Top Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe


Are you lacking inspiration where to go next on a romantic getaway in Europe with your loved ones? Check this post out to know where to go for an adventure!

You are planning a romantic getaway but want it to be luxury and affordable? If you answered yes, this luxurious travel guide is just for you because we are going to introduce where to go for a romantic getaway in Europe. Discover the most romantic and luxurious places to visit in Europe you and your partner will enjoy!

Top Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Enjoy the nature of Iceland

Iceland is a small country full of natural wonders that will take your breath away. Not only well known for its stunning beauty, but also for peace and quiet since there are lots of places that aren’t packed with tourists.

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Rauðanes peninsula is probably one of the most stunning places in North Iceland and widely known for beautiful rock formations and adventurous hiking treks. It’s a completely remote place where you won’t be able to find any shop. Dettifoss waterfall is another popular destination to visit in North Iceland.

There are quite a few luxurious but affordable places to stay near Dettifoss and enjoy dinner with a waterfall sound in a background. And the last and probably the most romantic thing you can do in Iceland is to soak your body in a Blue Lagoon spa while watching a night sky (if you are lucky you will be able to see the Northern Lights).

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There is nothing more romantic than putting on a swimwear and dipping into a warm emerald blue sea water surrounded by snowy mountains. We are convinced that Iceland is a perfect weekend getaway in Europe, so why don’t you try to take your other one to this stunning country? Plan your trip ahead and see most of the main attractions with this 7-day Iceland itinerary!

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe sardinia

Visit Sardinia for a romantic getaway

Sardinia is well known as one of the most romantic destinations in Europe. And it’s all because of beautiful beaches, delicious food, the best drinks and numerous activities that can be enjoyed together with your partner.

Well known for its beaches that have white sand and azure colored water. Lately, beach Capo Spartivento became famous for couples since it isn’t packed, quiet, and full of special deals for the couples. Also, you are able to enjoy numerous water sports activities if you are an active couple. If you are seeking something more sociable, head to Porto Cervo – a nice coastal town filled with elegant restaurants and unique coffee shops offering a great view of the sea.

Another great thing to do if you are near Porto Cervo to take a short boat ride to the La Maddalena archipelago that is well known for its natural beauty. Have more spare time? Why not try more boat rides around the nearby coastal towns? Go on a luxury holiday to Sardinia, so either you or your partner won’t be disappointed!

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe champagne county

Take a sip of local bubbly in Champagne country

Thinking of organizing a surprise getaway for a whole weekend with a Nice dinner and drink? Probably there is nothing better than to enjoy delicious French food and the world’s famous bubbly champagne for a whole weekend.

The champagne country in France offers a perfect couples weekend getaway with lots of champagne and a romantic atmosphere. If you both love champagne, you can visit numerous vineyards and taste different kinds of champagne. While going to vineyards, you will be able to enjoy a picturesque view and try local food.

After a tiring day of champagne tasting, try visiting nearby towns that have luxurious restaurants with a great night view of vineyards. Don’t forget to take photos because Champagne country night view was included in a top 100 places to visit before you die 2017 list.

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Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Visit Rome – one of the most iconic cities in Europe

If you are thinking about romantic city breaks, why don’t you try visiting the famous Rome? That is true that Rome is one of the most packed cities with tourists, but probably there is nothing better for a city break than Rome. It is said that there is nothing more romantic than watching a sunset behind the dome of St Peter’s and sit on the bench and share the world’s most delicious ice cream. Read this post to learn more about what you can do in Rome!

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The best spot for a date is walking to the top of Spanish steps where you can enjoy a fantastic view of Rome, sit down in an open space restaurant while listening sounds of the piano. You can always order a heart-shaped pizza, just ask!

Try visiting a Garden of Oranges that offers a great view of the most famous Rome’s monuments. You won’t be able to resist a pleasant citrus smell. Also, it is said that the Garden of Oranges is one of the most places where couples go to openly kiss their beloved ones. Immerse yourself in a romantic atmosphere, and don’t be afraid to kiss passionately because that’s Rome is for.

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Immerse yourselves in Berlin’s local culture

Berlin is another great destination for a romantic getaway in Europe. Berlin is a city with a long history and impressive buildings. It offers almost everything what you can imagine for a couple: from classical dinners to the crazy love clubs. A couple with different interests will definitely find how to enjoy Berlin together.

The most romantic and classical thing what Berlin can offer is a great classical concert in a luxury arts center. The best place for that is Charlottenburg Palace, where you can get a nice three-course meal and tour the Palace before the concert. If you don’t like classical music, try to visit the Friedrichstadt-Palast that is the largest and most modern show theatre in the Europe. The best is to book tickets for the Wall Sky Lounge that is basically created for couples and their privacy during the show. Also, you can get snacks and limited wine.

If you still thinking that these places are not enough to experience Berlin’s local culture, then visit Liquidrom Spa that gathers the biggest amount of Berlin’s couples. The spa is aimed for couples that are looking for a romantic city getaway in a city. It is filled with tranquil underwater music, pleasant colors, aromas of different kinds of herbs, and warm water. This place is the coziest and private place in Berlin.

