, one of the largest open-air ethnography museums in Lithuania and also the entire Baltic region.

Visitors can take in the re-enactment tours and traditional architecture while exploring the vast collection of religious iconography, clothing, and traditional furnishing.

There are plenty more places to visit in Lithuania and lots more to do for tourists when they travel to Lithuania. Visitors planning a trip can explore the various Lithuania travel guides or check online resources to determine a tour plan that best suits their needs, expectations, and budget in a country that has something for everyone.

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