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10 BEST Finland Holidays You Should Experience!

Finland is a popular destination to watch the aurora borealis dance across the sky during winter and marvel at the Midnight Sun in summer. For those who can’t decide when’s the best time to go, where to start, and what to see and do, here are 10 amazing ways on how to experience the best Finland holidays no matter what season.

First, why Finland?

From diverse festivals to serene national parks, Finland is home to a lot of surprises no matter what season the country currently has. Winters comprise ice adventures including the magical trip to Santa’s hometown in Rovaniemi, and the 24-hour daylight enveloping the country in summer. It boasts of unspoiled, breathtaking nature and the heavenly glow of the northern lights almost every other night when the surrounding is covered in snow.

Take advantage of the picturesque cliffs, extreme husky rides, public saunas, and outdoor dining with strangers. Everything travelers can imagine is already in Finland, making it one of the best places in the world to recuperate and have some fun.


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Best of Finland Holidays: Winter

Doze up under the northern lights

To some, seeing the northern lights is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. For those traveling to Finland – particularly in Lapland – the aurora borealis appears more than 200 times in a year.

Some of the best ways to hunt the northern lights are through snowmobiling, dog sledding, or snowshoeing, but those who want to cozy up can also check out the TreeHouse Hotel in Rovaniemi, Glass Villas in Kemi, the Arctic Fox Glass Igloos in Ranua, and Santa’s Hotel in Lapland a spectacular view of the aurora.

Witnessing the Northern sky flash above is the most magical thing to see especially when it’s winter in Finland. Make sure to tick this one off the bucket list to really make the most of the Finland holidays.

Ski-til-you-drop in Levi

Forty-three slopes, 27 lifts, and unlimited fun–no matter what the ski level, guests who want to have thrilling holidays in Finland should pack their bags and head to Levi Ski Resort, one of the leading ski resorts in the country.

Levi has been offering various ice activities to guests from all around the world since 1964. Guests can go to the resort for cross-country skiing, husky sledding, or snowmobiling, as well as ice fishing and ice skating. The skiing season in Lapland province starts in February until May, just before the sun begins its 24-hour sunshine.

For those who are up for more fun, try skiing during the darkest days of winter, which are around December to January. This period of “Kaamos” brings round-the-clock moonlight during mid-winter when the sun never rises. That escalates the thrill any traveler will get if they decide to ski until they drop in Levi.

Levi Ski Resort

kallerna, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Make a wish to Santa in his hometown

When families talk about visiting Finland to spend the Christmas holidays, there’s always one place to be: Rovaniemi. The official hometown of Santa Claus is a popular destination for families with children who want to see the Big Red himself. Whether it’s Christmas time or not, Santa surely delights the hearts of kids and the kids-at-heart, bringing the magic feeling of Christmas to every visitor that pays him a visit.

Santa Claus Village is open no matter what season travelers plan to visit. Guests will see here Santa’s office, the main post office, his house, and the reindeers. The message of love is surely spread across the area, leaving children and adults in a magical state even as they leave Rovaniemi.

Santa Claus Village Rovaniemi Finland

Visiting Santa in his own home is indeed one of the best Finland holidays you can experience!

Have an encounter with endangered species

It’s not normal to see wildlife creatures anywhere, except in Ranua. Guests who want to veer away from normal ice activities and have a knack for wildlife will enjoy joining a wildlife safari in Ranua.

The Ranua Wildlife Park is a purpose-built adventure dedicated to raising awareness of the Arctic’s most beloved endangered species. Travelers who want some close encounters with Finland’s wildlife creatures will see wolves, wild boars and brown bears, and 50 other species. It’s truly a life-changing experience, making guests see the value of more sustainable living to protect the wildlife in the Arctic region.

Finland Holidays

flightlog, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tour wearing a snowshoe in Hossa National Park

One of the most challenging ways to explore Finland’s mountainous regions is by snowshoeing, and Hossa has become popular at that. While the distances being covered by snowshoeing in Hossa National Park are relatively short, travelers can choose the routes they wish to take to either level up their challenge or go back and rest in the hotel.

On the way to the destination, guests can sightsee animals along the way. There is also a snow-guarantee in Hossa National Park especially during the winter season, so guests won’t have to worry about getting the best Finland holidays as they snowshoe in the area.

Best of Finland Holidays: Summer

Meet strangers in Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky

Summertime is that time of the year when Finns go out to celebrate, party, or have picnics with friends and strangers. Travelers who find themselves in Helsinki should take part in the Dinner Under the Helsinki Sky, an annual event where people gather at a long table with 1,000 sitting capacity.

Guests only need to bring their own dinner, tableware, and best self to be part of the public picnic celebration. This is a huge deal to locals so they close all roads from traffic.

Finland Holidays

Diego Delso, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Watch movies for 5 consecutive days

Movie enthusiasts will find it more enjoyable to visit Finland during summer for its Midnight Sun Film Festival. Since 1986, the Festival has been showing local and international films that local and foreign tourists can enjoy non-stop for five consecutive days.

The intent of the Film Festival is to show appreciation for cinema, featuring 100 films and presenting more than 120 screenings. For those who are wondering, it takes place in Sodänkylä, Finland every mid-June. There’s no film festival like this one – the Film Festival has a friendly atmosphere, gathering all cinephilias around the world in one place to binge-watch movies while the sun is up.

Party in musical festivals

If not canoeing, Finland holidays during Summer are best spent partying in different music festivals. There’s a wide range of music festivals that allow guests to sing their hearts out – from jazz to opera and from rock to folk.

Because the sun never sets, partying at 3 a.m. feels like going out on a lovely afternoon. In Helsinki, travelers can get tickets to the Tuska Open Air Metal Festival – the most attended music event in Finland.

In western Finland, Pori, more than 40,000 people who enjoy live soul, jazz, blues, funk, and Afro-Cuban music join the Pori Jazz festival. Since 1966, international artists like Alicia Keys have performed at the Kirjurinluoto Arena to serenade guests during the nine-day event.

Tuska Open Air Metal Festival

I, JTS, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Recuperate in a cabin (mökki experience)

Summer is the best time to get lost in the wilderness and enjoy tranquility in the middle of nature. Most locals who are on vacation with their family take this time to recuperate in cabins by the lake; some take a walk to hike Finland’s most beautiful landscapes.

If loud places have become a little too much to handle, checking in at a cottage or cabin is a good idea to escape the city’s daily hustle. While the thrill is expected outside the forests, it’s equally satisfying to be enveloped by nature to get the best holidays in Finland.

Finland Holidays Cabin Experience

Renting a cabin in the middle of the forest is one of the best Finland holidays you can experience.

Ride a steamship cruise

Cruising the Finnish seas is a tourist-favorite activity across Finland. Since the country has more than 180,000 lakes, boats have become a common means of local transportation, especially during the old times.

Riding a steamship allows travelers to explore Finland’s waters. Some of the most sold-out tickets during summer are in Savonlinna boarding for Helsinki, Tampere to Hämeelinna, and Helsinki to Porvoo.

Enjoy the sauna

There’s nothing like a good Finnish holiday without a good amount of sauna sessions in summer with your friends and loved ones!

Finnish summer can be hot but it doesn’t stop anyone enjoys the sauna and a quick dip in the lake with ice-cold beer and grilled Finnish sausages. You can easily enjoy this if you rent a cabin or even in sauna houses in Helsinki such as Löyly!

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