Top 10 BEST Day Trips from Brussels (Belgium)


Here's our curated pick of the best day trips from Brussels that will let you experience and explore some of the other top cities to visit in Belgium!

Brussels, the capital of Belgium, is the leading hub of the nation and the whole European Union. You can easily explore the rich culture, art, and history of the city during your day trip to Brussels.

The city has no lack of exotic museums and bustling outdoor markets. There are a breathtaking royal palace and an array of breweries and shops for endless enjoyment. On your trip to Brussels, be sure to soak up in its rich culture out of the city. These are the best day trips from Brussels to see a different side of Europe.


Top 10 BEST Day Trips from Brussels (Belgium)

top day trips from brussels belgium bruges belfry bell tower


Positioned hardly around 15km from the North Sea and 100km northwest from Brussels, Bruges day trip from Brussels is the best choice for a heavenly visit. Also known as the Venice of the North, Bruges is aptly known for stunning architecture, rich history, and a great chance to enjoy Belgium’s signature chocolates. This charming medieval city offers some of the best things in Belgium.

Here you can wander around the lavishly arranged streets and get the sights of charming architecture. Admire the pre-historic bell tower, the Belfry of Bruges, in the heart of the city, and the well-known Saint Salvator Cathedral and Hospital of St. John.

Explore the rich past of Historium Bruges, with its audio guides, and the exotic Flemish art of The Groening Museum with the day trip to Bruges from Brussels.

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top day trips from brussels belgium luxembourg notre dame cathedral


Luxembourg day trip from Brussels is fascinating for travelers who favor stunning rural scenarios. You can reach the Grand Duchy capital after two and a half hours of journey and start your exploration of Kirchberg quarter and some of its significant buildings, including the European Commission and the European Court of Justice.

Luxembourg is a fascinating destination for those who are fond of rich ancient architecture, medieval castles and who love to marvel at Notre-Dame Cathedral, a primary point where Renaissance adornments and late Gothic architecture meet.

Your day trips from Brussels to Luxembourg also include the charming streets, and you can even get a glimpse of the fortifications of the city as well as the Palace of the Grand Duke.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Luxembourg

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top day trips from brussels belgium antwerp cathedral


It is the exciting port city on Scheldt River delta of Belgium. Antwerp is known to have rich art, architecture, and history which date back to the Middle Age. It is a unique old place which you may desire to visit.

It is the perfect destination for the best day trip as it is positioned 55km far from the capital of Belgium. Located in the Low Countries, the sizeable Gothic church has incredible masterpieces of Paul Peter Rubens, a famous baroque painter. Explore the diamond district from the Central Train Station and also meet the locals at the market!

Where to stay: Best hotels in Antwerp

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top day trips from brussels belgium ypres menin gate memorial


Ypres is the best tourist attraction around Brussels for the history aficionados who are curious about the horrific battles of World War I. It is 123km away from Belgium’s capital. This fascinating destination, as well as the road to it, is full of stunning views.

This captivating town is covered by the battlefields of Ypres Salient to give you the opportunity to get back in the past when visiting the memorials, war museums, along with cemeteries. You can also discover the rich history of the war, its villains, and heroes.

The German cemetery Langemark, Saint George’s Chapel, and the Menin Gate Memorial are some of the prominent landmarks of the city.

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top day trips from brussels belgium leuven town hall


Located in the east of Belgium’s capital, Leuven is renowned for its lively environs in September and its breweries. It is a fantastic option for the visitors who wish to enjoy the tours from Brussels.

Some of the incredible sights include “Plaza Mayor” or Grote Markt, the imposing Town Hall, St. Peter’s Church, and a stunning monument of Gotico brabantino. Along with it, don’t miss the world’s longest bar in the Oude Mark.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Leuven

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top day trips from brussels belgium hasselt


You can get here by car, and Hasselt is the best place for those who want to spend a pleasant day while exploring the serene and exotic landscapes. Here, you can enjoy the tour at the stunning Japanese tea garden of the 17th century and let the waterfalls, paths, and cherry trees give you a relaxing and inspiring feel.

Look back into the past of the Bokrijk, a museum complex, and captivating park, and have some great experience at Plopsa Indoor Hasselt, a superior outdoor zone, and beautiful theme park with Indoor attractions and rides.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Hasselt

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top day trips from brussels belgium ghent


One of the best kept and oldest treasures of Belgium, Ghent is a cultural heritage defined by theatre, music, visual arts, and film. It is positioned 60km from Brussels and can be accessible by train or car.