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Visit Paris the city of love and lights

For a long time, Paris was recognized as the best city breaks for couples. The artistic atmosphere, cozy narrow streets, and extravagant buildings are the things that fascinate lovers. Also, the night lights let couples to enjoy romantic dinners with the best views of the city. The best place for that is Montmartre that is great spot to see magnificent views of the city and wander around narrow streets where you can find small shops and restaurants.

Another good place for couples is ‘Temple of Love’ that is located on an island in the middle of the lake in Bois de Vincennes park and the best time to visit this lovely place is during few hours before the sunset. You can take a nice rowing boat with your beloved one and enjoy the beautiful architecture of the temple, you can even bring your own picnic and have a really extraordinary dinner.

If you want to do something different, why don’t you visit a mini-amphitheater near The Seine and try passionate tango dancing? There are lots of people gathering to dance or to learn the tango, so don’t be afraid. If you, not fancy dancing, sit down in a restaurant and enjoy delicious wine, night view, dancing people, and addicting music. Just relax and immerse in the air filled with love.

Since Europe is filled with some of the world’s stunning travel wonders, here’s a quick guide for you to check out and be inspired – The ultimate Europe bucket list!

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Northern lights spotting in North of Finland

Ever thought about treating your other half to the extraordinary European honeymoon? Northern Lights in North Finland is probably the best option if you are looking for something unique in Europe. Most popular Northern Lights spots have luxurious hotels with observatories and even pools to view the beautiful night sky. These places are quiet with a romantic atmosphere that is set just for couples to enjoy their few nights’ stays.

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The best place to go for a northern lights honeymoon is Lapland, where you can enjoy a day filled with various outdoor activities, and during night time, there are so many open spaces to look at beautiful northern lights. Also, Lapland cities and towns offer great deals if you coming during the northern lights period.

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Also, the town of Utsjoki offers great honeymoon tours for the northern lights season and lets you experience the local culture that will let you experience traditional food, dances, and hear interesting stories about northern lights. If you thinking about a more isolate place, try booking a camping spot near Inari Lake that actually has the best view of northern lights. It won’t be crowded, and you will have your privacy and cozy atmosphere.

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Enjoy the scenic view in Tuscany

Lately, Tuscany is becoming more and more popular as one of the honeymoon destinations in Europe. There are so many fun activities to do as a couple, especially when you are scenic views lovers. The best way to spend a honeymoon in Tuscany is while driving through the scenic routes.

One of the best drives is Florence to Arezzo via the Casentino valley that goes through mountains and fascinating Nipozzano castle and then continues to the old medieval towns. It’s a perfect stop for photos and scenic views. Another scenic drive is the Chiantigiana road from Florence to Siena. It’s the best way to see beautiful Tuscany countryside, grand ancient castles, and endless vineyards.

And if you are still want to enjoy Tuscany more, take a Val d’Orcia road that has the best landscapes in Tuscany. Your dive will be filled with small hills, wheat fields, and cypress trees that will make you want to stop every minute to take photos of peaceful landscapes. No matter which route you will take, your road trip honeymoon in Tuscany will be stuck in your mind forever.

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Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Have a break with a view in Santorini

Santorini is considered one of the most romantic places in Europe. It has beautiful beaches, emerald-colored water, classical buildings, and clear blue sky. It’s just a perfect weekend getaway that is filled with luxury.

Imerovigli is one of the most popular Santorini coastal villages that attracts couples with its restaurants, hotels with nice views, and great coast that has the best spot for the sunset. If you aren’t the beach type, you can enjoy a beautiful hike to the Skaros Rock, where you can see a breathtaking sunrise or sunset. For the couples who enjoy scenic views and busy town life, Fira is the best choice as it is a social hub of Santorini and offers great views of the sea and mountains.

Luxurious Travel Ideas for a Romantic Getaway in Europe

Enjoy the pristine waters and Mediterranean weather in French Riviera

The oldest and most popular romantic getaway in Europe and well known for its glamour and beauty that attracts people and especially couples who flock famous resorts in French Riviera. This place is perfect for couples because they can find anything that they like: clubs, beautiful beaches, great weather, scenic views, and crazy nightlife.

The most famous resort for couples is Porquerolles that offers great sandy beaches with lighthouses, sailing and snorkeling activities, also a great place for the beach parties. This little town will make you feel that you are somewhere in the Maldives or the Pacific Ocean.

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On the other hand, if you desire something more tranquil, visit Bandol seaside village with lots of hills and cultural activities. And don’t forget to taste Bandol wines. And probably the most picturesque place is La Londe des Maures. It’s a beautiful beach next to the Maures mountains. It’s a little bit out of town and quieter. You can still find the view of hotels and restaurants. Also, there aren’t many activities, but you can always arrange a romantic dinner on the beach, just inform the restaurant.

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