In this captivating medieval city, one of the best attractions is exploring it with quick walks to get a glimpse of its amazing medieval architecture, and you can also get the feel of its vibrant atmosphere.

The Van Eyck brothers have built “The Adoration of the Mystic Lamb” in the Saint-Bavo’s Cathedral. Visit the Town Hall, Belfry of Ghent, and get closer to the trading history of Ghent at the Old Fish Market.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Ghent

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top day trips from brussels belgium paris arc de triomphe


The cosmopolitan capital of France, Paris is one of the largest cities in Europe and has a population of over 2.2 million residents. This capital has over 12 million residents in the metropolitan area. River Seine passes through the north of the city, and it is well deserved to be reputed as the most romantic and beautiful city with the realms of art, culture, fashion, design, and food.

It is well known as the Capital of Fashion and the City of Lights. Paris houses the best and the most luxurious fashion brands and designers, including Dior, Louis Vuitton, Yves Saint-Laurent, Chanel, Lancome, Clarins, and L’Oreal.

It houses a lot of iconic landmarks, including the world’s most fascinating and legendary Eiffel Tower, the Notre-Dame Cathedral, the Arc de Triomphe, the Louvre Museum, Lido, and the Moulin Rouge.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Paris

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top day trips from brussels belgium amsterdam


This capital of the Netherlands is located 200km from Brussels, and it is the best option for a memorable day trip from Brussels to Amsterdam. It doesn’t just offer scenic beauty due to waterfront views and the canals but also becomes the oasis of culture, history, and art.

Get indulged in the history at Anne Frank House, learn about art at Van Gogh Museum, Rijksmuseum Rembrandt House Museum, and the well-known Heineken Experience.

If you are an adventure enthusiast, you can enjoy the day trip by renting a bike. You can explore the historical landmarks, streets, and pubs of Amsterdam. You can have a pleasant experience at the same time when enjoying the relaxing boat ride.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Amsterdam

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top day trips from brussels belgium namur


The administrative capital of French-speaking Belgium, Wallonie, Namur is just 60km south-east of the capital city of Belgium, Brussels. It is smoothly accessible by train, road (E411 Highway), or boat (the Meuse from France and from the South of Belgium to Holland).

It is the smallest city which can be explored on foot. The center of Namur, the areas along the Sambre and the Meuse, and the Citadelle are the primary areas to see there. The Centre of Namur is sandwiched between the junction of the Meuse and Namur station.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Namur

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top day trips from brussels belgium moorsel saint gudula


It is a village in the East Flanders province in Belgium in the Denderstreek, a deelgemeente of the Aalst. This village and the neighboring communities form Faluintjesgemeenten. Moorsel has 4600 residents, and it is the largest one of four villages.

It houses a chapel devoted to Saint Gudula. She visited the church of Moorsel every day, which is located 2 miles from her home. The church was constructed of sandstone from Meldert in the 14th century. St. Martin is the deity of the parish church.

The substructure of Romanesque was built in the 12th century. It is based on the foundations of the St. Salvator church of the 7th century. The church had three altars in barbecue manner and was built by Jacob Ulner.

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top day trips from brussels belgium dinant


This city is small but very beautiful, and it is located in the province of Namur, Belgium. It is stretched over the Meuse River off the steep rock facing the eastern side, while the thinner strip is placed on the west of a forest.

The old town is a relatively impressive panoramic sight in Wallonia, but it is quite remote. The main sights are closely located to one another. It has a limited amount of accommodation opportunities, and Dinant is an excellent option for a fabulous day trip from Belgian cities, including Charleroi, Brussels, or Liege. You can also start your journey to have a more intense exploration of the Ardennes.

Where to stay: Best hotels in Dinant

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top day trips from brussels belgium maastricht


You can explore this picture-perfect city of Maastricht in the Dutch province of Limburg on the east of Brussels. It is a typical melting point due to its location. It is positioned just a couple of miles away from both Belgium and Germany.

You can check out two beautiful plazas around Maastricht – the Vrijthof and the Markt. Along with high-end museums and medieval architecture, the city can also captivate you with the St. Pietersberg Caves, which were dug as centuries-old shelters. It has famous artwork from the Second World War.

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